A few days later

Yuna’s love is heavy ……

Really heavy.

When we are apart, it’s by phone and ain, and when we are together, it’s excessive skinship.

My privacy is disappearing.

She was trying to know everything about me.

About Yusei and Daishi, my home address, my part-time job, my school days, my missing parents, etc. ……

Of course, she also made sure to tell me about herself.

In other words, it wasn’t a “keep my stuff to myself, but tell me about yours” kind of stance.

We had repeated conversations that deepened our mutual trust.

I felt as if the existence of Yuna was rooted in my heart.

I get goosebumps thinking that my heart will soon be so constricted by Yuna’s presence that I won’t be able to go back to it.


Me, Yusei, and Daishi are sitting on a bench at our usual spot after eating at the school cafeteria.

“I’m going out with Tajima-san?”
“Eh? Seriously?”

Yusei said proudly.

Yusei was in the top of his class in high school, but he was a diligent student who didn’t seem to be interested in romance.

And the other girl was a beautiful, blonde-haired, kind girl who had attended a blind date the other night.

Yusei crossed his arms and nodded his head in satisfaction.

Then, chubby Daishi, an anime otaku, shines his glasses and opens his mouth.

“Yusei-kun, you’re finally getting your rear end in, too, huh? It’s a standard rule that you are free to enter the path of aniota, but not so free when you leave, but Yusei is going far away.”

The words alone seem to reveal a sneer, but Daishi’s expression is soft and gentle.

“What are you talking about, Daishi? The Aniota-ism that you propagated has penetrated me at the soul level. How can I change now?
“Really? You were so excited to be approached by the handsome guy before the party.”

Daishi smirked and poked Yusei’s hip.

“No~, it’s called youthful indiscretion,……. I’m not going to need any more good-looking guys, fxxk you, handsome boy!”

He says and belches.

I laugh and say

“Yusei, you haven’t changed at all since high school. You may have changed your look, but you’re still the same on the inside, aren’t you?”
“Isn’t that obvious? The good looking guys look down on us guys when it comes to women, and they look down on us from a higher position. I’m really annoyed when I see them being friendly with the girls. But last time I was at a party, I won! And this incredibly beautiful girl named Kiryu is very interested in Tsukasa!”

Yeah ……

It’s probably a good time to say something.

I say, nonchalantly.

“Yes, that’s right. I’m dating Yuna.”
The two of them roll their eyes in surprise.

I mean, his reaction is even more amazing than Yusei’s. ……

And then I looked at Yusei’s face and saw the corners of his mouth hanging up.

Then he suddenly paused like a handsome man and opened his mouth.

“I’ve actually been doing karate since junior high school, and I studied judo.”

I blew up.

“Pfft! That’s what he was referring to when Yuna said that the person she likes is the one who protects her. Those two handsome guys.”

I said, and Daishi fiddled with the frames of his glasses before asking

“Did you ever have such a situation? You’ve got an ulterior motive, don’t you? Wow ……, it’s disgusting even if I ask.”

Daishi cowered his huge body and made a frown.

Then, Yusei chuckles and says.

“That’s really it. They probably don’t even know that Tsukasa saved Kiryu-san. And yet, they were trying so hard to get together with Kiryu-san, looking down on Tsukasa.”

Yusei is very enthusiastic.

After patting him on the back and me on the back, Daishi pumped his fist in the air.

“It’s the rebellion of the shadowy people!!! Thoroughly destroy the existing order.!!! This is the posthuman !!!”

Me and Yusei followed Daishi’s lead, raising one hand and shouting.


Yusei and Daishi were very happy and congratulated me and Yuna.

They are really good guys.

I want Yusei and Daishi to be happy.

The pleasant daytime sunlight gently shone on us and seemed to light up the lamps in our hearts.


Maid Cafe

“Order in!

Even though I’m going out with Yuna and even though I have their blessing, I still have to work.

I have an inheritance left by my parents and dividends from my equity in a website that sells self-defense products, but I still have a lot of expenses, so I have to earn my own living expenses.

If I work with all my heart and soul, it will be the end of the day.

It’s already 10:00 p.m., isn’t it?

So I changed my clothes and went to the break room.

“Thanks, everyone!”

There was Yumi, who was looking very energetic.

She is the signature girl of this maid café, and her energetic appearance makes not only the customers but also the staff members smile.

Yumi-san surrounded by male staff.

I tried to sneak out, but unfortunately my eyes met hers.

“Ah, good work, Tsukasa-kun!”
“Yes, ……, thanks for your hard work.”

Yumi-san, dressed as a maid, stares at me.

Then there was silence in the break room.

The male staff looked at me and Yumi-san alternately, wondering what was going on.

“Can you tell me about Tsukasa-kun’s Ain account?”
“My Ain account?”
“Yes. I don’t know only Tsukasa kun’s account.”
“Oh, if that’s the case…..”

I walked up to Yumi with some trepidation and exchanged accounts with her using a QR code.

The male staff around me were staring at me.

“I’ll call you later!”
“Y-yes….. then, I’ll see you later.”
“See you later.”

I quickly turned away from the maid cafe and headed home.

Tomorrow is Saturday.

Finally, a day off.

I could now spend the next two days relaxing.

As I breathed a sigh of relief, my cell phone rang.

I took out my cell phone.

It was Yuna calling.

“I want to see Tsukasa-kun. I want to talk to Tsukasa-kun a lot.”
“Let’s meet tomorrow.”
“Can’t I go to …… Tsukasa-kun’s house?”
“My house? Well, okay, but there’s nothing there. It’s just me.”
“It’s okay. …… I’ll be at Tsukasa-kun’s house tomorrow, and I’ll be with Tsukasa-kun all the time. …… all the time.”
“Can I take Nana with me?”
“No problem at all.”

It’s definitely not safe if it’s just the two of us.

I’m going on a date at home with my girlfriend, who is a face of an actress who keeps making heavy love to me.

No matter how much I do, my reason collapses.

Nana’s presence is very important to me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!”
“Yeah. See you tomorrow!”

Yuna side

Yuna is happy to hang up the phone.

But then she frowns and bites her lip in frustration.

There are two reasons.

One is that she couldn’t say anything to him when he was tired from his part-time job, so she just told him how she felt.

And she is worried that her good-looking and kind boyfriend will be seen by the women working at the maid café.

But Yuna persevered and called Nana.

“Yuna? What’s up? It’s late at night.”
“Nana, do you want to go to Tsukasa-kun’s house tomorrow?”
“I …… have that …… thing to do…hahaha, I’m busy~…”

Nana is obviously very attentive.

Yuna told Nana her true feelings.

“Nana, you don’t have to be so careful. I haven’t changed my mind at all since then.”
“Yuna chi….”
“I definitely need you, Nana. If I go to Tsukasa kun’s house alone tomorrow, I will definitely get impregnated. If Tsukasa-kun wants that, I’m totally fine with it, but under the current circumstances, Tsukasa-kun will definitely break down.”
“…I understand. Yuna chi was always that kind of girl, right?”
“Nana is not in a position to say anything about others, right?”
“Fufu, I wonder what Tsukasa would think if he knew about this part of Yuna’s life.”
“I don’t know …… But if Tsukasa hates me,……, my life will be meaningless,…….”
“Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Tsukasa-kun will have a bit of a hard time, though.”
“Thank you.”
“See you tomorrow…..”
“Okay. See you tomorrow.”

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