“Sendai kun, I’m here.”

It’s lunch break.

Senpai immediately comes to my classroom and gets everyone’s attention.

“Shion san. Um, I’m sorry you had to come all the way here.”

“No, it’s fine. More importantly, why don’t we eat here?”

“Eh? B-but it’s a little uncomfortable here.”

“It’s cold outside today. You don’t like it?”

“N-not at all. Well, let’s see……”

I looked for a seat to see if there was a place where we could sit together.

The girl in front of me, however, just glanced at me and didn’t seem to leave her seat.

As I was wondering what to do, Kaneko stood up.

“You can use my seat if you want. I’m going out with Takaya san.”

“Seriously? I’m sorry, Kaneko.”

“Don’t mention it. Okay, I’ll leave you two alone.”

Kaneko patted me on the shoulder and quickly left the classroom.

“…Shion san, Kaneko’s seat is empty, so would you like to sit down?”

When I guided Senpai to Kaneko’s vacant seat, she shook her head.

“I don’t want to sit there.”

“H-huh? What’s wrong?”

“I want to sit in Sendai kun’s seat. Sendai kun, you sit heere.”

“I don’t mind it.”

For some reason, she wanted to sit in my seat.

It is true that my seat is warmer because it is near the window and gets more sunlight.

Or maybe she didn’t want to sit in the seat of a boy she didn’t know? 

Well, whatever.

“Alright. Yeah, it’s warm.”

“It was cold, wasn’t it? Come to think of it, Shion san, you’re always wearing a cardigan. Are you sensitive to the cold?”

“Yeah. It’s warm. Shall we eat?”

“Yes, let’s eat.”

So today, I’m going to have Senpai’s lunch box again.

When Senpai takes out a large lunch box from her bag, all eyes are on her.

Some are jealous that Hyori senpai is making homemade lunch boxes for a junior, some are curious about what kind of food she makes, and so on.

The reasons may be varied, but everyone is looking at us as if they are devouring a food.

It’s a little difficult to eat in such a situation.

I wonder if Senpai is someone who doesn’t mind such things.

“Sendai kun, I have fried chicken and dashimaki for you today.”

“Wow, they look delicious. You can make anything, can’t you, Shion san?”

“For Sendai kun, that’s why. I’ll do my best at anything.”

“Shion san……”

She’s incredibly cute when she’s shy.

If this wasn’t a classroom, I definitely would have hugged her.

Ah, I want to eat it just the two of us.

Senpai, are you choosing a place like this on purpose so that I don’t get too worked up?

If so, I guess it’s going to take a while before I get more than a kiss from her.

“Sendaikun, ahhn.”


I was vaguely worried about the distance between me and Senpai, when she grabbed her own omelet with chopsticks and pointed it at me.

“You don’t want to?”

“E-erm……everyone is watching, you know?”

“Are you worried if they see?”

“N-not really, but.”



Senpai doesn’t seem shy at all as she brings the egg roll to my mouth, so I just go with the flow and open my mouth.

Then the egg roll went straight into my mouth.

I take a bite and the sweet taste fills my mouth.

“……Hm. It’s delicious.”

“I’m glad. I’ll give you fried chicken, too.”

“Y-you don’t have to. And it’s Shion san’s side dish.”

“Then, will you feed me, Sendai kun?”

“Eh, me?”

“You don’t like it?

“……I don’t mind, but.”



I grab the fried chicken with trembling hands holding chopsticks.

Then I carried a large piece of fried chicken into Senpai’s small mouth.



Senpai’s mouth elegantly opened a little and took a little bite of the fried chicken.

Then she lowers the corners of her eyes while holding her mouth happily.

What is this cute creature? 

Are you sure this is my girlfriend?

Oh no…..she’s too cute.

“I’m glad it was delicious.”

“Yeah. Then I’ll feed you this time, Sendai kun.”

“I-it’s fine. See, this will take a long time.”

“Do you want me to eat quickly and go back early?”

“N-no……I want to be with Shion san as long as possible.”


“Yes, it’s true. So please don’t look so sad.”

“Yeah. Then feed me.”


We repeated this kind of exchange for a long time.

An overwhelming feeling of happiness and a stabbing tension alternately washed over me.

The unique sense of superiority of throwing a side dish into Senpai’s mouth.

The immoral feeling of being allowed to eat with Senpai’s chopsticks.

It was enough to make me feel like I was going to lose my mind.

The tension of being watched by my classmates kept me rationale all the time.

If the same thing happened to me at home, I would have jumped on Senpai and pushed her down.

It was such an exciting time for me.

But Senpai never showed any sign of embarrassment, even though she looked happy.

It made me think that she was a more mature woman than me.

I wondered to what extent Senpai was making fun of me.

“Thank you for the meal.”

“Yeah. Thank you for the meal.”

Just before the end of lunch break, I finally finished my lunch.

Then, Senpai stood up with a look of satisfaction on her face,

“Let’s do this tomorrow, too.”

With that, she quickly left the classroom.

I watched her dashing away, still in a daze.

The bell rang to announce the start of the afternoon class.

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