Episode 3 – I Should’ve Been Hated by My Childhood Friend Before I Knew It



There are 3 beautiful girls in my class.

The boys within my school ranked them according to their own taste, but it’s a very unlikely ranking, because they can’t possibly cover all the girls in the school. 

However, I believe that all the girls in my class are beautiful.

I have no objection to the fact that one of them is my step sister, Kaizei Sora, who’s a member of my family.

And today, I was called out by another beautiful girl.

“Um…. Kaizei kun, didn’t you used to live around here?”

The person who spoke to me nervously and fidgetly was one of the 3 most beautiful girls in class, Miuchi Asuka. 

With her lively-looking short hair, long eyelashes, and her innocent smile, she also had a cuteness that was different from my step sister, that’s why she was worshiped as one of the 3 most beautiful girls in her class. 

My heart was pounding when she talked to me like that.

…..No, I mean in a different way.

“ Y-yeah. I used to live around here, what about you?”

When she talks to me, I reply while dripping a cold sweat, and she continues with a smile.

“I’m Miuchi Asuka, do you remember me? I’m Asuka who used to play with you a lot in the past, Rikkun ! !”

With that being said, I search for my old memories.

Surely I have memories of having a childhood friend named Asuka.

But I remember that person was a boy. 

An active kid who plays baseball and soccer, no one would’ve thought of Asuka as a girl. 

However, the one in front of me is one of the 3 most beautiful girls in the class.

“Etto, I think you got the wrong person…..”

When i said that, she looked embarrassed and said [I see, I got the wrong person〜, sorry〜.] and left.

…..phew, i’m saved.

I said that as I let out a sigh of relief.

In fact, it’s most likely that we’re probably childhood friends.

When I got home and checked the eyes and mouth in the photo album, they looked exactly the same.

If it’s true, then the reason why I sighed with relief when she, a beautiful girl ran away, is because of what happened yesterday on my way home. 

After helping my step sister Sora, I left her behind and went back to my house by myself.

But on the way home, I met her.

Moreover, she looked so angry, and at first she was so menacing that I thought I had done something wrong.

“You. I can’t believe you used violence to save a girl ! !”

My childhood friend said that as soon as she saw my face.

“Huh, you, what the hell are you talking about?” 

My childhood friend appeared out of nowhere, and I was irritated by her words.

Of course.

At least I know that I did the right thing.

Whatever Miuchi said, I still saved a girl.

I don’t want my classmate, who’s a total stranger, to complain about it.

“You try to solve everything with violence, and that’s why violence will never go away. It’s because people like you exist ! !”

I  got really angry at the happy-go-lucky-girl in front of me who said something like that. 

“Then what do you want me to do?”

Unable to contain my annoyance, I asked her in a strong tone, then she got surprised and her shoulders trembled. 

Her face was so frightened that made her look like she was about to get violent at any time.

“You even yelled at me, you’re the worst ! ! you should’ve decided to solve it through discussion ! !”

And, she complained with a loud voice.

…..Don’t you realize that the fight will never end because people like you can’t understand each other through discussion? This girl, seriously.

I was beyond furious and disgusted at her statement, as if she were saying that she was right.

“This is why delinquents are bad ! ! if you reason with them, they will surely understand.”

On top of having her idealism forced upon me, she treated me as a bad guy as she pleased, and when I tried to object, my childhood friend looked at me and gave me a disgusted look.

“Please don’t talk to me. Filthy ! ! It looks like we’re in the same school, so please don’t talk to me even if you see me. If you talk to me, I’ll tell the student guidance teacher what happened today ! !”

And she ran away before hearing other people’s story. 

While looking at my childhood friend’s back as she ran away after saying only what she wanted to say, I got angry again at her unreasonableness.

At the self-introduction I saw the face and the name of that girl, so I knew we were in the same class.

And since her name also matched with the name of my childhood friend in my memory, I even found a photo we took together from the album and confirmed that it was my childhood friend.

However, I decided to pretend to be someone else because I couldn’t stand to be blamed if we were to meet again in class.

Luckily, my last name has changed to Kaizei, so she would not talk to me if I pretend to be a stranger.

With that in mind, I decided to keep my distance from her.

By the way, when I looked at my step sister, her expression was somewhat empty and blank.

“Hey, Asuka. Do you have anything to do on tomorrow’s day off? Do you want to go somewhere?”

A crowd of people caught my attention as they spoke to my childhood friend.

I was lying on the desk listening to the situation, and my childhood friend clasped her hands in front of her face apologetically. 

“Sorry ! ! I have to go out tomorrow because I have some errands ! !”

“I see〜. Then I’ll see you next time ! !”

And with that, she left the place.

I lost interest in that conversation and remembered my plans for tomorrow.

…..Oh no, tomorrow is the day that i have an appointment, damn it. I’m not in the mood.

I remember the schedule for Matsudaira Riku’s book signing the next day, now I’m starting to feel depressed.

Yes, it was the day Matsudaira Riku was supposed to have a book signing to celebrate the publication of his novel. I’m using my late father’s surname as my pen name.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 3 – I Should’ve Been Hated by My Childhood Friend Before I Knew It

  1. “You should have talked to the people that were trying to force a girl to “hang out” with them and started a fight with you when you intervened! I’m sure if you had they would have been completely reasonable people! Even though I’m the one that approached you to start shit if you talk to me I’m going to tattle on you to the teachers about how you saved someone!” So instead of being a hateful shallow bitch like his step-sister she’s a sanctimonious spiteful bitch. Slightly less intolerable then the sister I guess, but fingers crossed that they both get a visit from Truck-kun without the benefit of getting isekai’d soon.

    1. lol i hated her within the first 5 lines she spoke, that’s a new record….seriously tho, the bitch is really there thinking she could talk herself out of a rape or murder, like come one. Definitely the most hated character so far, I don’t even care how shitty the other ones are. The sheer holier-than-thou naivety of this woman is just too disgusting

  2. So we got a shallow jackass of a sister. Now, we got a self-righteous prick of a childhood friend. Now what can top off this?

  3. This is the worst example of harem character when they know about him they becomes 180 degree pitch like whenever they start fight over him just kick them in the face

  4. I wonder if there’s going to be an actually tolerable woman among the heroines in this story? I mean, of course character development can latermake this bitches likable, but it’s going to be a slog to get through this if they’re all awful at the start.

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