“Order in!”

The men working in the kitchen, including me, are busily preparing food as the maid announces in her cute back voice.

A variety of drinks, shrimp pilaf, chicken omelette rice, pink curry, and so on.

This is the kind of part-time job I started after I decided to go to college and was encouraged by Anme otaku’s ambition. I am not good at talking in front of people or serving people, so working in the kitchen suits me well.

It is a simple job that I just cook the requested dishes silently. 

When I am cooking as I am taught, my worries, thoughts, and illusions are blown away.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

After finishing my work, I changed into my casual clothes and went to the break room.

“well~, you looked seriously good today!”
“Thank you. I got more excited than usual.”
“Yumi-chan is cute to begin with, so I’m sure she’ll love it! I want to be treated by Yumi chan too.”
“Hahaha! That’s funny!”

A cheerful-looking male senior working in the kitchen is happily chatting with Yumi san, the maid.

Well, he was originally after Yumi san, and the other male staff members were talking with the other maids.

By the way, Yumi-san is the signature girl of this maid cafe.


I tried to leave the break room secretly so as not to disrupt the congenial atmosphere among the maids.

“Ah, Tsukasa-kun, good job! You did a great job even though it was a busy day for you!”

Yumi-san gave me a thumbs-up and encouraged me.

“Thank you. Thanks to the follow-up from the seniors in the kitchen, I managed!”

Black twin-tailed hair, generally cute face, a decent amount of breasts and a thin body.

Of all the girls within arm’s reach, I would say that Yumi san is at a pretty high level.

She is very outgoing and flirty, and has enough power to make everyone smile.

She is a signature girl, and more importantly, I hear that many of the male staff, including senpais, are after her.

In the first place, though, we don’t allow romance here.

Yumi-san, the signboard girl, looked at me and smiled, then opened her mouth as if she had just remembered something.

“Is Tsukasa-kun free after this? I’m thinking of going out for a drink with the maids and some of the staff. You’ve never been to one before, have you, Tsukasa kun? I’d like to get to know you better, Tsukasa-kun! Is that okay?”

Suddenly, Yumi san invited me to a drinking party.

At the same time

The eyes of the male staff members

transformed into wariness toward me.

They had soft expressions on their faces, but they seemed to be blatantly unwilling to have me join them.

“No. I have something to do. I’m leaving first, excuse me”

I said with a smile, and this break room returned to its former congenial atmosphere.


“I see. ……”

Yumi san sighs shortly in disappointment.

“Yes. Well then.”

I bowed my head lightly and turned on my heel.

It may have been a coincidence, but Yumi san’s eyes met mine.

It might have been my imagination, but Yumi san gave me an inquisitive look.

I left the maid cafe.


I have relied on Yusei and Daishi since high school.

They are my place.
I’ve been able to graduate from high school and even go to college without ever having to stop going to school.

But here, I can’t help but feel a sense of distance.

Even though we speak the same language, I feel as if we are different races.

Paradoxically, I can work without feeling any stress if I let it be that way.

“A place to be ……”

I hear that Daishi’s is working hard to get together with a kind girl he met at a blind date, and that Daishi is also quite busy with anime-related events.

The two of them are always looking out for me.


I guess I can’t be spoiled or selfish forever.


As I sighed with a gloomy expression on my face, my phone rang.

“Yuna …….”

I quickly check the message I received.

“Finished with work?”

I quickly replied.

“Just finished. I’m on my way home.”

As soon as I typed that, I got another message back.


I don’t know why. It was only three letters and a question mark, but I was taken aback.

“Yes. Alone.”

I sent the message, and a few seconds later, she replied.

“Are you free on Monday? I’d love to hang out with you and Nana.”


didn’t hesitate

I replied


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