(*Yuzuha’s point of view)

I usually eat lunch with my classmates.

Shi-chan is in a different grade from me, and Ku-chan is away at school for modeling.

But today was a rare day when ku-chan invited me to have lunch with her.

[T-Today, they’re having lunch together. ……]

[After all, the two of them together make a good picture, or something.]

[How about I ask her to join? I’ll be proud if we can have lunch together!]

[Don’t do it. Do you know how many people they’ve sunk so far?]

Well, I don’t really like to eat in the classroom because I can hear this kind of conversation.

After all, I don’t really like being talked about just for my looks.

I wish they all looked at me as an individual like Tsukkun does…

(I’m thinking about Tsukkun again. ……)

Ever since I talked to Misato san the other day, I’ve been like this.

I’m even more conscious of Tsukkun than before.

I still haven’t sorted out whether I like Tsukkun as a prince or as a childhood friend.

“What, were you thinking about your childhood friend?”


I was in a daze, but Ku-chan, sitting in front of me, smirked at me.

I was embarrassed by it and my face turned bright red after being surprised.

“I-is it that easy to understand ……?”

“Nothing but clarity.”

I wonder …… it’s extra embarrassing.

“Well, it’s kind of like the example of what happens when you fall in love for the first time in your life.”

“N-no more! Don’t make fun of me, Ku-chan!”

I don’t know if she was enjoying my reaction, but she couldn’t stop grinning.

And seeing that smile, a boy nearby froze. Did he become mesmerized?

(Well, I know how you feel. ……)

So is the fact that she is a model.

It’s very cool and refreshingly. But she is a hard worker who never misses weight control or studying to continue modeling.

She is too attractive. Even if she is a girl, I can’t help but fall in love with her.

“So, it’s …… unusual for Ku-chan to ask me out.”

I asked Ku-chan as I ate one of the contents of my bento.

Then, Ku-chan casually said while eating her lunch as well…

“My prince is your childhood friend.”


That’s not something you say casually, is it?!

“IIIIIiiiiiisss that’s true?!”

“Yes, I’ve heard it from him, and I’m sure of it.”

I can’t believe that even Ku-chan told me that Tsukkun is the prince.

I’ve heard about the prince from Ku-chan. So, I’m certain that although she said it casually, she must have actually been quite happy about it.

Besides, I’m sure that Ku-chan is very interested in Tsukkun…

(Ugh…… more rivals)

I can’t believe that such a beautiful girl would be his rival.

There is a strong feeling that the Demon King suddenly appeared in front of me in the town in the early stages of the game.

……Tsukun, you help too many people. He’s a playboy


“Ehehehehe ……”

“Why do you look so happy?”

I noticed that, for some reason, a smile formed on my face.

“No, I realized that Tsukkun is a prince after all.”

“….different reaction from what I expected. But I understand how you feel.”

It’s not just about being childhood friends.

No matter who the person is, he has the kindness and courage to put his body on the line to help. That’s what I feel like the prince is

Perhaps it’s because we both thought of the prince, or perhaps it’s because we both felt the prince in our hearts, that we naturally started smiling.

I don’t know what it is, but it makes me a little happy.

“But I’m glad.”

Ku-chan patted her chest a little.

“Honestly, I thought it would be pretty awkward even though it looked like this because I felt like I was leaving it behind. See, it’s like we fell in love with the same person, right?”

“…… ha!”

That was it! I was going to be rivals with Ku-chan!

(Ugh …… I still haven’t sorted out my feelings yet.)

I was once again happy to find out that Tsukkun is my prince, but it’s a different story when there will be a rival.

Ku-chan is an attractive girl.

We have the advantage of having known each other since childhood, but there is a very high possibility that she will surpass me.

It’s not a race, of course, and Tsukkun’s feelings are the most important thing, but …… I can’t help but feel impatient.

(B-but ……!)

I like him too.

He’s kind, he’s brave enough to put his body on the line to help me, and he sees me as me.

I still don’t know how I came to like him, but I know for sure that I like …… him, I found out after talking to Misato san.

(I still doubt if I can talk to Tsukkun properly like I usually do.)

But still, Ku-chan will beat me to it if I keep on hesitating.


“I-I’ll never lose ……!”

“Fufu, That’s fine. I’m not going to give up just because we’re friends.”

Maybe Ku-chan is being reasonable.

I found him first. It was discovered as an afterthought, so before I take action, I’ll do it properly.

I don’t intend to complain.

Instead, let me say this.




I gave her a smile that came naturally to me.

For a moment, Ku-chan looked at me with a stunned look on her face, but then her mouth immediately broke into a smile.

“Thank you, Yuzuha.”

I’m sure that’s probably it.

I would be disappointed if I lost, but I meant what I just said.

I think this relationship will continue.

“Then all that’s left is Shi-chan-senpai.”

“…… somehow.”

When I casually muttered these words, Ku-chan frowned a little.

“I think I’m probably the last one. I think that person has already set her sights on him. If my prediction is correct, Shiori-san’s prince is…”

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