“Hey, you! Screw you!!!!”

As soon as I arrived at school in the morning, I was immediately confronted by Sosuke. Is it my imagination that I haven’t felt this way in a while?
I had no idea why he was so angry.

“What’s wrong? Dumped?”
“That’s right. …… The other day, Miyashita-san from the second group told me that …..Not that!”
“Nice retort.”
“Thanks! But that’s not what I’m talking about!”
“Don’t yell at me in the morning. It’s too loud in my ears.”
“How can I stay so calm? I can’t have flowers in my hands in the morning!”

It seems that Sosuke was envious that I went to school with Asagiri and Kurase this morning. It’s certainly not the wrong expression, but …… it’s not a strange rumor, is it?

“Nothing of the sort you’re imagining,”
“Really?! I can trust you, can’t I? Don’t betray our friendship!”

Sosuke was too insistent, so I responded in an appropriate manner.
The other students had seen us go to school together, but none of them really thought that two of them were doing me a favor.

First, the reason Asagiri comes to school with me is because she owes me for being injured.
Second, Kurase is simply a kind-hearted angel. I’m sure she would have done the same even if it wasn’t me.

“So. Which is it?”
“…… what?”
“I’m asking you which one is your type, Kurase or Asagiri!”

What is this guy saying?

“No, because, you know. I’m interested of course? Kurase is innocent, kind to everyone, and like an angel. And she’s so patient that she seems to be able to take in everything.”

Sosuke was like a commentator, talking about Kurase’s charms in concrete terms. He is a very good person.

“On the other hand, Asagiri, who has a bit of a tough personality, but has a great style and beauty that everyone loves to admire. This one is not as big as Kurase, but it’s big!”

Wow, this guy is a psycho. His head is all colored pink. Sure, it’s big, but….

I mean, how can you have a conversation like this when you don’t know who might hear you? It’s a classroom.

“That’s why you guys are so creepy.”
“That’s right. It’s true that Yuri-chan is stylish and has big breasts, but that’s not the only thing that makes her attractive, you know?”
“Nanami, stop.”

It seems that Asagiri and the others heard me at a bad time. Kurase, as usual, is a natural speaker.

I mean, he included me, didn’t he?
I’m not happy to be included with Sosuke.

“Can you not include me too?”
“No, because it’s not true! You’ve been dirty since this morning!”
“You’re talking too loud.”

Don’t call me dirty.
When I said that, Asagiri’s face turned red and she was mumbling something.

“You really are dirty, aren’t you?”
“Yes. I’ve always thought that Sasazuka is a real pervert.”
“I know! Is there some kind of decency that comes out of your face? I mean, is that it?”

And Sosuke was soaked in tears from the rain of harsh words from the other girls. Apparently, the girls around him had heard him, and they were giving him a beating. They were even more drawn to him because of his crying face.
Glad it wasn’t me……!

“Ugh…… three dimensional women are such……!!!”

And finally he started denying even the three-dimensionality we live in.
That’s …… serious.

“So, Arase. Won’t you join me in promoting this girl?”
“Don’t switch so quickly. It’s surprised me”

I’m impressed by how fast he switches from one situation to the next. Is this guy invincible?

“What do you mean by promote her? I’m not interested in idols. Besides, idols are three-dimensional, aren’t they?”
“Tch tch tch. Arase doesn’t understand. ……”

Hearing what I said, Sosuke deliberately waved his finger in the direction of me.
Then stop making that ‘yareyare’ face. Somehow it pisses me off.

“I’m not just a fan of idols. What? You want to know? You want to know? What should I do~ I’ll tell you~? Gyaaaaa!!!!”
“If you want to tell me, then tell me now!”

When he didn’t show any sign of wanting to tell me and I smashed his eyes on his pissed off face, Sosuke wriggled on the spot.

“I-I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you. The VTuber I’m pushing right now is from …………V Live, and her name is Misaki Akari, and she’s a VTuber!”

The unfamiliar sound made me ask back.

I knew of “YourYuber,” who distributes on the video site YourTube, but what in the world is a “V”?
As if he had been waiting for me to ask such a question, Sosuke continued his story.

“VTuber stands for Virtual YourTuber, and it refers to YourTubers who use 2D or 3D avatars to distribute their content.”

I can’t get my head around all the side letters.
By virtual, do you mean they don’t exist in real life?
He said that they use avatars, which means that they are like cartoon characters on YourTube.

“But in the end, it’s a three-dimensional…”
“This is the Akarin!”

Sosuke interrupted me and showed me the screen of his phone.
The character with lovely pink hair color is shown on the screen.

“So, what did that vtuber say?”
‘When I watch Akarin’s streaming. It gives me energy! I can do my best for the whole day! It makes me feel like that!”
“O-oh. I see. ……”

I’m a little taken back by the amount of heat. I mean, it’s close. It seems that he has lost hope in the third dimension and has decided to cross the dimensional barrier.

“It’s just that these days she’s not doing so well. She has been taking a break from streaming. She has been absent for a week now.”
“Is that so? What do you mean, “apparently” you are a fan right?”
“Yeah, I started to follow her just a week ago.”
“You’re just a nobody, aren’t you?”

After that, Sosuke talked endlessly about his attraction to her. It was getting depressing enough, so I told him I would watch it.

Well, it’s not that I don’t like it, that’s fine. The main reason is simply that I’m curious about a world I don’t know about, and that Sosuke is so insistent about it.

“Do you like that kind of thing too, Arase……?”

I felt some kind of gaze after the class started, and when I turned my head that way, Asagiri asked me.

“What do you mean by that?”
“The girls from the …… anime.”

“Well, it’s normal. I don’t have the same passion for it as Sosuke does. I only watch anime if someone tells me to.”
“I- I see.”

Asagiri looks relieved for some reason.

“What’s wrong with that?”
“N-Nothing? I was just wondering what I would do if Arase was only interested in two-dimensional things!”
“Well, ……, if that happens, Asagiri will show me the charms of the third dimension, won’t she?
“What’s with that reaction? I’m kidding. I’m kidding.”

For some reason, she stared at me. That’s funny. If it had been before, she would have said, “I can’t do it! or “I can’t help it, I’ll do it for a fee.”
What had happened to her?

And so, the day passed uneventfully, despite the cold glare from Asagiri.
I have a mid-term exam coming up soon, and I have to study for it, but my right hand is too limp. It was not easy to pick up the board with my left hand.

Somehow, I managed to make it to the first class in the afternoon despite my exhaustion.
It also came as a surprise.


“Eh!?? Didn’t something fall just now?”


In my future vision, I saw someone fall from the rooftop.

“Hey, Ito. Is my class boring?”

I found Kirihara-sensei standing in front of me.
She was in the middle of a math class. But I thought I had a chance.

“S-Sensei. I’m sorry. I have to go to the restroom. ……”
“Leak it.”
“I’m kidding. Get your ass back quick. Yeah, I don’t mind skipping class if you’re going to the girl.”

What is that teacher talking about?

I left the classroom to the sound of laughter and headed for the rooftop.

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