(*Kurusu’s point of view)

I was a transferee, and when I was a kid, my family lived where the school is now.

It was one of the places where I was transferred to, and I moved out right away, but I didn’t have any friends at that time.

Even if I did make friends, they would soon leave for different places, and even if I did, there was no way they would last.

I often hung out alone because I was going to move to a new place soon …….

One good thing about being a transferee is that I can go to places I don’t know many times.

Because of this, I often went to many places alone on my days off.

In the mountains, on riverbeds that stretched onward, residential areas that never turned a corner.

Because I exhibited a bit of shyness, I went to places where there seemed to be as few people as possible.

One day, my shyness got me into trouble…

“Guuuu ……”


The dog was drooling and ready to pounce on me.

It was collared, but it had a temperament so fierce that the word “ferocious” fits it well.

I encountered him as I was turning down an alleyway with few people.

When it saw me, it growled at me and kept glaring at me.

Now that I was in high school, it was impossible for me, as a child, not to be frightened in front of such a dog.

I tried to call for help, but there was no one there, and all I could do was slump to the ground.

After staring at me for a few moments, finally…


He jumped at me.

I don’t know if he was hungry or if he thought I was an enemy.

I reflexively meditated and involuntarily wished inwardly.

(Someone, help me ……!)

That’s when it happened.


My prince appeared.

“W-Where’s your owner ……? I didn’t expect a charming doggie to become the enemy of a hero. ……!”

The boy was wearing a hero’s mask and cape that I had seen on TV somewhere, and I couldn’t see his face.

However, he was of similar height and had a young voice tone. I’m sure he was not that much older than me.

He stepped in between me and the dog and covered for me as quickly as he could.



Just as he was about to hold the dog down, a claw gouged out his shoulder.

Bright red blood, stimulating to a child, flowed more than oozing from the boy’s shoulder.


I involuntarily let out an inaudible scream.

But he was…

“OOOOOOUUUUUUUCCC—Nono! A hero wouldn’t cry or retreat from a wound like this!”

He said.

The boy screamed, not at me, but at …… the dog.

“I’m not going to make a girl cry! I’ll do my best to make her laugh at the end!

I should be in pain, I should be scared.

My legs were shaking and there was a lot of blood.

He put his body on the line to protect me, a stranger……

(Ah ……)

─ ─ In the end, the dog went away.

And the boy said, “I’m glad you survived! Bye!” and went away with tears in his eyes.

I was left alone, unable to thank him or ask his name…

(……, what should I do? My heart is beating loudly)

I think it’s inappropriate.

I also think, “How could I think such a thing when he is protecting me?”

But at this moment, I couldn’t help but feel excited.

(Cool ……)

I must have fallen in love at that moment.

How could I not fall in love?

And I still haven’t been able to forget it.

(Come to think of it, Irie is a hero too……)

…… Well, that’s too good to be true.


“The clue is the wound.”

After the first period class, we were about to take a short break when we finally left the rooftop.

As we walked down the stairs, Kirishima, one of the three most beautiful girls in the school, suddenly started to say something like that.

“What’s wrong, all of a sudden?”

“Ara, you’re going to help me, aren’t you? I’m looking for my prince.”

I see, that’s what you’re talking about.

“What exactly do you mean by “wound”? If you’re too abstract, I’ll have to find a scar from a boy.”

“I think there is a gouged-out scar on his shoulder. To be honest, it may possibly be gone now,……, but that’s all I remember or know about it.”

It’s a story similar to Yuzuha.

The prince who rescued her has scars… It’s no wonder that the sense of camaraderie with Yuzuha is strong.

(I mean, I have a scar on my shoulder,……)

I got the scar when I was protecting a girl who was about to be attacked by a dog a long time ago—-

(No way.)

Anyway, when we were having a conversation earlier in our spare time, she mentioned that she was from a different hometown.

She came here after high school, and if she hadn’t been here as a child, she would be a different girl.

“Ok, I’ll call you if I see him.”

“Please, if I peek at boys’ clothes any more, I’ll be treated like a pervert.”

I want to say “pervert” to that statement.

“Oh, yeah. Let’s exchange contact information.”

Kirishima took out her phone from her pocket and offered it to me.

It is true that it is easier to exchange contact information if we are going to cooperate with each other.


“Are you sure?”


“I mean, I’m a guy, right? Wouldn’t it be a problem if we exchanged contact information?”

The three most beautiful girls are quite famous. Even just exchanging contact information might spark strange rumors, and if she’s a model, she might be strict about relationships with the opposite gender.

Kirishima cowered her shoulders and said, “That’s ridiculous”

“I don’t care about the rumors spread by others. Models are perfectly fine with contact information, and there is no office rule against relationships in the first place.”

“I-I see, I’m glad to hear that …….”

I read the QR code on the screen I was facing and send a friend request.

Then, Kirishima put her smartphone to her mouth and gave a mischievous smile.

“Well, you’re the first guy I’ve exchanged contact information with.”


What ……?!

“Fufu, are you happy? When I see such an initial reaction, I feel like teasing you a little…”

“How much money do you think I could make if I sell this to boys?….”

“I’ll break your jawbone.”

I bet I could live well, at least for the rest of my high school years.

Maybe even a Porsche, a man’s dream come true.

“I’m just kidding, so don’t worry about it. And by the way, please don’t put your hand on my chin, because my jawbone is making some kind of anxious noises.”

“…… I can turn it into a scream if you want.””

“I’m really sorry, that’s a lie, and I appreciate it very much!!!”

I raise my hands as Kirishima looks at me and puts her hand on her chin.

At that moment…


Just as I was getting down to the dance floor.

Suddenly, we heard such a trembling voice.

We both involuntarily turned our gazes toward the direction from which we heard the voice.

There, we saw Yuzuha covering her mouth with a shocked look on her face…

“Y-you two …… having that kind of a relationship!??”

……Well, will we really be able to clear up the misunderstanding during our short 10-minute break?

I thought to myself as I put on the pathetic give-up pose with my hands raised in the air.

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Kirishima is the BEST girl!