Episode 21 – doll



The shock of seeing Kurusu for the first time is still burned into my memory.

Her hair was silver and her eyes were gray.

Even though she is a girl, her school bag was all black.

She was wearing clothes not from Uniqlo or Shimamura, but high-brand clothes that even a child would recognize.

A man who is neither her father nor mother drives her to and from school every day in a shiny car.

Everything about them was so different from me.

So, she was very out of place at school, and was bullied as a matter of course.

Even so, she acted as if nothing was wrong, she was still a child from a different world, she looked like a doll to me, and I thought we would never be able to get along …….

“Stop it. It’s not cool to bully people.”

One day, I defended Kurusu from bullies.

It wasn’t out of a sense of justice.

My parents were already on bad terms at the time, and I was feeling some of the stress, so I tried to release it by doing the right thing.

Well, you know, that …… I’ll tell the teacher! Something like that.

I wanted to put myself on the side of the cause and feel safe.

Then she unexpectedly said thank you and cried.

She told me with a soggy face that she had actually been scared for a long time and that she couldn’t talk to anyone about it.

The girl I thought was a doll was just one girl who was nothing.

I felt like throwing up with guilt when I thought about how many times she had cried behind my back that I had missed.

“Can you be my friend ……?”

I nodded at the question.

Then Kurusu finally smiled at me.

It was so beautiful and dazzling.

The hand we held was warmer than anything else.

When I think back on it now, I think I fell in love with her at that time.


“—- hahaha!”

The sound of someone talking. 

The sound of footsteps.

It was so close that I couldn’t afford to push her away.

It would be bad for her if she was seen in such a situation.

–I’m sorry, Kurusu.

I pushed her against the wall, muttering in my mind.

Two students pass behind me. I hold her tightly so that her presence is not revealed, and we both gasp for air. Her twin gray eyes look up at me with surprise in them.

One of my hands, which had been around her back, quickly lifted and stroked her head.

Her hair is silky to the touch. As I repeatedly check the texture of her hair, she drops her eyelids and nuzzles her face into my chest.

What is this lovely creature ……?

Kurusu is my employer and my best friend above all others.

I understand that it’s the same for her.

–And yet, I can’t help but think that I want more.

Just a little more.

Just a little more.

I know I shouldn’t, but greed eats away at my rationality.

The urge to be blue gently pushes me back.


Suddenly, my lips touched Kurusu’s forehead.

Subconsciously, the body moved.

The heat immediately spread to the entire face.

Whether it’s regret, joy, or a sense of accomplishment.

These disparate emotions scattered in my chest like an overturned grocery store goodie bag.

……What am I doing, I thought to myself.

That’s what I said to myself in my heart.

I hugged her even tighter, trying to fool her.

Eh, W-what’s going on?!

Why am I being hugged?

“—-, you, that…”

” —-, right?”

Someone’s talking and footsteps.

Oh …… okay, I get it.

I guess I’ll just have to kill my breath so I don’t get caught.

…… hmm? Eh? Huh?

Something Arata, he started patting my head! Why? Is that necessary right now?!

I’m at my full happy maximum! My face is getting sloppy!

I have to hide my expression by putting my face on my chest………….Wait, Ugyaaaa!!!!

S-sweat, smell ……! It hit me directly in the nose, ……!


The pheromones are so bad they’ll bug my brain!!!!

………… hmm?

Hey, did I just feel something hit my forehead? What is it? I wonder if it’s Arata’s sweat.

“Okay, looks like we’re all clear now.”

The footsteps and talking moved away and Arata let me go.

His smell, it’s amazing. ……

I wonder if I can steal those gym clothes somehow.

“Then we’ll go back to the others.”

“Hnn, I guess so.”

As I walk one step behind Arata, I stare at his back and think to myself

He was worried that I might be going out with someone else. So, could it be that Arata is actually in love with me ……?

…… Fufu.

No, no, no way. There’s no way that’s such a convenient story.

If I had a boyfriend, I would definitely have less time to spend with Arata. My escort might be fired, too. I guess he didn’t want that.

Really, What a cute guy!

I’ll be with you for the rest of my life!

“Let’s go to the party after work, shall we? I’ll buy you anything you want to eat.”

He led the boys in our class to the championship, and more importantly, I’m feeling really good right now. I’m confident that He won’t turn down any request, whether it’s for a high-end yakiniku or a sushi bar.

“Ah sorry……. I have to go home right away today.”

“Eh, What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with your father?”

“No, I promised Yoina chan to play with her.”


Something inside my head made a noise and tore into pieces.

“H-Heee. Yoina-chan is so important to you,…….”

“She’s family. Besides, she’s so cute. Every time I look at her, she looks like an angel…”

As Arata began to praise Yoina-chan, I shut down my eardrums and shut out the sound.


Just a few days ago, I finally made him say I was cute!!!

“Ah, Orimura-kun!”

“That was a great match earlier!”

“We’re going to have a party, and I wish Orimura-kun’s going to be there with us—”

The girls from other classes came and took Arata by the arm.

Again, Arata’s stock has gone up again. ……

Damn! If I hadn’t taken that ridiculous bet, none of this would have happened!

……After all, it’s no good to play it straight and steady.

The big success at the ball game this time has certainly increased the number of rivals, and there’s even a final boss called Yoina-chan.

I’ll serve it up…!!!

Aphrodisiac! Energizer! ××××! I’ll serve up whatever I can, and then I’ll come at you in a situation where you’ll never be able to escape!

I’m not going to make the mistake of drinking my own aphrodisiacs!

Get your virginity washed and wait for me! Next time, I’ll make sure it’s not a healthy one!


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Ortho maleq
Ortho maleq
7 days ago

He never told her how old her ‘rival’ is did he? Hoo boy