Once again, the first Monday of the week.
Watanabe Senpai was officially transferred to a different school.
The reason why he was not immediately expelled from the school was, I guess, because of his father’s reputation.

Either way, the important thing for me was that there were no more senpai who would have any trouble with Saara.

This time, however, it did not affect only Saara.

“It’s Ayado-senpai!”
“It’s really her! Um, senpai! Thank you very much!”
“Eh, eh?”

The underclassmen who were around Sato-san gather around Saara.
I heard that they were Watanabe-senpai’s victims.

“No!, you’ve been a great help, Saara chi!”
“I didn’t really do anything that serious. ……”
“You did, you know. This time humility is a virtue that isn’t sarcastic, but acceptance??”

For the juniors who had been consulted, Saara, who had struck the killing blow, had become everyone’s hero.
How many hands were flying …….

This is why Saara’s popularity has grown even more.
Now there is even talk of her being the next student council president, without any regard for her own feelings.

“I don’t have that kind of intention.”
“What would you do if Saara were to become student council president?”
“I’ll use my power and appoint Sora kun as vice president first.”
“Don’t ever become student council president. ……

If I were appointed by Saara’s nomination, that’s not exactly the level of standout I want. ……
Ah, I’m sure Saara’s nomination itself will definitely be made.
Hopefully I’ll be at peace next year.

There are other major changes for Saara.
The aftermath of the Watanabe Senpai fiasco hung over the rest of the club.

The number of men who approached Saara was stellar.
I mean, in the beginning, I’ve been told that it’s been like a lottery …….

I intertwined this situation with the current incident, and Saara talked to the Teacher about it.

[I did not join a particular athletic club. But …… I don’t think I will join an athletic club in the future.]

During the juniors’ accusations against Watanabe Senpai, several other clubs were named.
All were athletic clubs, and although not as bad as Watanabe-senpai’s, they said that stories of almost being coerced into joining were raised.

The faculty members also understood the value of the gem that is Ayado Saara.
Therefore, they were hoping that she would leave some kind of tournament record.
However, they are even more sensitive about the case that is on the verge of national media coverage regarding Watanabe senpai and Seiichi.
We want to avoid any media coverage of the scandal at all costs.

[About 30% of the seniors in the athletic department confessed to me, and all the captains of each department confessed to me. Some were very forceful.]

This was the deciding factor.
Accusations from another year and now this scandal. The possibility of it happening again.
In particular, the female teacher who was in charge of advising the athletic team and the homeroom teacher of our class were vehemently opposed, and all the athletic team advisors backed down.

I thought that the boys in the athletic club would balk, but the anger from the female students toward Watanabe-senpai was extraordinary, so no one asked her out.
It was far more risky to be hated by all the possible girls than to be one-upped by the princess.

In the end, Saara was recognized as a Temporary Homecoming Club.

After Watanabe-senpai left the school, his position changed the most.


Seiichi’s voice echoes as he jumps to the side to catch a sharp shot from his senpai.
With that kind of reflexes, it would have been difficult for the team to play well without Seiichi.
Seiichi, now completely reinvigorated, officially returned to the team as a regular.

As for the two seniors who had been working with Watanabe-senpai, they were suspended for two weeks due to accusations from other seniors in the soccer club.
However, these two were not that enthusiastic about it to begin with, and they would not do anything strange anymore because of the fact that they had been brought to the attention of their advisor before the last tournament of their high school careers.

There are rumors that the next captain might be Seiichi.
Things have taken a turn for the better in the past two weeks.

Finally, changes in Saara related to the incident.

“Nn……! Well then, I have nothing to do today, so I’m going home.”
“Okay, okay, do you want to go shopping with Suzuka chan?”
“I don’t, but I’d like to go shopping. I’m out of food. Anyway, are you going to participate in club activities?”
“I was the first one to submit the club journal with plenty of time to spare, and I got the first shot. Because I’m a genius! I’m a genius!”
“In fact, you really are a genius in that area, aren’t you, Suzuka-chan? ……”

Saara stretched out comfortably and headed back home with Sato-san.
Today, …… or rather today, there is no appointment from anyone.

The “hit and burn” confessions have vanished for the most part.

This is not surprising when you think about it.
She had already rejected all of them and told Watanabe-senpai that he was the worst.
No other attack could have been so powerful as that, as a sanction against a pushy man.
The fact that she is completely unaware of this is frightening.

Everyone understood that even Princess Saara, who is cheerful and kind to everyone, would be like that to someone she dislikes.
Naturally, the boys must have thought.
What if I Confessed?
If it were filmed like this.

As a result, there were no more boys who would take on such a reckless challenge.
The peaceful after-school time that Saara had hoped for, when she could chat normally with her female friends, finally came to her.

“Aaah, the summer weather is starting to show. Noo, seriously…”
“You don’t like the heat? Summer poetic charms, like cicadas?”
“No, the demon vampires.”
“I sure don’t like that one either.”

Listening to their peaceful conversation, I picked up my bag too.
Well, what shall we do today?

(TL/N : So anyone still remember this one, only 3 more episodes till end so I’ll finish it)

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