Friday is over and Saturday has arrived.
Every time I remembered yesterday I was in agony alone.

Ichikawa san’s positive attitude was amazing, even from the first day.
What is it that drives her so much? I’m not that attractive, right?
Haa, No no. I had decided not to be mean to myself to become someone who could measure up to her.

Today, too, an invitation to play came on line from Ichikawa san.

[I’m just wondering what your plans are for today. Can I come over to your house?]
[I’m sorry. I’m afraid I have some plans today.]
[Plan? What kind of plan is it for you to leave this cute girlfriend ?]
[I’m going to my parent’s house. I have to tell my parents something.]
[I see. Then I don’t mind.]

“Haa…….I’m glad you understand. Ichikawa san is pretty……scary sometimes. Yesterday, when I was talking to Tohno san, she was staring at me. She said she was joking, but I think she meant it with those eyes…”

Just remembering Ichikawa san, who showed an incredible glimpse of herself, gave me chills and made me shiver.

At the same time, the phone shakes twice with a short boo-boo, and Ichikawa san’s message appears on the screen.

[By the way, my underwear is pink today.]

“Bu !?!?!? What is she doing !?”

Along with the message was a picture of Ichikawa san from her shoulder to her arm.
It was indeed a pink bra strap. Is it fortunate that the whole thing is not in the picture?
I sneak another peek at the screen, checking the surroundings.

[Good luck for the day with this.]
[What was that…]

Please don’t underestimate high school boys these days. I don’t think they get excited over a bra strap.
After trying not to look at her too much I gave her a dog stamp back.

Chira. Chira. Chira (SFX)


What can I say, it’s far from the cool impression I initially imagined.
If anything, the approach is too passionate.

Somehow I think she knows that I still don’t like Ichikawa san myself.
I’m glad we went out, but I haven’t told her I like her yet…….

“Besides, I have a feeling that if I’m not careful, she will know that I like Tohno san.”

I can’t confirm that because I’m afraid to do so, but clearly, I feel that her attitude was different when I talked to other girls and when I talked to Tohno san.

“The curse of an untouched Goddess”
“What are you looking at your phone and mumbling to yourself?”
“Uwa !?”

On the way to the station, I was muttering to myself in an exchange with Ichikawa san on the street when she suddenly called out to me and I dropped my phone.

“Ahaha~ Why are you so surprised? Maybe you were watching something naughty~?”
“Aa, S-Sakino San !? It’s nothing!”

The person who approached me was Sakino san, who is also a close friend of Ichikawa san.

Sakino san was dressed in a short skirt and a fluttery shirt, giving her the appearance of an onee san.

It’s a little refreshing because I never see my classmates in plain clothes.
I think it’s a little too exposed, though.

“Ah, what’s wrong~? Perhaps you’ve fallen for me?”
“N-No….Nothing really….”

I resent myself for not being able to give a good response at times like this.
If it were a Chara boy, I would definitely say [It looks good] and just said I’ve fallen for her.

It was a bit embarrassing and impossible.

“Ahaha~ You’re so naive~. Yo”

Sakino san teased me about my shyness and picked up the phone I dropped.

“Here you go”
“T-Thank y—-ou!!”

And when I received it, I remembered what was projected on it and snatched it away from Sakino san.
However, this behavior seems unnatural to Sakino san.

“Hmm? That flustered look on your face, did you really see something naughty?”
“Nonononononono, I won’t look at that kind of thing in broad daylight like this.”
“Ahahahahaha! Komiya kun, you’re too easy to read! If you deny it so much, it’s like you really saw it!”
“Well, Komiya kun is a boy, too, right? I don’t think it can’t be helped, but the way you saw such things when you’re outside is, wow~”

It’s not like that. Of course, I would look at it if it was sent to me so suddenly.

“I thought Komiya kun was a shadowy, ordinary boy, but I thought you might be pretty interesting. I had not talked to you since the last time we talked with Naka kun together, so why don’t we exchange contact information?”

Wow, such optimism. Great communication skills. So this is Gal.

“Aaa, If it’s okay with you ?”
“Don’t be so polite~ Come on, bring me your phone ! Ah, Turn off the naughty bits somewhere!”
“I told you, it’s not!”

I unlocked my phone and quickly returned the screen to home.

Then again, we exchange IDs with each other after restarting the line.

“Now it’s done, Wow ! That’s an icon cat!!” ( アイコン猫 ( Icon Cat))
“Ahh, I kept him at my parents’ house. Her name is Kemi san.”

It’s a Three-haired cat so it’s Kemi. It’s simple right
(The kanji for the cat type is 三毛 and can be called Mike, hence the name)

“Cute~!! Hey, Are there more ?!”
“I-I have though.”

What is this ? Suddenly, she came so close to me that I was very surprised.
Smells good.
N-No. Don’t even think about it! And that’s my girlfriend’s best friend!
These people have a funny sense of distance. Yup. They simply like cats.

I operate my phone again, tap Kemi san’s picture at random from the image folder, and show it to her.

“Uwa~, this is bad !! I want it so bad !!” “Nope” “Eeeee~~”

Sakino san slides the photos in a complaining manner.
slides one after the other, capturing every scene of Kemi san’s life in her eyes.

That’s where I notice it.


This is bad. In that one, There are two-shot photos that were taken yesterday with Ichikawa san.
If you see that photo taken with such a sense of distance…

Suddenly, cold sweat began to flow.

“I love it~~~”

If I rushed to ask for the phone back again, I might be suspected of something else.
I hope it’s just a misunderstanding as far as naughty pictures being saved, but I have to defend the photos with Ichikawa san to death.
No, the naught pictures misunderstandings are not good either !!

Gently stealing a glance at the screen, I saw that the picture Sakino san was looking at had only recently come to light.


W-What should I do !?
I don’t have any choice but to take the pho—-
“Here. Thank you ! I got to enjoy the kitty component.”
“Ohh, yeah. Thank god”

My heart is loud.
The photo on that phone that finally came back was one before the two shots with Ichikawa san.

“I knew it, I’d love to own a cat in the future.”
“Y-yeah. Sorry Sakino san, I’ve got some business to attend to.”
“I’m sorry too, even though you have plans ! I’m gonna go too. Bye bye~. Ah, Don’t look at naughty things outside, okay~~~?”
“I don’t!!!”

For some reason, Sakino san, who was leaving in the distance, said so loudly.

Please give me a break.
But still, she was as noisy as she looked.
I have to be careful with Ichikawa san…

I took a short break, then headed to the station and boarded the train that would take me to my parents’ house.

[Don’t look at naughty things outside, okay~~~?]

When I got that message on line, I thought it was quirky and persistent.

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