Episode 37  – Love counseling re-started 4



“That’s good. We’ve done what we can within the school, and now it’s time to move on.”

“I’ve already talked to Shizuku and she’s okayed it. We just need to find a date.”

“There are no club activities on Saturdays, so Reo and I will be fine. We can do it on that day.”

The main purpose is to report on the progress of their relationship, but recently Asahina and I have been having private calls almost every day.

The main reason for this is to report on the progress of their relationship.

Now we talk about private matters more and more.

I can’t believe I’m going to be blabbing so much with the most beautiful girl in school,……, now that I think about it.

I think we are really getting along.

“Are you listening?”

“I’m listening. Let’s get them alone at the right time.”

“Shizuku said she’s going to put a lot of effort into making lunch, so you can look forward to it.”

“Ooo! I’m looking forward to it.”

“She said she’s going to make Kogure-kun kneel. It’s like I’m seeing a different kind of shizuku. …… something complicated.”

“It’s definitely hostile, and you don’t have to worry about it.”

“That …… you know.”

Suddenly, Asahina san’s voice volume drops.

Asahina-san’s voice suddenly dropped. I can’t hear what you’re trying to say. I Put my phone to my ear.

“I-I’m going to help make the bento too! ”


“I’m not good at cooking, so I always leave it up to Shizuku…but I’ll try my best for just a little bit…maybe?”

“I’m looking forward to your cooking, Asahina-san.”

“Uwaaa! yeah, I’ll do my best!”

The interesting voice is usually good, but the voice that she speaks over the phone is filled with some cuteness.

It would be so cute if she said this to my face.

Even if she didn’t like me, I would turn red. I’m already a little red.

“Well then, on the day of the event, the four of us….. If we let Reo be alone with each other, we’ll be alone with each other too.”

“A-Ah y-yes that’s right.”

Why did her voice sound so off?

“Haha …… what shall we do together?”

“If you like, I can take Hiyori with me. If it’s just the three of us like before, I think we won’t have to worry about each other.”


That was a strong rejection.

“I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t like Hiyori chan. I love her, she’s cute and an angel. I just think that …… if you take Hiyori chan with you, Shizuku will probably go into super sissy mode.”

I wondered what that was, but I can rather imagine what would happen if Otsuki san, who loves to take care of her, saw Hiyori.

That was the plan before, but things are different now.

And Hiyori is five years old, so as expected, there might be some inconvenience in the operation.

Asahina-san is thinking it through, isn’t she? I’m going to buy Hiyori a souvenir.

“So that …… time, let’s go with the four of us!”

“Yes, I understand. Then …… it’s late today, so see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.”

And so the fateful Saturday arrives.

As before, we met at the plaza in front of the station.

I and Reo arrived 15 minutes before the appointed time.

I had called the women to let them know that I would be there just in time, in case they had to wait for me. Reo were absentminded.

“Haaah …… sleepy.”

“Didn’t you go to bed early last night?”

“I was looking forward to today so much I couldn’t sleep very well.”

“How much are you looking forward to it?”

“That’s because. That’s because Otsuki has prepared a lunch box for me. I’m really looking forward to it!”

Reo expressed his excitement with his whole body. Perhaps that’s why he attracted so much attention from the women around him.

As one would expect from a man over 180 centimeters tall, with long legs and a good face, he is sure to attract a lot of attention.

Some even said, “Is that guy an idol?” I was just a mobster in the middle of nowhere.

“But I was surprised when Ryoma asked to borrow my clothes, too.”

“Before, I was scolded for my lack of fashion sense,”

So I thought I’d ask Reo to teach me about fashion, but he didn’t really have much to wear either.

But he still attracts the ladies’ attention. I guess when your level of good looks exceeds a certain level, you look good no matter what you wear.

This time, I went to a clothing store and asked the staff to help me find the right outfit, so at least I would be okay.

“Sorry to keep you both waiting.”

Reo’s body trembles at the sound of Otsuki san’s voice. It’s easy to understand. ……

“Good morning, Hirasawa-kun, Kogure-kun.”

Hohou. Otsuki san also looks good in a neat one-piece dress.

Her amber hair tied up with a pink ribbon in a ponytail remained the same, and her calm voice and fluffy features remained the same… I thought she was cute enough.

I wonder if there is a bento in the shoulder bag.

“Good morning. Otsuki-san.”

“G-good morning.”

At any rate, I push Reo’s back with a bang. she decided to be this cute, so he has to praise her

“The …… looks really good on you. You look different.”

“Hee? T……, thank you. I’m not used to receiving compliments,……, so I’m a little embarrassed.”

Otsuki was embarrassed by Reo’s words and turned away.

Good, good. It may be a delicious position to be able to see the innocent two people from such a standpoint.

“Today, Otsuki’s making lunch boxes. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Really? I made a lot of food, so please eat it!”

I really think they have become good friends. They are getting better and better, and I think I may have seen a future where they will be together.

As I was happily watching them fall in love, I received a small tap on the shoulder.

“I’m here too though”


If I said I didn’t notice it at all, she’d be offended. It’s true that they both came at the same time, and I was watching Otsuki-san and Reo the whole time, so I completely forgot about Asahina-san’s existence.

“Even though I’ve …… dressed up so much.”

It feels like she’s decidedly more awesome than she was at the previous amusement park.

I wonder it’s what they would call it a gyaru style outfit. Off-shoulder blouses and bare bellybuttons are the kind of clothes you would never be able to wear if you weren’t confident about your …… looks.

A plump chest with a white shining neck.

I feel sorry that my eyes went over there.

The guard is a little too loose, isn’t it?

The short skirt and cute boots are a perfect match. Her feet are too short.

“It looks good on you,”

“I didn’t feel anything. It was on purpose, I’m not happy. Yes, again.”

What is that… I wondered why Asahina-san decided so perfectly.

When it comes to Asahina san’s class, men gather just by breathing. However, if you try to play with only girls as usual, there is a high possibility that you will not be able to enter.

But today, there is a handsome Reo who is just as good looking, so the guys won’t come near her.

“Damn, she’s too cute!”

“I wish I could go out with that girl.”

“I wonder if the handsome guy next to her is her boyfriend. I envy them.”

Such voices could be heard here and there, but Reo was the perfect stimulant.

That’s why Asahina-san has been dressing up as much as she can to take advantage of the opportunity.

Otsuki-san would already be praising her, and Reo has no interest in Asahina-san at all.

If that’s the case, well, it’s best if I give her a compliment. I tried to smile as best I could.

“Asahina-san, you’re very cute.”


“The last time I played with you, you were beautiful, but today you look especially different. I’m really looking forward to walking with such Asahina-san.”

“I, I didn’t tell you to praise me that much!”

Asahina-san’s face turned bright red, and she put her hands on her cheeks and turned around. You’re the one who told me to praise you… I’m also embarrassed to praise you for that. It’s really cute, so it’s all the more so.

Oops, time for the train was almost up.

“Let’s go, everyone!”

“I’m glad I dressed up……. I was told I was cute”

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