I quickly put away the cream puffs in the short time it took Senpai to wash her hands.

I honestly don’t have time for that anymore.

Senpai stays in my room.

We spend the night together.

I think I understand what this means when you are a high school student.

At least, Senpai doesn’t hate me. 

She doesn’t mind holding my hand or touching me.

It would be unnatural to stay with someone like that until the morning and think that mistakes won’t happen.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

My heart pulses violently as Senpai soon returns.

On the lower half of my body, the blood gathers.

I’m in trouble, I’m close to the limit of my endurance.


“What’s wrong? Did I bother you after all?”

“N-not that …… Well, I’m with senpai, so I’m nervous.”

“I see. Sagara-kun, will you take a bath too? ”

“Oh, yes, that’s right. I’ll go and have a bath.”

“Yeah, I’ll wait for you.”

Well, I forgot to take a bath yesterday and fell asleep.

As expected, it was far from dirty that I hadn’t taken a bath in two days.

I’m going to take a bath once and calm down.

I go to the bathroom and quickly fill the bathtub with hot water.

I was going to distract myself while watching the hot water flow, but.

When I saw the long hair that must have fallen out when senpai came in earlier, tangled in the drain, I had another strange thought.

Here senpai was naked.

And now she’s in her room wearing my jersey.

Oh shit, I can’t stop imagining.

I feel like I’m going to turn back to my room and jump on her right now.

I desperately suppress my racing heart and stare at the bathtub, praying that the water will fill up soon.

Eventually, when the water was about half full, I quickly took off my clothes and jumped into the bath.


There, finally, I calmed down.

Of course, one part of my body is still ticking over, but I feel calm anyway.

But what is going to happen to me after that?

After all, we end up sleeping together, and I wonder if it’s possible for things to continue like that.

I’m still not sure. ……

I’m not sure if senpai thinks of me as more than a benefactor or not.

I wonder if she would be scared of me messing with her.

I’ve thought about it a lot, but I don’t have any experience, so I don’t know.

Eventually, the hot water reaches my shoulders, and I look up at the ceiling while warming my neck.

Maybe I should just tell senpai that I like her.

But I still can’t help but worry about what I’ll do if I get it wrong.

It’s hard to have no experience in love. ……

Sagara-kun, you’re taking a bath.

……I just went to the bath, Sagara-kun is in the same state as he was born.

I want to go there, I want to peek at him, I want to wash his back.

I’m not sure if I’ll be thought of as a strange woman if I suddenly do that.

But I can’t control my urges.

Besides, I feel lonely being alone in the room.

Waiting for Sagara-kun is hard.

I can’t stand that he’s not here.

Even if it’s not in the bathroom, it would be fine if I could at least talk to him from outside.

Unable to suppress my feelings, my feet head towards the bathroom.

In the changing room, his shell is left haphazardly.

Sagara-kun’s silhouette peeks out a little through the frosted glass door.


“Y-yes? Eh, is there something wrong?”

When I call out to him, he is understandably flustered.

There’s no need to be so surprised.

I guess I shouldn’t go in there after all.

“No. I’ll put your clothes in the washing machine.”

“E-eh, I’ll do that myself.”

“It’s okay, I’m staying here, can I at least do that?”

“O-okay. ……, please.”

I was actually a bit curious about the smell of the clothes he had been wearing all day.

Pick up his clothes, hold them and rub them on my face.

His smell is thick.

I want to drown in this shell of him.

But if he sees me like this, he’ll think I’m a dirty woman.

I’ll be hated.

I don’t want to be hated. ……

I have no choice but to put his clothes in the washing machine.

Then I go back to my room.

It’s time to be alone again.

Waiting in the quiet, slightly cramped room, feeling crushed.

I go to the bathroom again.

This time, it looks like he’s taking a shower.

I wonder if it’s washed well.

He doesn’t have to wash it.

I want Sagara-kun as he is.

But I also like Sagara-kun who is doing it properly. ……


When I call out, the shower stops.

“Y-Yes? What’s wrong?”

“Nn, I was wondering if it’s time yet.”

“I’ll get out after I wash myself. I’m sorry, I know I’m boring you.”

