Episode 27



“That’s…..Narukawa Rin, right?”

Minamoto san mutters from behind me.

“Eh? You know her?”

“We’re in the same business, of course. And she’s the next break, the golden egg so to speak. ……You’re acquainted with such an actress. Hmmm, what kind of relationship is that?”

I wonder what. The saying, The proverb [Tiger at the front gate, wolf at the back gate] comes to mind.

The tone of her voice seemed low as she pursued me.

“I’m a classmate of hers.”

“……Could it be your girlfriend?”

“No, no way !? She’s just a friend !”


The sound is like a crack in the ice.

My 《Sensitive sense of hearing》, which should not be concentrating, picked it up.

That’s not all.

The smell of gunpowder filled the air from here.

I don’t know where I stepped, but I think I stepped on a landmine somewhere.

It would be nice if the 《Evil Eyes of Guidance》could tell me the best answer, but the 《Evil Eyes》 has its own personality, and if it judges that it is not suitable for activation, it may not open its eyes.

Well, from the perspective of the 《Evil Eyes》I guess it is a warning not to waste time opening the eye that can look into the abyss of the world……

In the midst of this disturbing atmosphere, Minamoto san’s eyes lit up like a cat that has found a toy.

I have a very bad feeling about this.

After looking at me and Narukawa san alternately, said,

“Nice to meet you. I’m Minamoto Rei, the stuntwoman. I’m the one who jumped off the rooftop with Ryunosuke kun while he was holding me like a princess. I hope you will get to know me.”

Hey, hey, hey, what are you saying !? is what I really want to say.

As expected,

“……Ryunosuke kun?”

I wondered if Minamoto san’s way of addressing me had caught her attention.

Narukawa san looked at me suspiciously.

It doesn’t matter, but when a beautiful woman shows her quiet anger, she uses the ice attribute magic 《Absolute Zero Final Blizzard 》right?

Is she a sage?

“Ryunosuke kun, you’re very dexterous and can handle any kind of shooting…..so I’m having you teach me how to take the action by holding hand.”

No, really, could you please give me a break?

Why did you go out of your way to provoke Narukawa san’s anger?

Not only was I late for her appointment, but I’m in a situation where it looks like I’m getting along with Minamoto san,.

“H-heh…hand-holding. That must be a lot of fun.”

The drink can that Narukawa san was holding in her hand was crushed in her grip.

A fountain-like liquid splatters from the drinking spout.


You have an amazing grip, Narukawa san. Are you by any chance a returnee like me?

“It looks like fun, so I wonder if I can join you? You’re going to teach me everything you know, right?”

“But Rin chan is a promising new actress, and you don’t like boys touching your body, do you? I’m a stuntwoman, so I’ll be fine. I’d rather be nice to Ryunosuke kun, right?”

“Um……Minamoto san?”

“You can call me Rei, okay?”

Minamoto san said as she hugged me in her arms.

As expected of an older sister. You have something wonderful. The stimulation is so strong that I’m about to get a nosebleed !

“Wha !? In that case, you can call me Rin too, Ryu !”

“Ryu !? Eh, hey …..”

Has it become impossible to pull back? Even the cool Narukawa san hugged me in her arms. This one is as soft as Minatomo san’s.

It’s a flower in both hands…….

[ [Mumumu……!] ]

Narukawa san and Minamoto san sparks with their bees and gazes.

……How did this happen !?

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