Episode 52 – Didn’t You Just Say That You Would Listen to Anything I Say? (Maki Part)



“Hey, Maki……it’s about time you told me.”

“No way.”

I was walking in the suburbs, quite a distance away from the nearest train station.

It seems that Maki was the first one to do the [I’ll do anything you say] thing, and she contacted me last night.

However, I was not told where I was going at all.

The scenery around me is getting more and more rural, which raises more and more question marks.

At least I don’t think it’s the kind of place a high school student would head to on a date……

“Kento ! We can see it !”

I looked at where she was pointing and saw…

“……Hot springs !?”

I was so surprised that a funny voice came out.


“Fwuaa……that feels so nice.”

“……Sure does.”

The two of us soak in the hot tub together. I didn’t feel like going to a hot spring at first because I was brought there so suddenly, but once I got into it, I really enjoyed it.

Another important factor was that we were in a private room. The fact that you are guaranteed a private space will have a big impact on your level of relaxation.

“Kento, was your swimsuit the right size?”

“Yeah, it fits me perfectly. Thanks for getting it for me,……but if you had told me, I would have brought it myself.”

“Because if I prepare it for you, you might be able to guess where we’re going, right?”

“You’re right.”

After all, there is no way that the girls from the permanent member of the UN Security Council would approve of a man and a woman soaking naked in a bathtub.

But Maki managed to persist, and the girls were approved on two conditions [we must wear swimsuits] and [we would not engage in any sexual activity].

She also said they made her write a written pledge.

However, no matter how much……

“What’s wrong?”

Maki peeked out from below. There were two mountains there that were emphasized and……

I looked away for just a moment.

Maki seemed to instantly understand why I looked away.

And what did she think? She grinned and puffed out her chest.

“I don’t mind if you look, okay? These breasts belong only to Kento.”

Saying that, Maki shook her own breasts.

The destructive power of this is quite frankly, unbelievable.

“…If you do more than that, won’t someone think it’s a sexual act?”

“I’m sure it’s fine. There’s no way they’ll find out if Kento and I don’t tell them, right? It’s a private room…so…”

Suddenly, Maki came close to my ear and said.

“Can we do naughty things like before?”

Oh, shoot. This is really bad.

My brain is screaming that I want to own the girl in front of me.

If I reach out my hand, I can get it.

Maki will be my woman.


“…..I’m a man who follows the rules.”

I endured it. I managed to endure it. If I made one wrong move, I would have been ruined.

…..I’ve already had sex with Maki once, so I guess it’s a little late for that.

When I suddenly glanced at Maki, she didn’t get angry or cry, but instead turned towards me with a cute smile.

It’s like she knew I was going to respond. …Well, I think she actually knew. She also didn’t pretend to be my childhood friend.

“I see, Kento is kind of loyal in a strange way. That’s why he wouldn’t do it if I didn’t put my life on the line.”

“…….Are you threatening me again?”

I recall the incident in the park. Even thinking about it now, that outburst was terrible.

“It’s true that Kento is kind, so if I threaten him, he’ll definitely have sex with me again. But that won’t get me Kento’s heart……right?”

“Well,……you’re right…….”

“So I thought I’d try my best to be straightforward.”

Maki approaches me. I reflexively tried to move back, but I ended up hitting the edge of the cypress bath with a thud.

Maki immediately put her arms around my neck.

She then rained kisses down on my left cheek.

“…..I was thinking of kissing your lips, but that would be against the rules.”

“……Cheeks are safe?”

“We did it many times when we were little with make-believe. The one where Kento is the husband and I am the wife. I used to do the say [good-bye] situation like a fool.”

“Well, it’s true……”

I felt like I was being conveniently talked into it, but I was convinced.


Both of us, Maki and I, kept our mouths shut. Silence fell.

However, it was not awkward, but somewhat comfortable.

I think the person I trust the most, besides my family, is Maki.

I feel as if we are communicating with each other from the bottom of our heart.

Suddenly, I’m snapped out of my thoughts when I hear a clunking sound coming from beside me. It seems that Maki has stood up.


“…..Too close.”

For a moment, I thought she was already leaving, but it seems she was trying to get closer to me.

Our arms rub against each other. Sometimes it feels softer than my arm.

Ah, damn…………

“……Kento, your face is red, you know?”

“……It’s the bath.”


“How was it? A hot spring date once in a while is nice, right?”

“Well, yeah. It was better than I thought it would be.”

On the way home. A cool breeze blew to cool my burning body. It felt good.

“Thank goodness…..I was worried that Kento might not like it, since a hot spring date is so rare.”

Maki sighs with relief. I had no idea that she was so worried.

“Well, up until now, I’ve had fun everywhere I’ve gone with Maki…..except when we were dating.”


Maki’s face suddenly darkens.

I regret saying that I shouldn’t have brought up this topic.

“Kento…are you still angry?”

Maki asked me with trepidation. Anxiety is reflected on her face.

……There was a lump inside Maki after all. Let’s take this one shot and relieve her anxiety.

“I’m not angry at all.”

Honestly, I’m not mad at anyone anymore……except Riko.

As for Riko, if Hikari doesn’t forgive her, I, her brother, can’t forgive her either.

To be honest, there is a part of me that wants to forgive her. But, I think this is the right choice as Hikari’s brother, and I don’t regret it.

However, other girls are different.

I was not the victim of Emiko san’s abuse, and she has apologized to Minato san, who she abused. So, I don’t even have to say whether I forgive her or not.

It is true that Maki and Maria san had repeatedly abused me, but when I saw them reflect on their behavior, my anger naturally disappeared.

Anger, after all, requires a tremendous amount of energy to hold on to. When you can no longer replenish that energy, the anger will disappear.

I had my share of shortcomings to begin with. I can’t blame them alone, and I don’t want to.



At that moment, Maki jumped into my chest.

“Hey, what are you…..why are you crying?”

I could hear the sound of sniffling coming from my chest. My chest area is getting a little damp.

“I’m having some kind of déjà vu…….”

Was it when the two of us ate lunch together after we reconciled? At that time, Maki suddenly started crying…I think I patted her on the head.

“Look, look, stop crying…..all right, all right.”

I’ll pet him until he stops crying.


“Have you stopped crying?”

Maki shakes her head.

However, she shows no signs of taking her head off my chest.

“Look, if you cry on the street like this, people will look at me strangely. Let’s go home now.”

But there was no response from her.

I was at a loss as to what to do, when Maki suddenly lifted her head from my chest.

“Kento ! I love you !”

It was an unspoken confession, but I guess she wanted to tell me at this very moment.

“I know.”

Maki smiled and confessed her love, so I smiled and replied to her.

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