Eventually, the mother of the lost girl was able to find her.

However, the sun was setting. The time for playing had gone, so we were on our way back home.

“You didn’t have to take me all the way home, did you?”

“No, no, it’s my fault we couldn’t play. ……”

It was a date with a beautiful girl after all.

Moreover, even though I had gone out of my way to suggest it, this is the last one.

There’s no way I can’t help but feel sorry. It is natural to send her home like this.

(How pathetic. ……)

She must be busy with her student council work, so I let her waste her free after-school time.

I wanted to let her have fun without regard to whether she liked me or not,…….

At that time—

“I had fun today, you know?”

Shiori-san, walking beside me, suddenly said something like that.


“I said I had fun today.”

“No, no, we were just looking for that girl’s mother, weren’t we?”

Eventually the girl laughed and thanked me, though.

I don’t need to tell you that this is not the kind of story that a high school student could have enjoyed. Could it be that she cares about me?

……After all, Shiori-san is kind…

“It’s not a matter of caring.”

Shiori-san says sharply.

The tone of her voice was different from usual, and I involuntarily turned my head to the side.

“I enjoyed being with you like this. Not because you are my junior, not because you are fresh ……, but because I enjoyed being with a boy called Irie Tsukasa.”

We approach the front of the park.

Then Shiori-san pulled my hand and headed inside.

“I don’t really understand …….”

“Is that so?”


We enter the park and are brought to a bench.

Shiori-san sat down on the bench, but I didn’t sit down and looked at her beautiful face.

Involuntarily, I felt like words of denial were about to spill out… but I took my breath away when I saw Shiori-san’s serious face as she met my gaze.

“Certainly, it may have been an uninteresting time for students to play. However, someone took the initiative and helped a girl who turned a blind eye. In addition, you were talking to the girl all the time, trying to make her laugh. …… Who is going to complain about you after seeing this?”

“No, it’s…”

“…Actually, today, I was just trying to deny your humbleness by lifting you up.”

Please sit down, she said.

Shiori san pats the bench and urges me to sit down.

“But before I did that, there were moments when I denied what just said.”

“…… was it when I helped that lost child?”

“Yes, that’s right,…… aren’t you being kind, even now?”

When she says that, I can’t say anything.

It’s just self-satisfaction. I wanted to say that back, but I felt like I shouldn’t do that.


“After all, you haven’t changed at all since those days when you saved us.”

The soft eyes and the surprise at the words she said didn’t make me say whether or not I was right or not.

“Eh, ah …… seriously?”

“Yes, very serious. I noticed it the first time we met.”

I turn my head frantically.

But when I tried to remember, I couldn’t…

“For you, I guess I’m one of the people you turned to for kindness. If you can’t remember, that’s fine with me.”

“B-but ……”

“I didn’t say it for that purpose.”

Shiori-san gently pats my head.

“You saved me when I was drowning. You lifted me up when I was trying to pursue perfection.”

When she said this, I finally remembered.

Rescuing a girl who used to drown in a swimming pool. The girl looked desperate, and was crying pitifully.

“…… I would like to return the words you gave me back then, with a few changes.”

At the time, I–

“Even though things have changed since then, it doesn’t make you any less attractive. I was saved by what you said to me then, and I am who I am today because of you.”

I threw those words at her to make her laugh.

“So why aren’t you smiling now? I am laughing now because I am happy.”

And she wanted to prove it.

She smiled at me with a ladylike and disarming smile.

I look at it and feel a little self-loathing.

“…… stupid, me.”

“Fufu, and …… you keep lamenting that you’ve changed, but from my point of view, you’ve hardly changed at all.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, I’m the one who hasn’t seen you again in a long time, there’s no doubt about it. Well, it seems that your body and face have grown up to be very cool.”

Suddenly, I looked up at the darkened sky.

I didn’t mean to hide it. I just couldn’t remember.

Still, I didn’t think that I had saved all three of the three most beautiful girls…

(I can’t believe I saved them all. ……)

I can’t help but be surprised.

But when Shiori san told me,……, I felt somewhat proud.

Yuzuha, Kirishima, Shiori-san. I had saved such an attractive girl.

I should have kept it sealed away out of shame, but the feelings I had back then are starting to come back a little bit.

(I can’t be sneaky anymore.)

I’m not going to be sneaky anymore, it would be rude to the girls.

I bowed to Shiori-san with a somewhat cheerful face.

“Thanks, Shiori-san.”

“Fufu, it’s for us to say thank you. …… No, let’s just take it in stride here.”

Shiori san stands up and looks at me with the street lights in the background.

“This is the end of sending salt to them.”

And then…

“This is where it starts, from now on it’s the heroine race. I’ll save my thoughts and thanks for another time♪”

She gives a devilish smile that leaks out from her ladylike atmosphere.

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