In the morning, I saw the number [92] above my sister’s head when she came to wake me up.

Am I still half asleep? I rubbed my eyes. My consciousness gradually became clearer and clearer, but the number above my sister’s head did not disappear even when my vision became clearer.

“Onii chan, it’s time to eat. Hurry up and get up.”

“Nn……yeah. Right.”

I don’t know what that number means, but today is a weekday and I have to go to school. Anyway, let’s get up.

“You should wake up by yourself once in a while.”

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing.”

The time is 6:15. If I wake up at 6:30, I’ll be in time for school, but my younger sister, Saki, forces me to get up early. It’s like I’m being forced into a relationship with my younger sister, who wants to make sure she has leeway with everything.

Besides, I can cook breakfast on my own if I have to, but Saki wants to go to the trouble of making it. I’m not complaining because I’m grateful for it, but it’s not like I’m a slacker or anything.

“Look, if you’re awake, let’s go together.”

“…..I’ve told you many times, Saki, boys can’t move as soon as they wake up. Go ahead.”

“You always say that, why? Are you sick?”

“I’m perfectly healthy.”

It is because I’m healthy that I cannot move. I can’t move in front of Saki unless I cover myself with a futon.

“You don’t have low blood pressure or anything, do you?”


“Then why?”

“Why do you mean ‘why’……?”

She’s already a high school student, can’t she find out on her own? I don’t think this is the kind of education that an older brother should give to his younger sister.

I was at a loss for an answer when I suddenly began to hear Saki’s voice. Saki is not supposed to be opening her mouth, but….?

[Haa……Onii chan is so cute when he wakes up from sleep. Also, I think it’s cute that he’s having trouble telling me that he’s stuck because of the boy’s circumstances. I’m a high school student now, so I know that much. I just want to enjoy the embarrassment. I mean, under that futon is my brother’s…..oh my, I’m getting wet just thinking about it.]


“Huh? What do you mean? Is there something on my face.”

[Why don’t you ask me to help you calm down? I wish I could help you. I’m here to wake you up early in case that’s what happens.]

I don’t know what the hell the voice I hear is. I think it’s Saki’s feelings, but it makes more sense if it’s just my delusion.

“Hey, Onii chan, are you really okay? You’ve been in a daze.”

[Are you fighting against uncontrollable desires? I’ve heard that a boy’s desire is stronger in the mornings. You want to attack me, but you can’t do that, can you? How can he release his desire? Should I wear more light clothing? Is it weird….to wear a swimsuit? How about underwear? But I don’t know what to do if he considers me a slut…….]

The words flowed one after another, like a man’s fantasy. I don’t think I can hear Saki’s inner voice, but I also don’t think it’s my delusion. I think my sister is cute, but I don’t actively want to have a male-female relationship with her.

“…… Saki, go ahead and get off first anyway. I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Geez. You’re not going to sleep twice, are you?”

Saki finally leaves the room.

[Haa. No progress today either. How can I get him to be more interested in me? 

I think having a younger sister who comes to wake you up every morning in a cute way is a frustrating situation for an older brother. Is it wrong that I call him [Onii chan]? Should I call him [Touya] already?]

The most plausible explanation is that it’s a voice from her heart, but if that’s the case, I can only assume that Saki likes me as a man. How is that possible?

There’s no such thing as that…is there?

She comes to wake me up every morning, makes me lunch about twice a week, comes to my room quite often and reads manga lazily, and usually lies in my bed.

I thought it was simply because we are a family and it was a natural progression for us to do such things. But if she has a liking for me, the meaning of her behavior is different.

“…..But it’s not confirmed yet. I’ll have to ask the others.”

I don’t even know how I came to know the numbers and what seems to be an inner voice in the first place. I don’t even know if I’ve done anything special recently…….

“Ah, I saved the cat yesterday.”

Yesterday after school, I took an injured cat to the hospital after it was hit by a bicycle. I’m not a good enough person to do such a thing at any time, but in the April sunshine, I kind of felt bad about overlooking it.

I had just become a sophomore in high school, and I was also Saki’s senior……and I remember thinking a lot about it and covering up my embarrassment.

But that cat usually had a proper owner, and it wasn’t a mysterious stray cat. I don’t think that’s the cause of the special situation we have now.

“…I won’t understand even if I think about it. Anyway, let’s eat.”

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White Romeo
White Romeo
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This seem interesting

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I’ll watch this with great interest.