In the days since then, I have been living my school life without any major problems.

Once, I was asked by a guy in another class, ‘Are you stalking Sakurae?’ but it wasn’t hostile towards me, it was more like a confirmation, so I answered, ‘We’re just normal friends,’ and he believed me.

I was grateful that Takagi had worked that hard, and I felt indescribable about Kobayashi’s lack of trust.

But, that aside, there was a big problem, not for me personally, but for the class at the moment.

It is …….

“We’re the only class that hasn’t decided what we’re going to put on for the festival! Can we just have a majority vote amongst ourselves now?”

“Wait a minute! Then it will definitely be the boy’s choice.”

“You saying that……. You’ve been saying that for a long time and you haven’t decided!”

Yes, the event at the festival has not been decided.

Although the executive committee members have expressed their opinions that something must be done, it is understandable that a majority vote is the quickest way to make a final decision, and if they are opposed to it, they will be in trouble.

The boys’ first recommendation was a “maid cafe”.

Well, it seems to be a standard that I would like to try at least once.

The girls’ recommendation is a “pancake shop.”

They want to do something as authentic as possible.

It doesn’t look like a combination that could be done if they wanted to match, but it was suggested that it would be too much work.

Moreover, it would be mainly the girls who would make the costumes, and it would be a combination that would put the burden on the girls to do both the front and back of the house on the day of the event.

I also think it’s a pity.

Well, that’s why this is happening, because no one knows what to do.

This is already the third time I’ve used HR in this meeting.

If it’s an early class, it’s already in motion.

The difference in time available could directly lead to a difference in quality.

Many people are aware of this and are beginning to show signs of impatience even within their own classes.

“Kokonoe, do something about it.”

“….Don’t be so reckless.”

Kikuchi, who was sitting behind me, said this to me with a look of annoyance in his expressionless face.

But I don’t have that kind of say in the matter, and I sigh, thinking it’s a reckless thing to do.

The position of Kikuchi and I is bystander.

We just sit idly by, waiting for the outcome of our classmates’ contentious discussion.

(Sakurae seems to be having a hard time. ……)

Bent over, Sakurae is in the central group of this class.

She is not the type to actively come forward, but she also seems to be asked for her opinion by those around her, mostly girls, and all she can do is nod to them, and I can see that she is having trouble.

….There are probably a lot of boys who would like to see Sakurae as a maid ……, so I guess she can’t ignore that either.

When I started to hear voices from the boys trying to persuade Sakurae, she looked at me as if asking for help.

(…… I can’t help you.)

I got a perfect eye contact, so I shook my head and showed her that I was helpless.

When I saw Sakurae’s face, which looked a little miffed, suddenly turned into a smile, I got a chill down my spine with a bad feeling.

“If Shota-kun wants to see it, I’ll do it.”

The people who had been discussing it all turned to look at me at once.

(That girl……!)

I think she’s done it, and at the same time, a few of the boys crowd over to me.

“Kokonoe would love to see Sakurae-san in her maid outfit, right!”

“Please! All you have to do is say ‘yes’!”

(I guess I just don’t have any other options available!)

These are not guys I’ve ever been close to, but when they bow to me like this, it’s hard for me to respond.

I look at Kikuchi for help, and he looks down, struggling to bite back a laugh, and then I look at Sakurae, who is smiling happily like a child who has successfully pulled off a little prank.

“Hey, please, Kokonoe!”

“Say something!”

“All right, calm down!”

I said half-heartedly as the two of them abandoned me.

“You mean it’s okay, right?!”

“No, it’s not! I said calm down …….”

I was so disgusted that I blamed the most desperate member of the committee, a boy.

“Even if Sakurae agrees, it doesn’t mean anything unless everyone else agrees.”

Yes, my response would give the boys a powerful ally, but it wouldn’t solve everything.

“Well, what are we going to do about it?!”

The committee member, who must have been frustrated by the discussion so far, took it out on me.

I was starting to feel a little pity for this guy.

(…… I can’t help it.)

I don’t think my opinion will do anything, but since I’ve been pretending I didn’t see it, I open my mouth to offer a little help.

“The problem right now is that the burden is being placed on the girls, isn’t it?”

“…… that’s right.”

The committee member nodded, looking a little disappointed.

“Then spread it out. Put some boys in …… customer service and some in back.”

