When she had stopped crying, Saki said,

“Onii chan…… If I tell you not to talk to other women anymore, will you do that?”

“……No, I’m sorry. I can’t do that.”

“……Why not?

[If you say you’re in love with me, then you don’t need any more other women, right? From now on, we can just live in a world just the two of us, right? No matter how much those two won’t give up, if Onii chan rejects them, they won’t come near you anymore. If you say you can’t reject people easily because you’re too kind, then I’ll give you a boost……]



“I want to make Saki happy.”

“……Yeah. I’ll make Onii chan happy too, okay?”

“Saki and I are still immature as people. And there will always be walls that we can’t overcome alone. Even though they knew about our circumstances, they didn’t shy away from us and accepted us, and they helped us in many ways. I need someone who can give me advice.”

“…Are you sure? I’m sure Onii chan and I will be fine, right?”

“That’s Saki’s wish, isn’t it? I’m still just a high school student. There’s a lot of things I don’t understand and can’t do. If we shut ourselves up in our own world, we might end up stuck and both of us will be unhappy.”

“If it’s with Onii chan, I’ll still…”

“I don’t want to. I can’t stand the thought of Saki being unhappy. I will definitely make you happy. If Saki can’t be happy in a relationship, I can’t even be with Saki as a lover.”

“……What are you saying now? Me and Onii chan are already lovers, you know? This relationship will never change. We can’t legally get married, so it’s always going to be the same. Isn’t that obvious?”

I have the illusion that Saki’s eyes that look up at me are dyed black. It’s so dark that it’s honestly scary. But if I don’t get over this, Saki and I will just go down the road to unhappiness that will surely come sooner or later.

“Saki. Even if it’s Saki’s wish, there’s something I can’t give up either.

It’s also my wish that Saki and I will always be lovers. But I refuse to allow myself to be confined to a world of just the two of us, or to accept the doom that may eventually come.

I want to make Saki happy. I will never make her unhappy. Even if the world doesn’t approve of our relationship, I will make sure that the future of ours is a good one. When I die someday, I will be able to proudly say that it was the best life I ever had.

To that end, please listen to me.”

“That’s not a…..flirtatious feeling, is it?”

“Not at all. I just want Saki to be happy.”

“……I see.”

[What Onii chan is saying…it’s frustrating, but maybe he’s right. Onii chan and I just love each other, but the world won’t forgive us for that. I won’t cause any trouble to anyone. No one will have any trouble.

Me and Onii chan are still children. We can’t even earn enough money. In order for the two of us to live properly and be happy, we may need the cooperation of someone we can trust.

It’s a question of whether I can trust those two in the first place…but at least they didn’t feel weird when I told them I loved Onii chan. Misaki sensei is naturally unconventional, but Misaka san also seems to be tolerant of the difference.

I want to monopolize Onii chan. I don’t want him to be involved with anyone else. But….it may be love that looks not only to the present but also to the future…..]

“You will make me happy, won’t you, Onii chan?”

“Of course.”

“……I’ll make you happy, too.”

“Thank you.”

“So……if you really feel the need, you can communicate with Misaki sensei and the others.”

“….Thank you. For understanding.”

“But….no matter how those two treat you from now on, you’ll always be my onii chan.”

“I know.”

I hugged Saki tightly again. I’m glad we could talk. Maybe Saki’s feelings would explode if I just did something wrong, but she was able to take a step forward.

“Haa…… it’s not going to happen as easily as I want it to…… It’s hard that Onii chan won’t be mine alone….. But I think that’s something I’m going to have to work on a little bit from now on so that he can only think about me……. No matter what method I use…….]

Then, Saki’s thoughts turned peachy. When the blood circulation in the lower body seemed to be improving, Misaka san suggested.

“Hey ! I’m sorry to interrupt, but, Fujisaki kun, why don’t you and I play a fake couple?”

“……Eh? A fake couple……?”

Yes. It would be bad if other people found out about your relationship, Fujisaki kun. But if you let it be known that you’re dating me, I think it will at least blind them. I don’t think it’s a bad idea for the two of you, do you?”

[……What did she say, this woman? I’m sure you’re planning to pull Onii chan towards you while being a fake couple anyway.]

[If we become a fake couple, I can be close to Fujisaki kun. If I do that, I will have the opportunity to attract feelings towards me ! I had already agreed not to give up just like Saki chan, so there’s no problem, right?]

[….Tch. I can’t play the role of a fake couple. From an external perspective, Misaka san is the most natural and easy to be recognized as Fujisaki kun’s girlfriend. It’s obvious that she has ulterior motives, but I think she’s the right person for the role…]

“……I-I guess so……it doesn’t sound so bad…….?”

“I don’t want to.”

In response to Saki’s clear rejection, Misaka-san says with a somewhat sadistic smile on her face.

“Saki chan might not like it, but…if you want to maintain a good relationship with Fujisaki kun for a long time, wouldn’t it be better to get my cooperation? That would make it easier to come up with various excuses. Besides… you think you can refuse my proposal?”

……Oops. I feel like I can see some kind of dark shadow behind Misaka san. I’m getting the creeps……?

[Aha. It was a bit of a bold statement from me, but I can’t hold back, right? Even if I’m a good girl, if no one pays any attention to me…I don’t care if I act like that and just walk away, you know?]

[Misaka san is also a scary girl. I feel like she’s on the same stage as me. Even Misaka san won’t be able to get rid easily.]

[…Tsk. If you threaten to destroy our relationship, I won’t be able to refuse easily. Maybe I shouldn’t have confessed like that… But be prepared, okay? The fact that she’s threatening me means that she can no longer complain no matter what happens to her. You know that much, right?]

“……I understand. I accept that Onii chan and Misaka senpai will be a fake couple. But…it’s just a fake. Please don’t mistake the sense of distance.]

“Yeah. I know, I know. Besides, I have no intention of doing anything that would interfere with your relationship, so don’t worry, okay?”

“……That’s good to know.”

Misaka san’s smile is scary……. Before I knew it, it turned [85]. I can only feel that there will be trouble ahead…

Misaki sensei said to me, who was scared.

“You’re in a difficult situation, aren’t you? I’m always available for advice, so please rely on me.”


“Don’t worry. I’m on your side at all times, okay?”

[An advisor-like position…? This is weak. Well, let’s get Fujisaki kun involved little by little. There’s no need to rush. Fujisaki kun is surely considering breaking up with Saki chan in the future. I’m the only one who can understand that now… There will definitely come a time when he will need me..]

I wonder why. It reminds me of a spider sitting in its web, waiting for its prey.

It’s terrifying, but I’m sure that Misaki sensei’s help will be needed….. I wonder if I’m going to be okay……?

The three of them have settled their competition for the time being. However, I couldn’t help but realize that there really is still a long way to go.

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