My head is between the thighs of a girl.

If only these words were extracted, it would be a very naughty fantasy, but in reality, there is nothing obscene about it (maybe a little), it is a shoulder ride that can be seen in public.

The only problem is that we’re with high school students of the same age. …… Well, that’s the only and biggest problem.

Fortunately, I think we look like brother and sister to people around us. I don’t feel any strange stares from people around me.


Although I said I don’t feel any stares ……, my vision is currently dominated by my fine-textured, munimuni skin, so I don’t have much room to be physically or mentally concerned about the complexion of others.

I feel that if I move my head even slightly, I could be sued for sexual harassment. Of course, I’m sure Kohinata would never say such a thing.

Come to think of it, I’m in the middle of a show right now,……, and my attention was drawn to Kohinata’s stomach, which I could feel in the back of my head.

“Ooooh, how could they do that?”

To my right, Keiichi looks at the stage and lets out such an impressed sound. You’re good to enjoy the show.

“Y-you’re not going to get hurt, right? You’ll be fine, right?”

And to my left, Saejima says to the three of us with a jittery look on her face as if to ask us a question. The street performer seems okay, but my heart rate is in a pinch, you know?

However, as adolescent high school boys, we don’t want them to realize that we are too upset.
Kohinata would probably feel awkward and uncomfortable if she were being carried on the shoulders of a boy who is also very aware of her thighs.
I am only in the position of a guardian, so I am expected to keep a level head.

I hold Kohinata’s slender legs tightly to prevent her from falling off.

“Can you see?”

In response to this question, Kohinata slips her hands around my head and pats it. Does this mean that she can see? It’s hard to judge because I don’t see her usual nodding.

“If it gets too tight for you to stay on top, just give me a signal.”

Then Kohinata thrashes my head again. It seems to be a signal of affirmation.

But still, it’s kind of refreshing to have a girl pat my head.
It sounds like I’ve been petted by boys before, but my dad is the only one who has ever petted me on the head. I don’t remember the rest, but I’m sure my mother has also stroked my head.

By the way, Kohinata-san, …… I don’t know why you’re so excited because the street art is awesome, but can you please stop munimuniing and putting my head between your thighs? I’m afraid I won’t be able to think of KCC people spewing nosebleeds when they see Kohinata in the street.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

After the show, the four of us continued to enjoy Satsuki Emerald Park, playing with the athletic equipment, getting pampered at the animal petting area, and going up to the observation deck to admire the view.

There are still areas we haven’t played in yet, so we might come back again if we have the chance. There was a lot going on, but I’m sure we had a good time.

On the way home.
I left Keiichi and Saejima, and now Kohinata and I are walking along a dimly lit residential street.

“It all happened so fast, didn’t it?”

There were no people around, and there was no way we could have strayed from each other, but she was firmly nipping at my little finger. Apparently, she was blown away by all the things I had done on my shoulders. Very cute.

Shoulder carriage itself, Kohinata seemed to be shy at first, ……. I am sure that her desire to see the street performance won out over her sense of shame. And that sense of shame about the shoulder ride seemed to have made her forget the embarrassment of holding hands.

I looked at Kohinata, who looked up at me from an angle and nodded her head, and I replied, “Right, of course.”

“School starts again tomorrow,……, though Saturday and Sunday will soon be here.”

The holiday mood will finally be over after that Saturday and Sunday, and the midterm examinations will be held in the middle of May and the sports festival will be held in June.

As for the midterm examinations, I do my review at home in my spare time and don’t need to push myself to prepare for the examinations. I’ve always been able to keep my grades in the top 50.

And perhaps we will have to decide on the committee members for the gymnastic festival when weekends are free, but this is none of my business. In my class, Takata will probably be the one to do it. I know that he did it last year, too.

“Is Kohinata doing okay on the midterm?”

Before I got involved with Kohinata, my impression of her was that of a “literary school girl”.

She was quiet and seemed to read books silently without worrying about others. In fact, when we were in the same class, I never saw her reading a book, and she had a surprisingly good sense of movement.

Since it is kohinata, she probably has no problem with her studies, so I asked her about it, but she turned her head in the opposite direction from me with a jerky, tinny movement. Then she nicks her little finger in a somewhat restless manner.

If I were to verbalize her movement right now, it would be something like, “I -IIIIII don’t have a problem with it.”

Kohinata-san,……, perhaps you are not good at studying?

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