To tell you the truth, I have not talked much with the other three most beautiful girls.

No matter how close I was with my childhood friend Yuzuha, I never approached them.

We are not even in the same class, and I have the impression that she is a high class girl, so I feel a wall between us.

In addition, one of them is the student council president and very busy. In the first place, they are in different grades, so there is no reason for me to talk to them.

As for Kirishima, she sometimes misses school to work as a model, so there were few opportunities to see her.

But she..

“I’m sorry I brought you here.”

Her chestnut-colored hair was swept by the wind on the rooftop.

Before homeroom started, she called me to the rooftop, where there was no one around.

“That’s fine, …… but homeroom will be starting in a little while.”

However, you should know this much.

It’s probably just a story that people don’t want to hear and it ends quickly.

“Why don’t you just skip it?”

It seems that the conversation is going to be a long one.

She is a very strong young lady, ……, to talk without regard to the other person’s convenience.

“Well, ……, let’s not talk about skipping school, what do you want from me?”

I sit on the step under the fence.

If I had been summoned without any recollection of this, I would have thought, “Maybe…this is a confession!? Kyaa!”, but sadly, the talk are mostly predictable. 

Perhaps it was something about Yuzuha.

Kirishima didn’t sit next to me, but instead stood and looked at me.

“I’m going to ask you straight out, what did you do to Yuzuha?”

“What did I do?”

“Yuzuha is acting strange today.”

As expected, I should say.

It’s true that Yuzuha’s behavior today is strange.

I’m sure the three beautiful girls who are good friends with Yuzuha saw her like that and called her out of concern.

“I heard that you took Yuzuha’s family hostage and forced her to deal with the situation”

“That’s a bit too much evil speculation.”

How much do people think of me as a man who goes to extreme lengths just to hold hands? There is nothing more disgraceful than the rumors that are spreading.

“Then what was that all about in the morning? She didn’t have her eyes on any guy but Prince Charming. Well, she was good friends with you among the boys. ……”

…… Now, is this a good story to tell?

She peeked into my bathroom, looked at my back, and knew that the prince she was looking for was me.

From what I hear, Kirishima is also in a similar situation, so she seems to be listening to Yuzuha’s story.

That’s why I guess there’s no problem to talk about it, but if I do, I’ll inevitably tell her about my black history as well—

“I’ll break your jawbone if you don’t talk.”

“Let’s talk about it without any concealment.”

After all, it’s not good to keep quiet to someone who is worried.

I was never worried about my jawbone, but I decided to tell Kirishima from the beginning anyway…


When I told her the whole story of what happened yesterday, not only homeroom, but even the chime for the beginning of class rang.

Although I may look like this, I was a pretty good student, but this time would surely make her angry.

However, on of the three beautiful girls, who didn’t seem to care about such things, was listening to the conversation earnestly with her hand on her chin.

“I see, so that’s why.”

Kirishima sat down beside me, perhaps tired of standing.

The faint sweet scent tickled my nostrils on the breeze, and I couldn’t help but feel a thrill.

“…. you used to have an adorable longing, didn’t you?”

“Stop it, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you, I’m so embarrassed!”

“Fufu, isn’t that cool, ……the hero who saved your childhood friend?”

“Noooooooo ……!”

Once again, more and more people know about my black history,……!

“That’s fine, but does …… mean that Yuzuha suddenly became aware of you when she found out you’re a prince?”

“Yes, I think she is aware of it, but I think it will go away soon.”

“What’s on that mind?”

“I’ve been told she doesn’t like me.”

And she said it very strongly.

“I think she’s conscious anyway, she’s just confused whether to see me as a childhood friend or as a prince. Someday, she’ll go back to being a childhood friend who doesn’t see me as a man”

“Really? I think it’s an overreaction considering it’s just now. Otherwise, I don’t think you’d end up holding hands or anything like that.”

“Listen, that kind of easy thinking is too stimulating for unpopular boys.”

I’d be embarrassed if I made a bad mistake.

Although the relationship value is deep, Yuzuha is more popular with men and others.

It is hard to imagine that she would be able to match up with someone who has never had a girlfriend like this.

After about a week of this, “I like you!” and then she says, “Eh, after all Tsukkun is Tsukkun,”. I’ll never recover.

“…… is it possible that you’re a virgin?”


“Don’t worry, I’m a virgin too.”

I can’t help but to react ……

“But I see,…… that she found you.”

Suddenly, Kirishima rests her cheek and looks up at the clear blue sky.

You could call her a model, as you might expect, and her casual appearance was so beautiful that it turned out to be a picture.


“I envy you her”

Her face seemed to contain a hint of jealousy, or a mixture of mixed feelings of wanting to be happy but not being able to be happy, making it difficult to express in words.

Indeed, if you ask Kirishima, she had been saved by a boy in the past as well.

So, she is also looking for the boy.

If this is the case, it is not surprising that she would have mixed feelings if her good friend had passed her.

On the one hand, she wants to be happy that she is in the same situation, but on the other hand, she is envious that she found him.

What should I say?

A silence fell between us as we pondered for a moment.

And then…

“….Well, I’m sure Kirishima will find him soon, too, right?”


“It may be a relief, but Yuzuha also found me at this timing. It’s a coincidence that three people with the same circumstances ended up in the same school, so I’m sure you’ll find the person you’re looking for at the same time. ”

This was a baseless story.

However, the probability of three people in the same situation coming together was small, so it wouldn’t be strange to be able to beat the slim probability again

“I’ll help you look for them as much as I can.”

“……There’s no benefit to you, though, is there?”

“Maybe not, but you’re Yuzuha’s friend, right? If you look at me like that, I’d be tempted to at least make a proposal.”

Kirishima beside me showed a stunned look for a moment.

However, it soon crumbled away and she began to laugh as if she had just blown it.

“Fufu, are you after me?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to make a move against a reckless beauty just because you have a nice face. If I had that kind of courage, I would have told Yuzuha long ago.”

“….. that’s true too.”

There is still a lot of time left before classes end.

That’s why we spent the time that we were beginning to have, just dawdling.

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