Even though I had been careful not to be exposed until now.

After all, we were together until our sophomore year of high school without being seen.

No way, no way.

I never thought that Yuzuha would find out in this way…



When I returned to the living room after taking a bath, I found that there was an awkward atmosphere in the room.

The reason for this is obvious.

Obviously, what Yuzuha saw when she saw my wound was what created the atmosphere here.

“Y-you know?”

However, that atmosphere collapses the moment Yuzuha speaks.

Yuzuha turned towards me, her shiny blonde hair swaying and her face buried in the cushion.

“Scars on Tsukkun’s back …….”

When the voice is filled with nervousness, I involuntarily gulp.

“…… just to make sure, but it’s not like Tsukkun’s back was burned by the dragon’s breath that comes out before defeating the Demon King, is it?”

Perhaps her mind is jumbled up because she had so many things she wanted to ask.

This girl must have been reading some isekai manga yesterday.

“Haaa….. do I look like a rugged and good looking hero who came back from another world?

“No, your face is normal.”

This is annoying.

“Well, let’s leave the jokes alone …… , I am not injured like such a fiction or fantasy.”

“R-right! Haha …… what am I saying?”

Yuzuha scratches her cheek in embarrassment.

Well, I understand what she’s trying to say.

Did I save Yuzuha from a fire a long time ago? In addition, were the scars on my back is from that time?

I think she is aware of it to some extent, but she wants to confirm it and make sure of it in her mind.

(Well, I really don’t know what to do. ……)

Of course, I could be fooling her as is.

For example, if I say, “I once overturned a pot of hot water,” I may be able to fool her

However, this can also be seen as an opportunity.

Although it would mean digging up the black history, it is an opportunity to tell the story that I could not tell. If I do this, I will no longer feel guilty that I “kept quiet” to her.

Maybe the relationship will change? Although there are some concerns, I feel like this is a story that will have to be told someday.

(…… Okay, I’ll say it.)

I sat down on the couch and bowed deeply to Yuzuha.

“I’m sorry I’ve been quiet all this time.”


“In the past, I had a bit of a black history of being afraid to say anything, so I couldn’t say anything,…… and I was longing for a hero who would just shut up and walk away,…….”

I glanced at Yuzuha.

Then, before I knew it, Yuzuha raised her tear-stained face and looked at me.

“T-then,……, is it correct to say that Tsukkun helped me a long time ago?”

“W-well, …… yes, that’s right. If my memory serves me correctly.”

Once again, to her face, it is quite embarrassing.

It’s like I’m bragging to myself or revealing my embarrassing moments.

“I-I see.”


Once again, the conversation is over, and the air is filled with awkwardness.

I was so embarrassed that I rushed to open my mouth this time.

“But you don’t have to feel indebted to me or anything! I didn’t say that because I wanted you to praise me, and I don’t really care in the first place!”

It’s true that I don’t care.

While it is true that I feel embarrassed every time I look at my wounds, it is also true that I am glad I was able to help.

I didn’t want her to feel any kind of debt to me, and I didn’t do it because I wanted anything in return.


“Really, there is no need to feel indebted! If I wanted something in return, I wouldn’t have kept quiet about it! I just wanted to help Yuzuha at that time!”


I emphasized to Yuzuha, whose face turned slightly red.

Honestly, I want Yuzuha to forget about the prince she’s talking about so many times.
I understand from our long relationship that Yuzuha doesn’t see me as the opposite gender, and I surprisingly like this calm and cordial relationship.

I don’t want her to be aware of me and change this relationship.

“So, you know what? You really don’t have to care about me. If you really care about me, buy me a juice or something next time.”

Okay? I put my hand on Yuzuha’s shoulder.

And then…


Yuzuha made a strange voice that sounded surprised,…… with her face reddened grandly.

“…… what’s up?”

Although it has lessened since I became a high school student, I have had plenty of physical contact with her up until now.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise now

“IIIIIIIiiiiiiiIt’s nothing special right!? Yeah, if Tsukkun says that, I’ll try not to worry about it either! ”

“O-ou …….”

Obviously, she’s bothered

Did she get a fever? Her face is so red that I thought, and she hasn’t been able to look me in the eye for a while now.

That’s why I peered into Yuzuha’s cute and graceful face, trying to somehow get her to meet my eyes.

And then…

“A-Ah yeah! I have to study cooking by myself at home!”

She gets up, grabs her bag from the living room and rushes to leave the room.


“See you later, Tsukkun! …… see you later!”

Then, Yuzuha ignored me as I called out to her and quickly left the room.

She had said she was going to have dinner at my place today, but I have a feeling she won’t be coming back anytime soon.

The quiet living room.

There, I leaned back on the sofa and sighed loudly, as if exhausted.

“Haaa…… I never thought it would turn out this way.”

I was able to properly clear up my past.

With this, the embarrassment that I felt towards Yuzuha until now will no longer be there.


“I wish we could just forget about the prince and continue our relationship as usual.”

I’m worried, but somehow I feel that tomorrow Yuzuha will be the same as usual.

After all, the person she has been thinking about so much is me, a childhood friend who she doesn’t even see as the opposite gender

I’m sure she’ll understand that what she’s been thinking about until now was a glorified idol.

“Even so, I’m tired …….”

There’s still time before dinner, so let’s get some sleep.

I thought so, and I closed my eyelids…


(*Yuzuha’s point of view)

I ran out of Tsukkun’s house and walked home at a brisk pace.

My face was bright red.

(No way… …… Tsukkun…)

But I guess it couldn’t be helped.

I finally found the prince I had been looking for all my life.

It was dark under the lamp.

I never thought that my childhood friend Tsukkun was the one I had feelings for…

(What should I do?)

I had never seen Tsukkun as a member of the opposite gender until now.

He was just a good childhood friend, like a little brother.

But Tsukkun is indeed kind, funny, and comfortable to be with.

But until now, I have drawn a line between myself and people of the opposite gender.

I can’t help but think of my prince.

(What should I do? ……!)

But I think this is too much.

I crouched down and suppressed my cheeks, which were turning red.

(It’s not fair,……, Tsukkun, you idiot!)

This heart pounding. My heart has been noisy for a while now. My face is flushed and I feel extremely hot.

Even though I had never seen him as a member of the opposite gender until now.

“Haa……I’m really a simple woman.”

When I found out that Tsukkun is a prince, I was convinced.

When I found out that he was a prince, I was happy.

And this feeling and urge I’m feeling right now is definitely…

“How should I talk to Tsukkun starting tomorrow ……”

It took me an hour to move out of this after all.

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1 month ago

…is it wrong of me to be annoyed that she’s practically being a hypocrite? She doesn’t want others to base their love on just her appearance. Understandable and respectable. Then she only loves someone who saved her as a child, not caring about any of their other qualities. I’m sure you can say she fell so deep Because it’s her childhood friend but still… it’s on one hand not shallow at all but on the other hand super shallow. Idk tis weird.

Thanks for the chapters regardless.