The end of August–

I pedal my bicycle to the coffee shop where I work part-time.

“Ah, it’s hot……”

The summer sun was burning my skin and I was already sweating by the time I put my bicycle down at the back entrance of my part-time job, even though I had not worked a single second.

I was wiping the sweat off with the towel in my backpack when suddenly–the back door opened.

“You’re late, Kashiwada kun…… Hurry up and get dressed and help me.”

Smooth and glossy black hair sways.

Underneath it was a frighteningly well-shaped face.

She’s a beautiful girl that no celebrity could ever compete with.

Kakei Umi–a senior at my part-time job and a classmate of mine.

I have never spoken a word to her in the classroom.

This is because this woman belongs to the top caste in the group, a popular girl in class or even in the school.

Ah, even though I said that……I know what this woman’s life is like.

This woman’s habit is like—you know.

She’s like a koala in a zoo.

She conserves her internal energy to the limit, moves at a leisurely pace, and sleeps for up to 18 hours out of 24–yes, that is her habit.

But the koala woman’s appearance fools us into thinking that she’s not sleeping during class most of the time, and after a rush of confessions during the first semester, there was a pile of corpses of guys who were rejected.

I can’t…..understand why anyone would confess to this koala woman, not even for a second.

I think so as I slip on a white shirt that I’ve been diligently ironing and tie the string of my black saron string.

And then, [Good morning !] I open the door to the office/waiting room and go out into the hall, where I find the usually good-looking master, his eyebrows arched in a figure of eight and his voice like an abandoned puppy, [Kashiwada kun] as he walks back and forth between the kitchen at high speed.

The part-timer in charge of the hall, Uchida san, could only follow his figure in afterimages.

How did this happen?

Damn, he must have noticed it at least a little bit.

The cause of all this is the koala woman.

She doesn’t work, but she brings in a lot of customers.

She just sits by the window near the entrance and drinks tea……

And sometimes she even looks a little melancholy…..

The sales per person are much higher than mine.

That’s why neither the master nor Uchida san can say anything when the koala woman slacks off with confidence.

And with that kind of face, she’s cheating.

When I think about it now, I don’t want to work hard.

And I didn’t want to see…….

The mess in the washroom.

Dishes piled up like a mountain.

Ah, I can’t see the top.

Moreover, the number of customers today is unusual, too many.

No way……

And then, I fearfully looked at the window seat near the entrance–there, Kurokawa Rena, a beautiful gyaru who shares popularity with the koala woman among the popular girls in school, was laughing, saying, [Ahahaha, Umi you’re so funny〜]

Isn’t this sign that there are more customers to come?

Ah, I want to go home now.

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