After parting with Kogure-kun and Hiyori-chan at the station, I board the bus and take a seat to catch my breath.

I wonder if I can make it home before it starts to rain.

I wish I had brought a folding umbrella.

I wish Shizuku was with me at a time like this so I wouldn’t forget her.

To be honest, I was thinking of canceling today’s play.

Even though her parents were there, I was worried about Shizuku who had a fever, and I thought there was absolutely no way I was going to go out with a boy, even though his sister was there.

But Hiyori-chan was cute like an angel, and Kogure-kun gave me a concerned look as soon as he found out Shizuku had a fever and called me.

That was something you can’t do without a goodwill, right? A notification pinged on my phone.


It seems that Kogure-kun is sending me the pictures Hiyori-chan took of me through the line.

The pictures are mainly of me and Hiyori-chan together, and we look very cute.

As I don’t have a sister, Hiyori-chan’s cuteness has made me fall in love with her.

I’ll tell Shizuku about it later.

“Thank you very much for today. Hiyori is very happy. It’s going to rain, so please go home early. ……huh”

Kogure-kun is such a nice guy.

All the boys I’ve met so far have been attracted to me because of my appearance, and even though they only see me as a an object, they step up and talk to me.

I feel like he was aware of the fact that I’m not good with men, so he was always accommodating me by putting Hiyori-chan between us whenever possible.

“After all, they do look alike, don’t they?”

Shizuku and Kogure-kun are similar.

They are both caring and gentle people. They look timid, but they are calm and strong when they make up their minds to do something.

I think they’re perfect for each other.

Kogure-kun likes Shizuku, so they must be a good couple if I’m in between them. ……

I hear a pinging sound. A series of photos were sent to me.

I thought that was the end of the photos Kogure-kun had sent me, but I was wrong. ……


There are a lot of pictures of me hugging Kogure-kun! What … embarrassing!


And one of them. It was a picture of me crying in fear, and he was stroking my head with a gentle expression on his face.

Was it during the roller coaster ride? My cheeks were burning. ……It was stupid of me to ask a boy to stroke my head!

But …… it was a very gentle pat.

And another one was sent to me.

It was a picture of Kogure-kun holding me like a princess at the Cure Cure show.

When he was holding me, I was also holding on to Kogure-kun’s body for support. …… I felt that his back was very well trained.

he had a strong core and was supported by a solid body, so there was no instability, and to be honest, I was very nervous.

To be honest, I was very nervous, but my nervousness was blown away when he said something that was not very delicately!

But looking at the photo, …… Kogure-kun is also quite shy. Kogure is embarrassed even if it’s not a girl he likes.

I’m sure he’s embarrassed even if it’s me.

I wonder what I’m thinking ……. I’m thinking that it’s stupid to be jealous of Shizuku who is liked by him.


Suddenly, all the additional photos sent to me were deleted.

Maybe this was sent by Hiyori chan.

Kogure-kun noticed and rushed to delete them. I guess that’s about it.

But it’s too bad. I have already saved all the photos.

Before I knew it, I had arrived at the nearest bus stop. I paid the fare and got off the bus.

“It’s starting to rain. ……”

It started to rain heavily. But don’t worry, my house is within sight of the bus stop.

As I was running quickly, I noticed someone at the front door.

“…… Shizuku?”

“Welcome home, Arisa.”

It was my beloved best friend, Shizuku. I ran over to her.

“What’s wrong …… with you, you had a fever and you need to sleep!”

“I sent you a line saying your fever was down. I’m fine now. And sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise today.”

“Kogure-kun said for you take care, and Hiyori-chan …… Hiyori-chan is so cute.”


The tone of Shizuku’s voice as she called my name was somehow different from usual. Why were you in front of the house in the first place? you have a duplicate key, so you should be waiting inside the house.

“If you want to talk about it, go inside the house.”

“Sorry, I’ll be done soon.”

The color of the eyes was different from the usual.

“…… Hey Arisa, is there anything you’re not telling me?”

A piercing word pierces the chest. It was the first time I heard Shizuku’s voice like this.

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Went over Ch26. Situation will get quite spicy