back a few days ago.

“Eeeh? quitting your job as a housekeeper?!”

I couldn’t help but raise my voice when Shizuku, who was cooking dinner for me as usual, suddenly said to me that

“I’m not quitting. That amount of money is very attractive for a high school student.”

“Then, why?”

“Because I want to spend more time with Reo-kun.”


My sweet Shizuku has a completely female face!

Lately, she’s been talking only about Hirasawa Reo, and it’s obvious that Shizuku’s priority list has dropped me to second place from my previous number one position.

“We’ll end up eating together in the morning and I’ll be making lunch for the three of us. I don’t think it will make much difference.”

“But …… is it my imagination that even my bento used to be my favorite, but lately it’s changed to something a boy seem to like?”


Shizuku turned her eyes away, as if she was thinking of something.
Uuu, lonely

“W-well,……, even if I went out with Reo-kun, Arisa would still be an important best friend to me.”


“Don’t look so sad! Then why don’t you ask Kogure-kun to compensate me for the reduced housekeeping duties?”


“Arisa likes Kogure-kun, doesn’t she?”

When asked clearly, the image of Ryoma comes to my mind.

In the scene when Hirasawa-kun and Shizuku confessed their feelings for each other, and when I started calling him by his name.

I have fallen in love with Ryoma so much that I have no intention of hiding it anymore.

I nodded my head. I was aware that my face was turning red.

“You are good to admit it. I think you should take this opportunity to give Kogure-kun a big push.”

“Big push…… I don’t know”

“What’s the trouble with having that face and those breasts?”

I know I’m good-looking

But since it’s my first time in love, I don’t know what to do.

The only thing that makes me nervous is when Ryoma is around me, and when I hear him call my name, my head almost melts.

“Why don’t you confess your feelings to him already, Arisa? Since you call each other by name, I’m sure he likes you more than a little.”

I have thought about that for a minute.

I want to call him up and let out all these feelings in my heart.

“I just can’t picture succeeding …….”


I feel like I’ll never hear the words thank you or let’s go out from Ryoma.

It’s likely that he’ll ask me to think for a moment with a confused and distressed look on his face.

“If he says he’s sorry for that,……, I’m going to die after all.”


“That’s because …… it’s my first love.”

“Kogure-kun, it seems that something probably happened in junior high school regarding love. I asked Reo-kun about it, but he didn’t tell me.”

“Is that so?”

“Reo-kun said he couldn’t forgive someone, so I was curious, but I couldn’t pursue the matter.”

I had never heard that story before. I guess it’s called a secret that only childhood friends know.

Hmmm, but I can’t ask Ryoma directly. ……

“Then get to know him even better through housekeeping and make him forget about his past love life. Make her fall in love with Arisa and get him to confess.”


Shizuku ponders for a moment and then raises her voice.

“I’ll go all out and make that my job, too.”


“Arisa is going to go all out and spoil Kogure-kun. You will make him accept it as his job.”

“H-how do I spoil him?”

“It’s all about body contact. My poor body is enough to make Reo-kun thrilled with me, so Arisa’s body should be enough to make him thrilled. “

I’m a little embarrassed, but if I don’t do anything, I won’t be able to go any further. I had no choice but to push him around.

“I’m sure Arisa’s dirty body will take care of it!”
“Don’t call me dirty.”

But I know Ryoma is looking at my breasts and stuff. …… If he’s interested, I have some clothes that emphasize my body shape, so let’s get started.

“Then, how about I go all out and ask him to touch my body ……?”

“You’re pretty flirtatious, aren’t you! Just make an established fact . If you make him take responsibility for the attack, you will win.”

“I-I’m a little afraid of being attacked.”

“Don’t worry. It hurts at first, but once you get used to it, it won’t hurt so much.”

“What is that information? I didn’t want to hear thatttttt!”

“I’ll give you the skin. Make sure you use it properly.”


I was surprised by the fact that Shizuku was already overlapping with Hirasawa-kun. Moreover, it seems that it was Shizuku who invited him.
Hirasawa Reo is still popular, so if she doesn’t get her hands on him soon, she might be robbed.

I changed into my casual clothes and went downstairs.

To be honest, I’m embarrassed, but if I can get Ryoma’s attention ……, I’ll have to do my best.

“Ryoma, sorry for waiting.”

“Yeah….wait! Arisa, you’re dressed like that.”

“Eh, It’s plain clothes. I’m always dressed like this when I’m with Shizuku. Ryoma will take Shizuku’s place, right?”

It’s cute to see Ryoma panicking.

He is aware of me. I’m a little embarrassed to be dressed this way……., but I’m going to show him everything when I go out with him anyway, so I’m going to do it!

“I’m going to spoil you all over like I did with Shizuku, so be prepared!”

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Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
10 months ago

I just imagined that loli hentai that have a beeg highschool man and the owner of the apartment was a legal loli~

Shizuku, u smol predator~!

10 months ago
Reply to  Diana Kurosawa

As a fellow man of culture, I know what you were referring to.