Saturday and Sunday were spent working as a laborer, and then came the week when students would listen to classes more seriously than usual.

Unlike the national mock examinations, these tests are made by school teachers, so the tendency of the questions can be predicted to some extent by the teachers.
Some teachers quote questions straight from the question booklet, some use questions from quizzes, and some only ask questions that they said in class, “I’m going to give you this part,” and so on.

Well, some teachers don’t prepare for the test, saying “It’s your fault if you don’t listen seriously”, but if you check such teachers in advance, you can get by with the regular test.

“So you’re saying that you usually don’t listen to the class very well?”
“………… (pui)”

To my question, Kohinata turns her face away from me and gives me a “I don’t know what you’re talking about” reaction.

It’s very cute, like a little kid’s way of fooling around, but if this continues, Kohinata will continue to be a sophomore next year and may go on a trip to complete her studies two years in a row. …… I have to get my act together and be a man of heart.

“Well, maybe I should consider myself lucky to have a week’s extra time. ……”

Currently, the three usual members of the group are coming to my apartment.

At the HR meeting held last Friday, it was decided that Keiichi will be a member of the sports festival committee, and it seems that the only time they will be able to get together is for three days from Wednesday to Friday during the period before the exams. This means that for at least those three days, Kohinata and I will be studying alone together.

“A-S-U-K-A! Didn’t you say you’d write better notes in second grade? You’re all doodles!”
“I don’t know about your artistic sense, but I can understand why you didn’t write a single thing in class.”

Saejima looks angry when she sees Kohinata’s notebook opened on the kotatsu, and Keiichi says something like that with his face drawn tight.

Somehow, I had the impression that Kohinata seemed to be a serious person, so I was happy to see an unexpected side of her. Though her grades are not at all at a laughable level.

“Anyway, I’m going to use this day to get a grasp of the current situation so that I can cram in the second half of the year. Since I passed the exam, I’m sure Kohinata can do it, too.”

I told myself as I talked to everyone.

Don’t worry, if you take the proper measures, you should be able to avoid getting a red mark. Of course, you won’t have to stay in school.

“If you get a red mark, I’ll ban you from playing video games at my house.”

Kohinata, who had been exuding an air of pride at being called a “can-do” student, turned her mouth up just a little when she was told that she would be banned from playing games. Kohinata’s face of dissatisfaction is very obvious.

“Kohinata’s a capable girl, so she’ll be fine, right?”

When I asked this, Kohinata reluctantly shook her head. It was like a leading question, and it hurt my heart a little, but it was for Kohinata’s sake, so don’t take it personally.

However, it’s funny to say that I’m glad Kohinata’s grades were so low, because if it had been just a matter of studying a little bit, I might not have been able to stand being alone with her.

I had only been involved with girls for a month, after all.

I had been living in the city of beginnings (with all men) in a carefree manner, so it would have been impossible for me to suddenly take on the Demon King (alone with a girl at home). It would be no wonder if the ladies at the bar thought, “Are you crazy?”

I was alone with Kohinata when I saw a movie with her before, but my liking for Kohinata is quite different now than it was then, so my last stronghold of protective desire may finally be destroyed.

However! This time, if I worry about such frivolous things, Kohinata may end up staying in school. I hear it’s at that level of danger.

“Don’t expect me to spoil you.”

In order to keep my protective feelings toward Kohinata in the right form, I’m going to give her a hard and strict guidance.

I said this in a tight tone of voice, and she gently placed her small hand on my lap, as if to say, “Please be gentle with me …….”

I felt my resolve wavering as soon as possible.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

In the end, today ended with just checking Kohinata’s understanding of all subjects.
Keiichi and Saejima were checking with each other, “Was this area within the scope of the test?” They were sitting facing each other on the side of the kotatsu at first.

At first they were sitting facing each other on the side of the kotatsu, but it seemed that the distance made it difficult for them to talk, so they moved to a position right in front of the TV, facing me and Kohinata, and started studying side by side. It was as if we were a married couple, passing as lovers.

“So you got red marks in about eight subjects last year?”
“Probably about that much.”

Before going to bed, I was lying on the bed chatting with Kohinata.
Of course, the content of the chat was about the test. There was no other choice.

“If you don’t study seriously, you’ll be in trouble, Kohinata. Of course, you need to avoid red marks, but if you don’t get a certain number of points, it might affect your chances of going on to higher education.”
“(stamp of rabbit chasing butterfly)”
“Don’t run away from reality.”
“(stamp of rabbit crawling on all fours and hitting the ground)”
“This is the result of not taking your lessons seriously. Give up and study.”
“………… Sugino, handsome.”
“If you think that will help you escape from studying, you are mistaken.”

Even though I didn’t get involved with any girls at all,……, I was underestimated too.
I’m grateful to have saved the screenshots.

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