As a kid, I adored heroes.

cool! More than that, I think I yearned for the self-affirmation and desire for recognition that made me feel amazing that I was able to help someone.

Because of this, I remember that I used to get into all sorts of things and was scolded from all sides.

For example, I protected a stranger who was about to be attacked by a dog, or I jumped into the pool to help a drowning child up to the poolside. On the worst occasion, I was in the middle of a fire and tried to save a child.

Well, aside from the dog, there was no reason for an elementary school child not to be scolded for doing these and other things.

Moreover, my back had a big burn when I covered up for her, and I still had a scratch on my shoulder from being scratched by a dog and even though my body has grown, the scars remain the same.

It may seem conventional and natural, but children do not always hold on to their dreams while they are growing up.

Especially, “I’m going to be a hero!” will not last. Nowadays, it is an embarrassing black history that I am ashamed just to recall.

Such a black history is carved on my body. Even if I don’t go as far as regret ……, I feel embarrassed every time I take a bath.

That’s why I don’t want to be seen in this form too much.

I always tried my best to hide it, even from classes and events at school.

The significance is different, but only to Yuzuha…

(Well, I rarely show my body to others, even if we are childhood friends…)

Spring of the second year of high school. When everyone was thrown into a new environment.

I, Irie Tsukasa, was leaving school and going home today. I was hit by a downpour.

“……I’m home”

From inside the house, I could hear the TV.

My parents are basically gone during the day, probably at work, perhaps my sister is home

There was no way I could cope with the sudden rain. So, soaking wet, I headed for the living room.


“Ah, Tsukkun, welcome home”

On the sofa in the living room was the figure of someone who was not my sister.

Petite and clearly defined neckline, with an endearingly elegant appearance. A girl with long glossy golden hair.

Despite her worn-out uniform and her apparent flamboyance, she is definitely the kind of look that would surely attract attention if she walked the streets.

Although a little surprised to see someone who is not my sister, I don’t pay any attention to her being at home without permission.

After all, she is a childhood friend who has been a part of the family for many years.

“I knew it was soaking wet, I won because I was able to come home just in time!”

“It can’t be helped, …… we had an obscenity meeting with the boys in class after school.”

“Hey, it’s not that conversation we’re having right?”

Yuzuha stares at me as I start to feel wet and chilly.

A childhood friend of mine has a habit of coming into my house without permission and doesn’t even worry about me. You’re so heartless.

Really, You won’t be popular with that kind of personality───

(……No, she’s really popular.)
In our school, there are three beautiful girls who I don’t know who started calling them.

They are three beautiful girls who seem to embody the essence of beauty and talent. They are so popular at school that there is not a single boy, let alone girl, who does not know them.

Yuzuha is one of them, as her appearance suggests, and there are countless guys who have taken a liking to her.

However, Yuzuha has never been in a relationship before.

According to her, she wants someone who is like a hero…

“So, what are you doing here today? Playing a game?”

“No, my mom and dad are away on night shift today, so I came here to eat ……. Why don’t you go take a bath? You’ll catch a cold.”

“……, you’re finally worrying about me.”

“Eh, should I beat yo up?”

She is a young lady who thinks of quite funky things.

[You there, Libra! This week is bad luck! Hidden things will be exposed and you’ll be at a crossroads in your life all at once! I suggest you make up your mind to confess your cheating infidelity as soon as possible!]

As my cheeks twitched at such a funky young lady, I suddenly heard such a voice from the TV I had turned on.

Apparently, Libra is the worst this week. I’m a Libra.

“Fortune telling is just a way of saying things to people who want to escape reality, right?”

“Just come on in, Libra.”

Yuzuha’s hands flutter, urging me to take a bath.

Sure, I can’t wait to wipe this sticky feeling off my face.

I leave my bag at the door and head straight to the changing room.

I put my wet Y-shirt in the laundry basket. I take my uniform to the cleaners…

(……, no matter how many times I look at it, it’s still the same.)

I saw my reflection in the mirror.

Maybe it’s because I have the same genes as my sister, but I don’t think my face is that ugly.

My body is also well toned and fleshed out, but the …… problem is the scars I can see when I take it off.

(I’ll have to make sure Yuzuha doesn’t see this one.)

It’s not like there’s anything particularly wrong with that.

The reason I don’t want to show it is, of course, that I don’t want to frighten her by showing her these scars.

In addition, the most important reason is…

(It would be bad if she knew that I saved her a long time ago. ……)

I was once at the scene of a fire.

I was on my way to a shopping mall to hang out with Yuzuha.

Instead of running away, I managed to save Yuzuha who was late in escaping.

The other person’s memory seems to be a little hazy due to lack of oxygen or something, but for some reason …… she remembers that I covered for her and got a burn on my back.

[I’m definitely going to thank that boy when I see him! And I’m going to tell him how I feel!]

That’s me. I am sure she would be surprised to hear that.

But at the time, I was thinking, “Heroes rush in and dash away! “I had something like that in my mind and asked the people around me to keep quiet. I foolishly denied it to her, telling her that I was playing in a different place.

Thanks to that, I am now in a situation where I can’t say it out.

(I mean, I don’t want to dig up my old black history anymore ……!)

Like a fool, I adored TV heroes and played hero with all my might. I had capes and masks bought for me, and if someone was in trouble, I would stick my neck out. What is this but black history for someone who has come one step closer to adulthood?

“Ah, bad, there’s no …… towel.”

After all this time, I realized that there were no towels in the changing room.

It’s a hassle, but I’m going to have to put on just my shirt one more time and go to my room to get it…

“Tsukkun ! You don’t have any towels, I’m so considerate that I brought it for you!”

That’s when I thought so.

Without knocking, Yuzuha appears in the changing room.

And for some reason, Yuzuha grabbed the towel and looked at me… or rather, at my back, and froze.


A tear fell down Yuzuha’s cheek.

Even if I don’t say that she noticed me, I can tell by looking at her appearance.

“…..N-no way”

At this time, for some reason, I suddenly remembered the voice I heard a little while ago.

[You there, Libra! This week is bad luck! Hidden things will be exposed and you’ll be at a crossroads in your life all at once! I suggest you make up your mind to confess your cheating infidelity as soon as possible!]

Fortune-telling is just a bunch of things that sound like that and are said in a way that makes it sound as if you can remember.

It only gives wishful thinking to those who want to escape from reality.

Fortune-telling is not a prediction.

But —-.

(…… seriously?)

A secret that has been hidden for a long time.

It has been exposed on this day.

It was revealed that I was the one who saved her.

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