It’s past the turn of the week and just one more day to go before the holidays.

Yesterday, another shocking revelation came to light, and to be honest, I was full of thoughts.

After all…

[I’m sorry to Yuzuha, but I’m not going to give in.]

[So be prepared.]

[But I haven’t had a one-sided love for ten years.]

Yesterday, Kirishima told me such a thing when I left.

She cried and swelled up, the staff were worried about her and asked if it was me who had made her cry.

(I mean, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it…..?)

After class, lunch break.

Yuzuha seems to have something to do, and because I wanted to be alone too, I went to an empty place.

It was chilly, and I was alone on the unpopular rooftop, looking up at the sky in a daze, thinking that pollen might enter the air.

(But still, I never thought that even Kirishima was someone I helped in the past.)

I don’t remember the face of the first girl I met because it’s a childhood memory.

I knew Yuzuha because we were still childhood friends and had met many times, but as far as Kirishima was concerned, it was unexpected.

For some reason, the fortune-telling I heard at the time seems to be becoming more and more real.

I didn’t believe in fortune-telling, but from now on I’m going to be watching TV every week to check it out.

“No, it’s more of a problem over here ……”

As for me, I really don’t want them to care.

Yuzuha, Kirishima. Of course, there is an ulterior motive of wanting to get close to someone because they are cute, but it feels somehow rude to approach someone just for that reason.

It’s just a beautification of the way I used to be. If they see the reality, they must regret it. In particular, I had no contact with Kirishima until now, so I’m sure she would be disappointed to find out what’s on the inside.


[It’s impossible not to care.]

She said so.

She denied it, flatly.

“Ah, I really don’t know what to do!”

I lay down on the spot.

I probably have to eat lunch early, but I have no appetite.

I heard that Kirishima is also going to school today, and I have to sort things out in my mind before we run into each other…

“Are you troubled, Irie san”

Suddenly, a shadow appears in front of me.

It takes me a little while to realise that it is the face of a beautiful girl.

That beautiful girl is also famous at school,


“Yes, it’s Shiori-san.”

One of the three most beautiful girls slowly sat down next to me.

“What’s wrong, here?”

“Even though it looks like this, I use this place quite a lot, right? Well, I’m grateful for that, but… I get surrounded by quite a few people during my lunch break.”

As expected of three beautiful girls. she’s popular even at the lunch break.

It is true that this is the perfect place to relax. I can see why people visit.

“……But still, Irie-san.”

With a thump. Shiori san poked my nose while I was sleeping.

“Didn’t I tell you to talk to me if you’re worried?”

How do you know …… that, I don’t have to ask.

I said to myself, I was obviously acting like I was distressed.

I remained as I was because I wasn’t being watched, but if I had been, it wouldn’t be strange for me to be noticed.

“By the way, does the student council president knows how to conquer bell peppers!”

In this atmosphere, there would be no such cute worries.

“Fufu, I’m only joking. Although, it’s true that I wanted you to rely on me.”

In response to my jittery eyes, Shiori-san smiles happily.

“No, it’s just that it happened yesterday. ……”

“Ara, I see.”

I think it’s rude to talk while I’m asleep, so I sit up.

Then, Shiori-san placed her bento to the side and held up one finger.

“Shall I guess for you?”


“What and why is Irie-san troubled”

Cute, Shiori-san points the finger she held up at me.

“It’s clear, Yuzuha-san realised that her prince is you, and Kirishima-san also realised that her prince is Irie-san.”


“So you were wondering what to do now?”

…… Is this person an esper or something?

It was so perfectly predicted that it unintentionally sent shivers down my spine.

“W-why …….”

“Fufu, because I knew about Kurusu-san’s prince story. I also heard about your story from Yuzuha-san, so I just thought it might be the case, so I linked it to you. Kurusu-san is proactive, unlike Yuzuha-san, who is confused, so is that one of your worries?”

But still, you wouldn’t normally think that the person you’re looking for is the same person, would you?

After all, there are countless people of the same age in this town alone.


“…… Shiori-san is very kind, isn’t she?”

“Fufu, it’s because I’m in front of a cute junior.”

“Just because I’m a junior, ……”

“Well, I have a little ulterior motive, but for now, please think of it as meddling from a caring senior.”

I can’t compete with her, I thought.

For some reason, I can’t help but sigh.

I’m sure she was trying not to offend me with what she just said.

I don’t want to show my pathetic appearance in front of a girl, but my mouth naturally opened…

“……I really don’t know…”

The girl’s mouth opened naturally

“For me it’s just black history. But for those girls, it’s not. …… I feel sorry for that difference in awareness. I’m afraid I’m going to discourage those girls. …… Well, something like that.”


“Of course, I’d be happy if I could get close to someone like Yuzuha or Kirishima and become a lover or something, right? Well, I’m a guy too…but I can’t help but wonder if it’s okay for me to be like this. There’s also this simple reason.”

Yuzuha has never seen me as a man until now.

Kirishima only spoke to me properly a few times.

It wasn’t because of who I am now.

I don’t want to belittle myself, but the more I think about it, the more that part of me comes to the surface.


After hearing my story, Shiori-san falls silent.

Seeing that figure, I became nervous.

“I-I’m sorry! Just forgot about that…”

“Then, Irie-san.”

Interrupting my conversation, Shiori-san turns her head straight towards me.

And then she smiled a cute, mischievous smile.

“After school, can you give me some time? Let’s have a date with me ♪”

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