After returning to my room, I was thinking about my former childhood friends.

I don’t want to get involved with them anymore, but even if I can manage to deal with Kamisaka san and Otori kun from different classes, it would be impossible to deal with Kagurazaka san from the same class.

I guess I should rely on my friends for this kind of thing.

But I can’t involve Segawa and Ishizaki.

While I was pondering over this, the door to my room suddenly opened.

I looked over and saw my little sister, Nanase Riko, standing there.

Riko is in her second year of middle school and is in the midst of her rebellious phase. She’s unusually cold only to me and my father. She rarely comes to my room like this, so I was even more surprised to see her.

I heard from her friend that she’s very cheerful at school. I heard it from Riko’s friend.

“What’s wrong? Riko.”


Riko hasn’t said a word since she came to my room. I wonder if I did something wrong. I’m washing clothes and stuff separately, right?

“Yuuki Nii, are you okay?”

“Hm? Me? See, I’m doing fine !”

When I said that and struck a muscle pose, I felt a tremendous cold stare from Riko. 

“That’s not it, I asked Shiori Nee about you, Yuuki Nii.”

“What about? There’s really nothing. To the point where I don’t even know what to do at school.”

“…I see. Then fine.”

With that, she would leave. I thought so.

“….Umm, if there’s something wrong, you can tell me, Yuuki Nii.”

“….! Yeah, got it. If anything happens, I can talk to you.”

It’s been a while since Riko said something like this to me, so I was kind of happy and grinning.

“…… Creepy.”

Said Riko in a low voice, and left the room.

Her last words were kind of bearable. There was not much to be said.

After that, as I was lounging around in my room, I heard a clattering sound coming from the room next door. That must be my big sister’s room.

This house is not old, but the walls are thin.

I wondered what she was doing.

After that, I didn’t hear any sound from her room, but now I heard something that sounded almost like a scream from Riko’s room.

I could hear it better because Riko’s room was close to my bed.

I wondered what was going on, but she said that nothing in particular was going on.

I thought I heard a small voice saying [Onii chan……”] but it was probably just my imagination. Will she say something else if I say that?


Riko’s side (Younger sister)

Aaah, I’m so stupid, stupid, stupid ! Why are you being so cold to your brother?

I don’t care about Dad, but not Onii chan !

He’s always nice to me, and I don’t think he knows it, but we’re not real siblings. I don’t think I’ve noticed it myself, but Onii chan, he’s quite handsome.

I lived with someone like that all the time, so it’s okay to like him a little bit, right?

Sigh……, I wonder why I’m so cold to him. Is it some kind of rebellious phase?

“Onii chan…….”

I was muttering to myself Unconsciously.

☆ ☆ ☆ 

Shiori’s side (older sister)

I never thought that Yuuki and I weren’t really sisters and brothers.

Why didn’t you tell me? Mom.

I thought he was my brother, that’s why I was doing those things with him……. If he’s not my brother, doesn’t that mean it’s like we’re already doing naughty things?

I didn’t notice it myself, but I’m sure I’m like a boiled octopus right now. It’s embarrassing…….

When I thought about it I was rolling around on the bed. I fell on the floor and it hurt a little.


??? side

What can I do for Yuuki-kun?

……Hmm, Should I go to the classroom tomorrow? I hope he won’t hate me.

Maybe it’s fine !

I thought so and decided to go see Yuuki tomorrow.

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1 year ago

A cute little sister and a beautiful older sister who are not blood related!? These heroines are not something that can be requested, it’s a gift from heavens that only the chosen ones can receive. This protagonist is very lucky.

1 year ago

Lmao….the older sister falling from bed… that’s pretty hilarious

10 months ago

A big sister AND a little sister? Plus the mysterious third person. Quite the harem already.

10 months ago
Reply to  Krozam

By the way, the next chapter button returns to this page.