One small break was not enough to convince Yuzuha.

She rolled her eyes and didn’t listen to me at all, and it wasn’t until the lunch break that she finally convinced.

Kirishima also joined me, but she said, “Y-You don’t have to worry about it okay…?” and her eyes teared up, so I was left to clear up the misunderstanding by myself.

Really,……, the difference in attitude between yesterday and today is too much.

I pretend to be calm, but even I am quite confused.

But still, time flies.

Finally, classes were over and after-school hours arrived…

“H-hey, …… Tsukkun, do you want to go home with me?”

“What’s really wrong with you?”

The students were leaving the classroom and Yuzuha appeared in front of my seat with her bag in her hand.

Even though she always came to visit my house, she always went home on her own.

Even yesterday, she was relaxing at my house first.

“It’s fine …… you know, we go home together once in a while,”

“Well, it’s fine, but ……”



The beautiful girl looked up at me.

Is there any man who could refuse this look? If there is a man who can say, “I’m sorry” to such a charming and protective figure, please let me know.


“But we’re about to have our regular obscenity meeting…”

“……Tsukkun, I think it’s time to stop that sort of thing.”

For adolescent boys, this is the most interesting topic.

By not sneaking around and setting up an open forum, you can eliminate dissatisfaction and deepen friendship.

That’s why, young lady…don’t look at me with such cold eyes all at once. Change back to the charming and cute eyes you just had.

“Well, well, don’t be so angry.”

The cold eyes are thrilling, and suddenly Ikuto appears from behind Yuzuha.

Just as I was chilling at Yuzuha’s cold eyes, Ikuto suddenly appeared from behind Yuzuha—

“(Even though it’s called an obscene conversation, I just named it that way so the girls won’t overhear it, and most of it is love counseling. Only a portion of it is obscene talk)”

“(B-But I don’t think it’s ok even it’s only part of it……!)”

“(But, you know, if there is a topic of love counseling, then there will also be a discussion of the Tsukasa’s preferences. ……)”


Yuzuha turns around to face me vigorously.

I can’t hear what they’re talking about,…… but once she give me that reaction, I’m very curious about what’s inside.

“(I-if that’s the case,……)”

Yuzuha opened her mouth shyly as she turned around.

“L-let me in in that obscene talk too!”

“What a statement!”

What in the world did Ikuto spout?

I really want it to stop because it’s bad for education.

“So, She’ll be joining us today, Minase-san!”

[H-hey, are you serious?]

[I have to choose carefully what I say today….]

[I’ll have to refrain from (peep)]

Choose your words

“After all, Minase-san is like that”


“It’s nothing.”

What is “like that”?

As I was wondering, Ikuto mingled with the boys who began to arrange the desks and chairs, and started to create a space for a small meeting.

And when he finished arranging them neatly, each of them began to sit down.

“…… Somehow it’s hard to do.”

I sat down at my assigned seat as usual.

Yuzuha sat down next to me, looking somewhat nervous.

“Hey, I was wondering… why are there so many people here? we just changed classes, right?”

“This is how it is with guys.”

“…… useless cohesion.’”

In terms of cohesion alone, I am proud to say that we are the best of all classes now that we have just changed classes.

“Well, since it’s difficult for the chairman, Tsukasa, to do it today, I’m going to be presumptuous and offer the topic.”

The obscenity session started immediately.

The presence of a girl in the room made everyone looked a little sharper than usual.

(Well, if it’s Ikuto, …… it’s okay for now, right?)

I don’t think he’s going to talk about the usual obscenities.

I’m not sure if it’s the kind of thing I’d want to talk about in front of my childhood friend…

“Today we’re going to talk about the type of woman Tsukasa likes.”

“Wait, wait, wait.”

Me only?

“Tsukasa’s type huh……, that’s the hard part.”

“Is it an ero onee san? I’m sure we can find out by checking his cell phone history.”

“Anything is okay as long as it’s erotic…I’d like to take a look at the statistics on the number of times he has stretched the area under his nose in the past and the trends.”

“You guys aren’t even seriously discussing this!?”

And the content of the discourse is too thin.

“……I-I see.”

“It’s not something you should be taking notes on, Yuzuha!?”

It’s just too embarrassing.

Why are they only talking about my favorite type today…!?

“If you hate this topic so much, why don’t you just tell me the answer?”

Ikuto looks at me and smiles.

Well then, this guy…you bring this up to light because of Yuzuha right?


Suddenly, someone next to me tugs on my sleeve.

“Well…I want to know too.”


“Ah, but you don’t have to force to say it. I don’t want to embarrass Tsukkun…”

Though I am in trouble because of someone else’s acclaim, there is no way I can say that I don’t like this reaction.

Involuntarily, I looked up at the ceiling.

It’s like I’m embarrassed, I feel like I’ve lost if I say it, but I still can’t refuse.

(Aaaah damnt! Seriously, Ikuto, you bastard, I’ll remember this ……!)

I stood up and picked up my bag and Yuzuha’s bag.

Then, pulling her delicate little arm, we headed out of the classroom.


“A person who is fun and calm to be around, that’s all!”

With that said, I closed the classroom door.

I don’t want the boys to see my face ……. Especially Ikuto.

I’m sure they’ll be grinning at me, and besides……

“……T-that’ll do it right?”

“Yeah …… thank you.”

Only one person is looking for that kind of talk. Then all I had to do was tell it to the girl.

My face must have turned bright red from embarrassment as I continued down the hallway, pulling Yuzuha’s arm.

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