When was the first time I touched a ball?
I was captivated by the sport after reading a comic book that my father had when I was in elementary school.

I had always been a manly and competitive boy, and would often challenge a boy in my class at school to a game of one-on-one until it was time to go home or I had beaten him.

After school, we would go to a nearby park and play dribble. We didn’t have basketball rings back then, but we still played until the sun went down and we went home.

Before I knew it, the boys were making fun of me, calling me a gorilla or a tomboy.
Still, I loved basketball, so I tried not to worry about such things and continued practicing silently, trying to drown out the noise with all my heart.

It’s not that I wasn’t hurt by what was said. Still, at that time, I didn’t care about anything else more than that.

That is why I even became the captain of the local mini-basketball team and even won the district tournament.
It was always a special moment when my efforts paid off.

But even for me, there came a time when I had a hard time growing up.
It was surprisingly early in my first year of junior high school. It was after the third grade had retired.

I did not grow much taller.
Of course, it is a growth period and there is a possibility that I will continue to grow. But girls grow fast, and most of them had reached their full height by the time they entered junior high school.
So I had no choice but to sit back and watch as the other girls kept overtaking me in height.

Basketball is a sport in which height is the key to success. Of course, I knew it was not the only factor. But I was sure that it was a major factor, and more than anything else, I was determined at the time to be the best at it, so I was feeling impatient.

Then, in my first year of junior high school, I had a vivid encounter.
I saw that person’s play at that time, at that rookie tournament.

He looked so fluent and happy, but when the going gets tough, he inspires those around him as if he has changed, and he never gives up until the very end. It is still deeply etched in my memory.

After seeing that, I started to shine again. I had a goal, and I worked harder than ever to achieve it. To get closer to that person I admired so much.

That is how I have come this far.

“Listen Suzuki, you drive at the end. If you think you can hit it, hit it. If it looks like you can’t hit it because the help is coming close, then play fast. If you receive the ball, hit it without hesitation! The opposite side should screen in the meantime to free up the shooter. If it looks like you can get it out that way, get it out.”

General competition. Inter-High School Preliminary Round, Final League. If we lose this game, it will be difficult to qualify for the Inter-Highs.
At the last timeout, the advisor gave the students an instruction.

“All right, then, whether you cry or laugh at the end, keep up the good work!”

Then, Suzuki-senpai, the captain, inspires the members.
Time remaining is 6 seconds, one point difference.

The referee hands the ball over and play begins.

Suzuki-senpai receives the ball as planned and sets up a one-on-one.


That’s exactly what happened as planned.
I catch the ball entrusted to me by senpai.
Since the marksman was away from me to help me after senpai had passed it, it was too late for her to make his mark.

I am free.
I calmly released the ball with both hands.
The ball goes in.

-going in. I had a feeling it was going in.




But the ball bounced unceremoniously into the ring, and the buzzer sounded to signal the end of the match.

I knew I couldn’t be like that person.

Rain makes people feel depressed.
Just a short while ago, the rainy season front became active, and the rainy season has safely entered.
It is a little earlier than usual.

Outside, I heard the sound of rain and often heard thunder.

Every time this happened, Asagiri, who was sitting next to me, would get scared.
When I watched her, for some reason her face turned red and she denied it, saying, “It’s not that I was scared or anything”! She denied it.

She must have been scared.

But aside from that, I don’t like rainy days either.
Lately, I’ve been getting frequent headaches, but on rainy days, the symptoms are more pronounced.
I don’t know if it’s the atmospheric pressure or what, but my body feels sluggish and I can’t stand it. I wish we could have a pleasant sky.

“After all, on a day like this, it’s best to just relax at home.”
“You shouldn’t say that in the middle of the school gym.”

But there was no way my wish would ever come true. I had school on weekdays.

“It’s okay, I’m on break right now.”
“But shouldn’t you be a little more enthusiastic? Kuchiki was staring at you just now.”
“……, really?”

Kuchiki is a physical education teacher. He is a strong teacher who is often seen in the school. And like our homeroom teacher, Kirihara-sensei, he is also a student advisor. Is there a rule that a P.E. teacher has to be tough-looking? ……

It’s not a good idea to be noticed by a teacher like that.

“Was I that unmotivated?”
“No, you weren’t.”

No, apparently not.

“And then there’s that other thing.”

The other incident was the one with Mitani …… Yuyu. That’s why I’ve been so notorious for it.
I just want to lead a quiet school life, but this is what happens.
This is what happens when I get involved in too many unnecessary things.

I inwardly scolded myself for my behavior.

From now on, I’ll be a little more careful.

“Look at Nakashiro,”

As I was making up my mind to do so, I looked in the direction Sosuke pointed at me.
There, 10 boys are attacking and defending each other with basketballs.
Yes, they are playing basketball in gym class right now.
They are playing basketball in the gym class for a ball game tournament that is coming up soon.

One of the boys, called Nakashiro, was more talented than the others.
He was one of only two second-year students on the basketball team to make the starting lineup.

And every time Nakashiro made a shot, the girls watching off the court would occasionally give a yellow cheer.

He was fresh, tall, and athletic. And he has good looks, too. They say that heaven never gives two things, but that’s a lie.

“So, what’s up with Nakashiro?”
“If I could do well in gymnastics, I would be popular with girls like that! Why are you not motivated!”

Sosuke complained with tears of blood.

“It’s not like you’re going to be popular with the girls even if you’re a good athlete.”
“I don’t care! If I can get a little extra ……”
“You never lose your nerve, you …….”

I sighed at Sosuke, who was still the same as ever.

“Well, that being said, it’s nice to see girls exercising.”

And then Sosuke quickly switched gazes to see Asagiri and Kurase, who were also playing basketball.
Many of the boys’ gazes, in addition to Sosuke’s, were absorbed there. I don’t know how they felt, but they were looking at them too much.

Asagiri noticed this and looked uncomfortable.


And when she made eye contact with me too, Asagiri looked embarrassed for some reason and glared at me.
Kurase, on the other hand, was smiling and waving her hand.

“This is going to make the boys resent,”
“I don’t get it.”

I reply sosuke’s muttering.

In the midst of all this, I noticed one of the girls observing at the edge of the room.


It was Suika, a cheerful girl who loves basketball.

(TL/N : I almost forgot about suika XD )

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