The most beautiful girl in school is in the class next to mine.
Her name is Igarashi Shirono. We met in kindergarten and have known each other for a long time.
In junior high school she started to become popular.
She had an outstandingly pretty face, was very kind, and was liked by everyone.
It was common for her to be confessed to every day. Occasionally, I would hear that she was even confessed to by a girl.
It was natural from the outside and natural from the inside. Everyone thought so.
Surprisingly, I had a chance to talk with her, partly because I knew her.
According to my friends, she seemed to like me.
We had fun playing together when we were in elementary school. We even went home together.
After junior high school, as we entered puberty, those opportunities became fewer and fewer. In fact, they almost disappeared. But we still had conversations.
I was just a kid. I was just a kid in junior high school. I could not suppress my embarrassment.
Shirono is cute. Unlike me, she has many things going for her. Not only the girls and boys in the center of the class, but also the seniors and juniors were around Shirono.
There were many times when I was compared to her. After Shirono and I finished talking, the guys around us would compare me to her.
I heard them say many times that we were out of balance. I didn’t mind that much because I knew it was obvious.
Still, no matter what happens, Shirono will always be the girl of my first love. Absolutely.


Today, I celebrate school life, which is the same thing over and over again. It’s neither fun nor boring. Normal is the perfect word.
However, there was a scene that was a little different from the usual. A crowd had gathered at the school gate in front of me.
Normally, it’s not often that so many people gather here, but I remembered what my homeroom teacher had said to me yesterday.

“Come to think of it, we’re going to have a dress code inspection today, aren’t we?”

But I don’t think we need to do it outside. I think most of the students would agree with me.
The student advisor and homeroom teacher were also there. Others from the student council and the public morals committee are also there.
They were the ones who found students whose clothes were out of order, guided them, and made them correct their behavior according to the school rules. It was not only about clothes. Hair color is also a target.
Hmmm. Depressing.

“Hey, you there!”

I was approached. This must be a girl.
I try to run away and ignore her, but she grabs me by the sleeve and I can’t enter the school building.

“What color is this hair?”

Pointing at my head, the girl says.

“I-it’s brown. ……”
“Isn’t this hair dyed? Necktie is blue, so you are a senpai, right? Aren’t you ashamed? “
“Eh, no, no, that ……”
“What do you think, senpai?”

I was surprised when she came up to me. This girl is younger than me, yet she asks me questions with a great deal of intimidation. And close to it.
Perhaps because of the girl’s loud voice, the eyes around us were focused on the two of us. The situation here is that a junior, slightly shorter, cute girl with a “public morals” tag is being wooed at close range by a timid-looking high school boy who can’t do anything about it.
However, I don’t want her to underestimate me.
Okay! Let me show you my trump card!

“No, um… ……”
“What is it? Is there a reason?”
“It’s my natural hair.”
“That’s why it’s my natural hair. It’s originally this color. ……”

Now, how will this girl come out?

“Don’t lie to me!”
“No, I’m not lying! Believe me!”
“That’s enough! I’ll go get the student advisor!”

The operation failed.
She was not the kind of person who would back down from something like this. Was it true what they say about the seriousness of the members of the public morals committee? They are difficult to deal with.
I mean, I really have natural hair. If that’s out of the question, I think it’s a pigmented problem that can’t be helped anymore.
After hearing the commotion between the two of us, the other members of the public morals committee and students belonging to the student council gathered around.
I don’t want to do anything more conspicuous. I have to do something about it as soon as possible. This girl who is pouting and angry in front of me says she will call a teacher, and she doesn’t even trust me to have natural hair. I don’t think I can fix this.
Somebody help me. I don’t care who it is.
I’ve almost given up on this, so these are uninspiring words, but it’s what I really want. It is what I sincerely want.
Then, a familiar face from the crowd around us came between us and said

“Hey, stop stop stop! Saki chan, it’s good that you take your committee work seriously, but since he says it’s her natural hair, why don’t you let him off the hook?”
“B-but, Igarashi-senpai! There’s also the possibility that it’s a lie. ……!”
“I don’t think that’s true. see!”

Eh? What?! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!
Don’t pull my hair! Stop it, Shirono!

“See? This hair is all brown, right?”
“Y-yes. I can tell.”
“So, it turns out that it’s definitely natural hair!”

She clapped her hands in a happy manner. And a big smile on her face.
All the guys were staring at her. Some of the girls had the same reaction.

“B-But why did Igarashi-senpai just come in and assure me that this senpai wasn’t telling a lie?”
“Well, um, it’s – ……”

I don’t think so, Shirono said. I guess that’s what she was questioning.
Shirono was at a loss for a response.

“You must have inhuman insight,”
“Y-Yes, that’s right! I have insight of a slightly different dimension than normal!”
“I see.”

You agree with that? I’ve never been convinced by such a joke of a deception before in my life. Well, that’s okay.
My feet were moving impatiently toward the school.


I was grabbed again.
What was it this time? Am I doing something wrong again? I think so

“W-What, Shirono?”
“Buu ……”

It was Shirono who was holding on to me.
And she was looking at me like a beast. It’s scary. What is this cute yet scary creature. It’s “kowakawaii” for short. (Kowai Kawaii)
The cute little girl looked me up and down. Her eyes were still the same.

“W-what is it? Did I do something?”

She looked away. I wondered if it was something difficult to say.
This time, the look in her eyes changed to a normal one, and her cheeks turned a little red.

“Well, you know, ……. Takkun……”

She called me by my nickname. I wonder if she doesn’t realize that there are people around her.

“Yes. Me?”
“You were talking to another woman”

Scary. Shirono’s scary. Seriously scary.
She said “woman”. At least make it a girl. That way they’ll know you’re jealous. Where is the usual Igarashi Shirono, the most beautiful girl in school with a good personality?
I wonder what the students will think when they find out that she is actually quite the yandere. As for me, the boyfriend, I don’t care, but make sure the people around you don’t hear about it.
She continued, preoccupied with her conversation with me, ignoring the others.

“Death Penalty.”
“That’s a pretty serious crime, isn’t it?”
“That’s? It’s a big deal for us, isn’t it? Is it a decision after considering the risk that the relationship between us who promised to get married might be torn apart?”
“Y-yeah. ……”
“After school, I’ll smother you with tongue kisses until I’m satisfied. Wait for me until I’m done with student council work, darling.”

Women are scary.

And after school that day, we were lovey-dovey, making out, tongue twisting kisses over and over again.

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