“Even if you say that,…… we can’t cook, can we?”

another boy says

“It’s the same for the girls. If we fix the menu to pancakes, we still have time to learn.”

Besides the boys who had been crowding around, the girls who had been arguing with each other also came up to me.

“What should we do about the costumes? It might be possible if we prepare just the costumes for the girls and mix them up to a certain extent, but if it comes down to the costumes for the boys…”

The girl must be good at sewing.

It’s like giving opinion as if I am in charge, so I appreciate it.

“The quality may be a little lower, but if the boys wear cut-cut shirts and vests or aprons, it will look like that….Customer service and back-of-house staff are completely separated, with the customer service side making the costumes and the back-room staff deciding on the menu. If we just practice cooking and get ready, and those who have free hands start working on the interior design…well, I think we’ll be able to make it in time.”

After listening to me, each of them seemed to be thinking about something.

After a while, one of the committee members spoke up as a representative of the group.

“I think we can make it ……! Then we can work something out!”

“Well, if the boys are going to serve the customers too, we can take a reasonable amount of break time too,…… isn’t that good?”

One after another, voices of approval rose up, but as for me, I felt uneasy, “Are you sure …… this is the right way to do it?”

“I knew you could do it.”

“Shut up, traitor.”

I swore as best I could at Kikuchi, who was putting on his usual bad guy face.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Shota-kun!”

After school that day, I called Sakurae to the same spot on the where I had talked to Takagi.

If it was too much to ask, I could have just sent a message, but I wanted to give it to her early.

“Sorry ……, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Yes, of course.”

Sakurae didn’t seem to mind the sudden call, but instead smiled and waited for me to talk to her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t help you out like I did today, but please don’t do it.”

“….. Oh, you didn’t like it after all? I’m sorry.”

Sakurae is instantly shrugged off, but I tell her she doesn’t have to worry about it.

“No, it’s not that I don’t like being asked for my opinion, so it’s okay. But, don’t you have a problem knowing that you like me?”

I hide my embarrassment and choose my words carefully as I ask this, but Sakurae tilts her head as if she doesn’t understand.

“Well, that I like you, Shota-kun?”


Sakurae uses the word “I love you” so casually, and I get nervous.

Sakurae, on the other hand, is serious about it.

“No, it’s impossible.”


This time I ask her again, and she nods her head.

“I don’t think I’m ashamed of Shota-kun or how I feel about him, or that I don’t want people to know about it. ….Because I know best that my feelings won’t change no matter who knows or how I am told.”

Sakurae looks up at me and smiles.

[I can say these feelings anywhere, you know?]

I now remember Sakurae saying that on the day I told her about my trauma.

I’m not sure if my feelings will ever catch up with Sakurae’s, and I regret that I asked such a stupid question.



I”‘m sorry. I won’t forget it.”


It’s just that I’ve made up my mind that I’m going to be serious with Sakurae, who’s serious about me.

“…… So you were embarrassed, Shota-kun?”

“Think a little more about how you say it,…….”

I decided to face it seriously, so I immediately corrected the part where I said earlier about sounding embarrassed, saying that it was because I didn’t want to show off properly.

Sakurae looked at me with a smile on her face as I scowled in embarrassment.

But after a while, Sakurae’s expression changed to a troubled face with a lowered eyebrow and said

“Umm, it’s okay to refrain from this, but ……. Sorry, maybe it’s a little too late.”

“Too late?”

Sakurae’s words gave me another bad feeling.

“They asked me if we were dating, and I said, ‘No, not yet.’ Then they asked me if I liked you. ……”

“Honestly, did you answer ……”

“sorry?” Sakurae puts her hands together, and I sighs, knowing that what she’s done can’t be helped.

“but today’s Shota-kun was looking good, I have to be honest with you, they probably at least asked me for your contact information.”

“…… mine?”

I ask, thinking it’s not going to happen, but Sakurae nods her head, not showing any signs of joking around.

Sakurae continues.

“Now that Shota-kun is known to be reliable, the cultural festival might be difficult for you. …… If you need anything, definitely let me know, okay? I’ll help you with anything!”

“”No, you’re probably thinking too much…I’ll just accept the feelings.”

I soon learned that Sakurae’s worries were not completely unwarranted.

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4 months ago

Well he has experience being a festival committee twice.

Those two will be visiting the festival, won’t they?