When I left the apartment, I was with Yuri in her school uniform, and we were walking to the nearby shopping district for an allowance.

“Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve been in this shopping arcade, hasn’t it?”

Perhaps because it was a holiday, Yuri was a little excited.
I haven’t visited here for some time, but this shopping street, with its downtown atmosphere, hasn’t changed much.

“When I was a kid, you would often be asked to run errands right. I used to accompany Yuri and Kairi because I was worried about them alone.”
“Y-You’re just worried that Kairi might get out of control right?! I don’t have anything to worried for!”
“Yuuri has a tendency to be …… too serious. You see, even now, when you just go to the cram school study room, you’re wearing a uniform instead of your regular clothes. Because you’re too serious, you’re a little out of sync.”
“Moou, you’re terrible, Onii chan! It’s good that I’m serious right! Or do you prefer delinquent gals like Kairi?
“Eh? well…..”

As I put my hand on my chin and pretend to think, Yuri walks next to me and looks at me with jittery eyes.

“…… He, you prefer gals, don’t you? I see, monii chan prefers Kairi. I see… I see… I see… I see… I see…”

W-What’s …… wrong with you?
Like a buggy radio, Yuri calls out “I see” a lot.
The highlight in her eyes disappeared and she mumbled with empty eyes.

I’m not sure if I’ve offended …… her?
Those two are rival around taking exams, so I might have had to be a little more careful …….

“I-I am! I think the honor student Yuri is easier to deal with!”
“…… really?”

“Y-yeah. Kairi is too flashy or selfish. Yuri, on the other hand, is a good listener, so she’s easy to deal with.”

When I said this in an agitated manner, Yuri’s eyes lit up as usual.

“M-Mooo~, Onii chan is so good at giving compliments~,”

Yuri hugged my arm and rubbed her little face against my shoulder.

“Hey, Yuri, don’t do that in front of people.”
“Hmm? You mean I can hug you as long as it’s not in public?”
“N-no. …… just get away from me.”

As soon as I peeled off Yuuri’s arms, I moved a little distance away from her.

“Onii chan, you are thrilled?”
“Are you nervous about your blood sister, onii chan?”
“I-I’m not thrilled…”

There is no way I’m nervous about it.
Sure, her breasts hit me a little, and I was thrilled, but that was only a physiological reaction, and I was not consciously thrilled by my sister.

“Ah, onii chan, look, look. There’s an octopus dumpling stall, right?”

Yuri, who had suddenly become very excited, pulled me by the arm and we went to the takoyaki stall.

“Uncle, I’ll have eight takoyaki, please.”
“Oo! A couple of students?”

The owner of the takoyaki stall, with his slick head and standing up rolls, asks us,

“No, we are brother and sister.”
“Yes! We’ve been together for three years!”

Yuri interrupted my words and told a lie without hesitation.
What a red faced lie.

“Three years, huh, okay! That’s a bonus for such a hot couple.”

The generous owner offered me two extra takoyaki to the original package of eight, making it a package of 10 takoyaki.

I paid and received the takoyaki from the owner.

“Have fun on your date!”

Yuri giggled as we left the stall.

I thought Yuri was an honor student with a strong sense of justice, but is she surprisingly a devilish …… type?

We decided to sit on a bench in the shade of a nearby tree and eat takoyaki.

“You do badass stuff too, huh?”
“That’s fine. It was the owner of the restaurant who made the mistake.”
“That …… may be true, but…”
“The owner is the one who misunderstood. We’re siblings, but we look like a couple, don’t we?”
“…… you’re too beautiful, so an ordinary guy like me won’t look like your brother.”
“Is that so? I think my brother is cool too.”
“D-don’t flatter me.”

I’m so embarrassed that my sister complimented me.

“You’re so shy, onii chan, I could …… eat you up.”
“I said I wanted to eat all of the takoyaki. Don’t you want to eat it?”
“O-ou ……”

I picked up a toothpick and put the takoyaki in my mouth.
I’m not sure what’s going on today Yuri …… sometimes scary eyes.

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