A few days have passed since Kairi and onii chan started studying in the living room.
Their study sessions in the living room have become a completely familiar sight.

Always Kairi, unfair …….

As for me, I sometimes show up in the living room and observe the two of them from the kitchen, pretending to drink barley tea.

“Onii, is this the correct English sentence here?”

Kairi, you’re suddenly acting so serious …… how much you liked onii chan.
Just last week, you were calling my collection (my brother’s underwear) dirty and bullying him with strong words, telling him to separate the laundry when he washes it. ……

onii chan is my onii chan too.
If it were me, I’d accept anything, rather than that tsundere yankee gal,…….

“Okay, this English sentence is correct. No spelling mistakes.”
“Hehehe, I can absorb so much more than that, can’t I?”

I envy her, being able to be that close to onii chan ……

I am jealous of Kairi for being able to spend time with onii chan, but I manage to suppress my feelings.

Don’t worry ……, Yuri.
It’s time to be patient.

The time for me to attack is when onii chan is disappointed with Kairi.
When onii chan feels that “Yuuri is better than Kairi,” then it’s time for me to fold him.

Then….I’ll have the upper hand.

I am the one who will take away his virginity.
I’ll go on dates with onii chan, go to hotels, go to hotels, and go to hotels….

“H-hey Yuri?”

No, I wonder what will happen to onii chan if I dare to have sex with him in Kairi’s bed rather than in a hotel ……?

With a mix of pleasure and a sense of sorry for Kairi, I might lose my head in the excitement.


While I was immersed in my fantasy in front of the refrigerator in the kitchen, onii chan called out to me.

“Uh, onii chan?”
“You’ve been standing in front of the fridge for a while now, so I was wondering what’s going on.”

Onii chan must really like me, since he went out of his way to notice me in the kitchen from the living room. ……

“R-Rather than That! Onii chan, how’s Kairi doing?”
“Oh, she’s doing great. She’s surprisingly good at it.”

He is a kind older brother. I’m sure he’s just being flattering.

“You should study hard for the exam too, Yuri. If there’s anything you don’t understand, just let me know.”
“Thank you, onii chan ……. I’m going back to my room, okay?”

I put the cup of barley tea in the sink and went out the living room door to the hallway.

“I’m so happy I’m getting wet, onii chan …… ♡.”


It is lunchtime the next day.
After finishing my lunch quickly, I headed to the student council room.

I am the student council president at my junior high school, and it is no exaggeration to say that the student council room is my room.
As soon as I arrived at the student council room, I sat down in the president’s chair, which only the student council president can sit in, and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Haa…… onii chan.”

The fact that I received a pep talk from onii chan yesterday strengthened my feelings for him even more.

When I was feeling anxious, suddenly, with a bang, the door to the student council room was thrown open.

“onee-chan! Found you”

It was Kairi who appeared from the hallway.
As usual, Kairi comes into the student council room wearing her out-of-shape school uniform and shaking her unbuttoned bosom.

“…… Kairi, what do you want? Only members of the student council are allowed in here.”

Kairi walked up to me and suddenly slammed the desk.

“The other day, I accepted the game you proposed, didn’t I?”
“Y-yeah. ……”
“Then can I make a suggestion this time?”
“Christmast date with Onii gamble, let’s have a game with me.”

A gamble? What on earth is Kairi thinking ……?

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