“Curry, I’m going to put onions in it, is that okay?”

In the slightly chilly air-conditioned store, Senpai reaches for the shopping basket with a firm grip on my hand.

When I hurriedly took it, she said, “You’re so kind,” and tightened her grip a little.

“Sagara-kun, you’re very gentle.”

“No, no. It is a man’s job to carry heavy things.”

“Are you okay with the weight?”

“Y-yes. Surprisingly, I have confidence in my strength.”


When she pouted a little, Senpai rested her shoulder on my shoulder and slid the soft sweat fabric down my arm.

Then, squirming a little.

“Am I heavy?”

She asked.

But Senpai is really light, even when she leans on me.

She was thin, a little smaller than me.

But she had breasts, and they……wait, not like that.

“No, not at all.”

“….I’m glad.”

I think women tend to be concerned about their weight, even if they are this thin.

Come to think of it, even when we’re together, there are a lot of times when senpai cook only for me and don’t eat.

“Hey, senpai, if you want, why don’t you make curry with me?”

I suggested while she was looking at what to buy at the vegetable corner.

She always tells me not to do anything, let alone cook with her, so I think she might turn me down again today.

“Are you worried about …… my curry?”

“No, I’m not. But I wanted to do something with senpai. No?”


Senpai was a little worried as she headed to the meat section.

I guess you don’t want me to cook after all.

However, after thinking about it, senpai…

“……Will you help me cut the meat?”

She turned the meat in the pack toward me and lowered the corners of her eyes, hiding her face with it.

“Y-yes. I’ll help you.”

“Yes. I’m not very good at cutting meat because I’m not very strong.”

“You can tell me anything about that. I’ll do anything.


“Yes, anything you want.”

“Kyuun …… kyuuu.”

Just like that, she hides her face completely with the meat.

I wonder if it was from her

A high-pitched sound rang out.

“Sagara-kun…you’ll do anything.”

When we lined up at the cash register, senpai seemed happier than ever.

Was it a good thing that I said I would help with the cooking?

But now I can finally do something for senpai

I haven’t been able to buy anything for her, and I’m always asking for things, but today I want to help senpai

…Besides, I have to say it properly this time.

I want to be with senpai forever.

I can’t do it anymore withouth senpai…

“Sagara-kun, I’m going to use your bathroom.”

As soon as we get back to the room, I put down the things I bought in the kitchen, and Senpai heads for the bathroom.

Then she glances at me.

I signal with my eyes.

For some reason, I thought I heard her voice saying, “Stay right there.”

“Yes. Then I’ll be here okay?”


Senpai is probably an extremely lonely person.

But for reasons unknown, she hates men and has no one to rely on.

However, I thought that she had found a harmless-looking junior like me and was relying on me with peace of mind.

But she kissed me.

I don’t want to think that it was just because she was lonely.

She is not such a slutty person.

It was because she has feelings for me that she told me how she feels about me.

After eating curry, when I had some free time, I want to…….

“Sagara-kun, I’m out.”

Senpai comes out of the bathroom and she washes her hands in the washroom.

But the sound of running water doesn’t stop.

I heard the sound of water running strongly for a while.

I went to check on her to see if something was wrong, and found that she was washing her hands very hard.

As if she was trying hard to remove the oil stain stuck on her hands.

She was scrubbing her hands very carefully.

“…… I made it dirty again.”

“Are you all right, senpai? Is it possible that the bathroom was dirty?”

“No, no, I’m fine. I’m fine, it’s not that.”

When I called out to her, she finally turned on the faucet and the water stopped.

Senpai wipes her hands with a towel and sighs.


“…… I made the towel dirty.”

“No. Senpai’s hand-wiping towel is also a real pleasure. “

“So Gentle ……, shall we make curry?”


Normally, I’d be told to go over there and wait in my room.

Today we will line up in the kitchen together.

Even though I was used to using the kitchen, it felt like I was cooking in someone else’s house, probably because I didn’t do anything with senpai for the few days she was here

Maybe it’s because the location of the tableware and cooking utensils have changed so much.

But it feels fresh.

And I was excited to be cooking with senpai.

“Senpai, I’ll cut the meat first.”

“Yes, please. I’ll boil the water.”

“And shall I cut the vegetables too?”

“No, it’s fine. Sagara, you are in charge of the meat.”

In the end, all I really did was cut the meat.

The rest was all done by senpai.

But I was so happy to see her cooking.

“Yes, it’s done.”

“Smells so good. I’ll take it for you.”

“No, you can’t.”


“Let’s take it with together, shall we?”

“…… yes.”

My mind goes blank, or rather pink, again when she said that.

Senpai is too cute.

I’m not thinking about the taste of curry, or how hungry I am, or anything else at the moment.

But my body is honest and my stomach growls when I come back to my room and see the curry in front of me.

“fufu, Sagara-kun, you must be hungry.”

“I-I’m sorry. It looks so delicious.”

“Yes, let’s eat.”

When it came time to eat, however, I remembered the most important thing.

Well, there was only one spoon.

“Ah, ……, what am I going to do, I only had one spoon?”

“Yeah, I’m good.”

“No, no, you have to use it. I’ll eat with chopsticks.”

“No, I don’t mean that. Together.”


“Let’s do it Together?”

Senpai took a spoon and took a bite of the curry.

“Now it’s your turn, Sagara-kun,”

Of course, I’ve experienced indirect kissing many times, and even kissing just today, so there was no awkwardness compared to before.

“I’m sorry, then……,”

“Yeah, together, right?”

“Y-yes. Yeah, it’s good.”

“Then me too. Aahn”

“Eh, it’s hot, isn’t it?”



With the spoon I used, I now put the curry into senpai’s mouth.

After eating it, senpai said, “Yeah,” and then put her cheek down.

“It’s good to be together,” she said, smiling.

That smile, that look of debauchery, makes my heart skip a beat.

The blood of my entire body rushes to the lower half of my body.

It’s only noon.

I look at the bed again and again

I prayed that it would be dark outside soon.

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