Yuzuha and I have known each other since childhood and live close to each other, but we never go to school together.

If we meet up with friends or happen to wake up at odd hours, we go to school separately.

We only go to school together when we happen to be in the same place at the same time.

Well, when Yuzuha was called one of the three most beautiful girls at the beginning of the school year, I think she intentionally shifted her time.

Yuzuha is quite popular. If they encounter a guy with her, he will be looked at with envy and jealousy by more than a few people of the same gender

Of course, I’m used to it now.

Going to school together is no problem, and if we happen to be together, we always walk to school together…

“Hey, Yuzuha. We have the same school hours today.”

“I-I’m sorry, I’ll go ahead, please don’t look for me!”

I thought…….

“She’s surprisingly fast.”

The morning after Yuzuha found out that I was the prince in her heart.

On the way to school, I was watching Yuzuha’s back as she ran away like a hare.

Even though I only called out to Yuzuha because I could see her back, she ran away as soon as she saw me

“……I am being avoided, aren’t I?”

I can imagine the reason for this.

Rather, yesterday’s incident probably changed Yuzuha’s behavior.

(I told her not to worry about it,……, but the usual yesterday is gone.)

I thought that because we have known each other as childhood friends for so long, she would go back to her normal routine without being weirdly concerned.

Why do I have this feeling in my heart like I realized something important only after things have changed?

(…… No, wait)

As I walk along, I suddenly become calm.

Even though she understands that it was a beautified idol, maybe that’s not the problem.

It is that Yuzuha could be angry.

It is natural for her to be angry since I have been hiding it from her all this time.

Moreover, all this time she had been saying, “I want to see him!”

I just couldn’t bring myself to say it, and all this time she was thinking about someone she didn’t even know the name of.

Certainly, if I had kept quiet and pretended to be unaware, she would have resented me.

“I’ll apologize properly later. ……”

I don’t want to make things worse with Yuzuha.

I couldn’t do it yesterday because Yuzuha somehow ran away, but I think we need to have a thorough talk about this.

“However, I think she might be able to escape at school again.”

While complaining about this, I turned a corner on the way to school.

Then, there was a pretty blonde girl fidgeting with her head down.

“…… didn’t you go ahead?”

“I-I guess it’s rude to run away after someone calls out to you…”

Apparently, she was waiting for me, feeling guilty that I had called out to her but ran away. She is a very disciplined young lady in a strange way.

“Ah …… umm, sorry?”


“I’ve been silent until now. Back then, I was acting strangely like a hero, right?”

I lined up next to Yuzuha and scratched her cheek as we walked together.

“It’s quite a dark history now. It’s embarrassing just thinking about it, or rather, it’s a memory I want to forget…That’s why it’s hard to bring it up now.”

And the reason I kept quiet was because I thought, [It’s cool to be the hero who walks away without saying a word!].

Needless to say, the more time goes by, the more embarrassing and difficult it becomes to say. And I couldn’t confess because Yuzuha was glorifying the person I was at that time.

“You have nothing to apologize for, Tsuzkun! I’d rather thank you for yesterday and that …… incident.”

“Hnn? I’m sure you were angry and that’s why you avoided me?”

“I’m not angry!?”

Thank God, you’re not angry.

But if she wasn’t angry, why did she suddenly start avoiding me?

(One possible explanation is that she recognized me as a prince and didn’t know how to treat me anymore?)

It is very possible.

She has always had feelings for the prince, even to the point of talking about him.

She probably hasn’t sorted out her feelings yet, whether to see me as a childhood friend or as a prince.

(…… Well, if that’s the case, it will soon go away.)

After all, a prince is an idol.

In fact, what you see in front of you is me, the person you have been treating as a childhood friend.

She just can’t keep up with the sudden talk right now, but in a while the idol will disappear and things will be back to normal.

(If this were a stranger or something, I’m sure she’d be aware of him as the opposite gender though..)

The reason why one of the three most famous beautiful girls in the school has never had a love affair with the opposite gender is because of the strong presence of the prince.

If such a prince were to suddenly appear in front of her, she would surely fall in love with him like a princess.

However, the reality is that she is a childhood friend who has never seen him as a member of the opposite gender.

Even if not, Yuzuha may have a normal love life from now on as her idol disappears.

When I think about it, being found out is not all bad…

“H-hey …… Tsukkun.”

Yuzuha glances up at me.

Then, she timidly held out her hand as if looking at my complexion.

“If you don’t mind..can we hold hands?”

“What’s going on?!”

I was surprised at the lack of connection.

Then, this time, she pulled out of her bag a clear vinyl bag like the ones you see at the factory.

“If you don’t like it, I’ll use the plastic gloves. ……”

I didn’t ask back because I couldn’t accept it from a hygienic point of view.

“…It’s not that I hate you, but please put your vinyl gloves in your bag.”

“You don’t hate it ……?”

“Don’t worry, it’s more of a reward.”

There’s no man who wouldn’t want to hold hands with such a beautiful girl.

Even if it’s a childhood friend you’ve known for a long time, you’re happy when you’re happy.

“…… but you really don’t have to worry about the scars or anything like that, okay?”

Not that I’m trying to patronize you.

It is more difficult and confusing for me if you are being distant.

“I might be worried, but…I don’t care! I just want to hold your hand!”

What do you mean you just want to hold hands ……?

“No, but you know what? we’ve never done anything like that since I started high school.”

When I was about to say that, Yuzuha’s face turned bright red and she forcibly grabbed my hand.

“I-I was in such a mood!”


I’d never held hands with anyone in high school, not even for a light skinship.

To begin with, the opportunities for even light physical contact have decreased significantly since we went to high school, but I have never done anything like what a lover would do.


However, the look on her face when we connected was extremely happy.

When I saw her smile mixed with a little embarrassment, I couldn’t force myself to shake it off…

(No way,…….)

I thought it was impossible.

However, when I look at this face, I can’t help but think of the possibility, “Maybe?”

(…Am I being conscious, me?)

Because I am the prince.

Because she has been thinking about me for a long time, she sees me as the opposite gender? Is that why she thought of holding hands with me to appeal to me properly?

If so, then her suspicious behavior and sudden skinship is no wonder…….

(No, no, wait ……handsome sixteen year old Irie Tsukasa)

While there are various factors that would make her aware of me, there is also the possibility of a misunderstanding.

If I get carried away here

[Eh, no, this is just skinship, and even though you helped me, there’s no way I’m going to fall in love with you in a day! I’m so sorry, that’s why you’re such a child.]

It’s inevitable that one person will have embarrassing thoughts ……! If Yuzuha says this to me, I’ll end up living a life of a NEET because I won’t even be able to go outside!

(……If I don’t ask her properly as soon as possible, there’s a good chance it will be as difficult to ask her as it was in this case.)

It is necessary to think about the future and make this clear.

“Hey, Yuzuha?”


This is why I turned straight to Yuzuha, whose face was bright red, and said

“Yuzuha, do you like me?”


Yuzuha’s steps stopped, and even her expression hardened.

But immediately–

“IIIIIIIIiiiiitttt’s not like like Tsukkun, it’s a misunderstanding, and I didn’t want to hold his hand because I love him!!!”

She said in a panic, her face turning bright red.

“I-I see. ……”

I didn’t expect her to deny it so much.

However, seeing that her face was bright red and she was panicking, I’m sure she was conscious and it is not a misunderstanding.

The only thing is, I don’t know what it is,……, but I feel a little sad when you say words like that from the front.

“(Ah~~~~! Why did I say that?!)”

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