“Yeah. …… quickly. …… Hnn, warm yourself slowly.”

Selfish women are not liked. 

I want to be a woman who is devoted to him.

However, only my own desires overflow.

I’m a bad girl.

I have to be patient …….

.”….. Sagara-kun. ”

I Go back to the room again.

I Put my hand inside my slightly damp underwear.

Will he really love a woman who becomes like this just by hearing his voice?

Today, after this, I will seduce him.

Will he be disillusioned?

My heart is filled with anxiety.

“Ah, I’m out.”

I washed up and left the bath in a hurry, as senpai had called me to the bathroom several times.

My clothes had been taken out to be washed by senpai and my clothes were dancing in the rattling washing machine.

Senpai, by the way, was sitting on the bed in my room, staring at the TV.

When she notices me, she says, “Refreshed?” She gives me a cute smile.

“Yes, a bath is nice after all.”

“Yes, it is. Hey, what are you going to do after this?”

“Yes, that’s right. Do you play games?”

“I’m not very good at it, I guess.”

“Oh, really?”

“Come here.”

She invites me in by tapping her hand next to me.

I sat down next to her as if obeying her.

Then, without even looking at me, Senpai muttered in a low voice.

“Sagara-kun …… smells good.”

“R-really? Well, I just washed.”

“Sagara-kun, after all, wasn’t it annoying for me to suddenly stay over?”

“N-not at all! If senpai says I’m worried about being alone, then I…”

I’ll be with you forever.

As I was about to say that, my throat caught.

My mouth becomes parched.

I can’t come up with one more word.

“……, let’s go to bed, shall we?”

“Y-yeah. I’m tired because I had an early start today.”

“Aren’t you feeling better already?”

“I-I’m still fine. You’re tired too, aren’t you?”

“…… Turn off the lights.”

Senpai goes straight to bed.

I look at it and turn off the light in the room.

When the room became pitch black, I heard senpai’s voice from the bed saying, ‘It’s dark, it’s calming.’

“Let’s go to bed, shall we?”

said Senpai cutely.

“Y-yes. I’ll sleep on the floor then.”

“No. Come here.”

“But… ……”

“Am I disturbing you?”

“….. excuse me.”

Because my eyes are still unaccustomed to the darkness, I can’t see senpai well.

But when I get into the futon, I feel warmth next to me and her body heat lets me know that senpai is there.

“….. Sagara-kun, are you there?”

“Y-yes. Senpai, it’s not too small, is it?”

“Yes. …… the smaller, the better.”


Something soft hit my back as I lay there with my back turned.

And when her cold hand touches my hand, she intertwines her fingers with it.

“…. Sagara-kun, you and I are on the futon together.”

“Senpai, Any more than this……”

“Any more than this?”


I turn around and there’s senpai in my jersey next to me.

And now, I’m now close to senpai in the same futon.

I’m a mess in my head.

Maybe if I turn around, I’ll go straight to her ……


“Sagara-kun, your smell is all over me. ……”


“Sagara-kun, can I hug you more?”

“……, that’s…”

“Don’t you like such a dirty girl?”

“No, I don’t. ……”

Whenever senpai speaks, her breath hits my ear.

And she pressed her body even closer.

I Grasp my hand tightly.

It’s already at its limit.

I grip back senpai’s hand tightly.

Then, after a few seconds, I make up my mind.


“S-senpai! I’m ……”




The face of senpai up close was very beautiful.

And the big eyes, which always look at me and never let go, were closed.

She is asleep.

“…… senpai'”

I came to my senses when I saw her sleeping face.

She probably didn’t sleep much today.

Even so, she stayed with me for a day and even cooked for me.

I hate myself for thinking of pushing down such senpai

The face of that sleeping face was so beautiful and innocent.

“….. Good night, senpai.”

I hold her hand.

I turn my back to her once more and then close my eyes.

I feel happy just by sleeping on the same futon as senpai

…No, I like it.

I’ve fallen in love with senpai.

I want to drown in her breasts.

I want to be spoiled by her.

I want to tell her I love her. ……

I want to be pampered by her.

Please let senpai receive my feelings.

While wishing for this, I eventually lost consciousness under the warm futon.

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