The next moment, my eyes opened,

[It’s been a while, Master.]

The 《Evil Eyes of Guidance》 materializes as if it were jumping down from behind me.

She has long, silvery hair, snowy skin, and a white kimono.

She looks exactly like a snow woman. She looks to be in her early twenties, but she is the main body of the 《Evil Eyes of Guidance》–her name is Syl. In her previous life, she was a witch.

As mentioned above, the magical eye has a personality.

This is because when a witch who has mastered magic opens her eyes and her body dies, her soul resides in her eyes.

Because of the transplantation of the eye, there is only one type of magician (miraculously, two types of magic eyes are compatible, and there was even an odd-eyed magician), but I can use multiple magic eyes by making a contract with the witches.

Of course, the contractor’s magic power is used as the medium for embodiment, so the general public in the hospital cannot see them.

Only those with evil eyes or those with executive level power in the Demon King’s Army can see the embodied witches.

Of course, I can talk to Syl in my mind.

No matter how you look at it, it’s suspicious when you talk to someone when other people can’t see them.

[It’s been a while, Syl. I’m sorry to wake you from sleep, but there are a few things I’d like you to take a peek at.]

[I’ve got it. I’d like to confirm a few things first.]

[Yeah? What’s up?]

There is something that Syl would like to confirm with me. I have a bad feeling about this because of the situation,

Maybe something strange is happening to my body after returning from another world…

As it turns out, my fears were unfounded.

[Does Master prefer females like Narukawa Rin or Minamoto Rei?]

[…… Excuse me?]

The question from the witch whom I met again after a long time–Syl–was something I did not expect at all.

[Even a witch who can peer into the abyss of the world cannot grasp this.]

[No, um……Syl? Do you understand the current situation? There are people who seem to be terrorists in the immediate vicinity.]

[Master will turn that lowly creature into dust in an instant if he is serious. I don’t even need to look at them through my eyes. So please guess what Syl is feeling. Master finally returned to the world where he came from and parted company with the female heroine who stood in his way, but new women kept coming. Syl’s pillow is wet with tears and she cannot sleep at night.]

……No, if you just now personified for the first time, you must have been asleep a while ago.

Even if I was told such a blatant lie…

Certainly, as Syl said, it’s not difficult to suppress them if I use magic.

But I don’t understand his purpose.

Is he acting alone in the first place? It is quite possible that more than one person committed the crime.

In other words, there could be other dangerous people hiding in this hospital.

Narukawa san and others are in this hospital.

I can’t leave until I’ve cleaned up all the risks.

[Please rest assured. Syl has already peeked into the information Master wants to grasp.]

Eh…..then I’d want you to tell me that as soon as possible.

However, this time around I guess I’ll have to pay to get that information.

I’ll consider it cheap since all I have to do is to answer the questions about the women I prefer.

[I know it seems very out of place, but ….it’s not that I have a preference for Narukawa san or Minamoto san. They are my friends. If I were to consider them as the opposite sex, my type would be a tolerant woman like Syl.]

[Master ! ! !]

The woman who is over 2,000 years old smiles with an innocent smile.

Yeah. Cute. But I would like you to consider the time and place if possible.

[Oh, nothing will come out of using flattery, you know?]

No, I don’t want that. Can you please just give it to me? I want to know what I want to know.

[Fufu. I’m just kidding. First of all, their purpose is that His Imperial Highness Prince Akina is currently undergoing top-secret heart surgery.]

Wow, wow, wow. Here comes the royal family !?

I have a bad feeling about this already.

I mean, did you say “they”? Does that mean there’s more than one? That’s a premeditated crime  ! !

Eh, isn’t this a major blunder that will affect the good name of the Imperial Palace Police Headquarters?

Why is there an attack on a top-secret surgery?

Isn’t it too much to ask for lax protection?

I’m sure there are Imperial Palace guards lurking around, but…..

“Your phones have been confiscated and you are forbidden to make any further contact with them ! Anyone who disobeys–“

I had a bad feeling. My sense of smell detected a strong desire to kill.

The muzzle of the gun is pointed at the old lady.

The 《Evil Eyes of Future Vision》 is instantly opened.

Needless to say, the old lady, shot through the forehead, falls to the floor and a pool of blood spreads out.

It was an example to make people rule by fear.

–I won’t let that happen.

This time, I open the 《Evil Eyes of Nightmare》 and cast a pupil spell on everyone present.

I will interject the reality of the old lady being shot and killed before she is shot and killed in reality, and skip the future where she is shot and killed.

The old lady will be put to sleep.

Considering the trauma of the people here, I could take away the consciousness of only one terrorist here, but I want to torture him without exercising the 《Evil Eyes of Guidance》and check him directly.

For the time being, I was allowed to pass through the body that is progressing according to his plan.

A scream echoing through the air due to the illusion.

The terrorist, who thinks he has shot the old lady, fires again.

The scene is filled with fear.

“Shut up. Be quiet. If you make any more noise….you understand?”

The man tries to calm down while pointing his gun at the patients.

He had just killed an innocent old woman.

Only people who are prepared to be shot are allowed to shoot.

You’re ready for it, aren’t you?

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