“A-A child. …… come to think of it, the timing is such that I’ll be marrying Eric soon.”
“Yes,…… uu,…… a servant girl like me is going to have Eric-sama’s child,……”
“Fufu, Sera and Sophia’s reaction, very cute.”

Children……If I marry Eric, I will eventually have Eric’s children in my belly……

As I fidget, Mandane opens her mouth with a meaningful look on her face.

“I want to have lots of Eric’s children,…… at least ten.”
“Mmmmm-Mandane! YY-You’re being a little bit rash!”
“No, it’s not rash! To be with a man you love and to have children with him is a great blessing.”
“Well, that’s …… right, it’s …… not a disgrace. ……”
“How many children does Sophia want to have Eric?”
“…… I want eleven.”
“W-What? Then I’ll have 12!”

As the two of them competed to see how many children Eric would have, Sera blushed and modestly added

“If I give birth to that many, my body won’t be able to handle it. ……”

Sera’s words, uttered as if by the voice of a crane, silenced them both.

“Let’s calm down a little.
“How about Sera, ……?”
“Yes. Sera hasn’t told us yet.”

Sophia and Mandane glared at Sera

“I-I’m ……”
“I am?”
“How many?”

“Twenty …….”



“Is there anything inconvenient?”
“No, I’m fine. I’m much better now, thanks to you.”
“Thank goodness!”
“……, aren’t you kind, Dauphin Eric?”
“N-no! As I said before, I did what I had to do.”

I supported Queen Esther as I entered the room. The queen’s body is much better than it was a few days ago and her skin is smooth and very beautiful. I knew she was the mother who had given birth to Luvia.


I said and turned on my heel to go back to my room.

Just then,


I turned to Queen Esther again, a little startled by the sudden loud voice.

“Was it true what she said?”
“What story?”
“The story about that man who never laid a hand on another woman. ……”
“As far as I know, father has not touched another woman since mother died.”
“I see …… I understand.”
“Well, good luck and get well!”
“Okay, then.”
“! wait!

This time, I thought I could go back to my room, but then Queen Esther called my name again.

“I would like to practice walking here too ……. I’m sorry, can you help me?”

Queen Esther looks away and bites her lip in embarrassment. I was told that she is five years younger than my father, but no matter how I look at her, she appears to be in her late twenties.

Do not embarrass a beautiful woman.

If I marry Luvia, she will be my mother-in-law. ……

“I understand!”

Saying that, I put my arm around Queen Esther’s waist as she sat on the bed.

“I’ll stand up.”
“…… yes.”
“One two.”

And the practice begins.

I turned my face to Queen Esther,

She smells my scent.

It was as if she was reminiscing about the old days.

We are not talking to each other, but we are communicating.


I left Queen Esther’s room and headed to my room. I would have a cup of tea alone and then go to the room of the three of them to enjoy some sweet time.

As I come near the room with light steps and humming a tune, I see a familiar girl.


I was fascinated to see Luvia wearing a sparkling dress and showing off her beautiful figure to me.

“W-What’s wrong? Her Majesty Queen Esther would be fine.”
“……, I don’t mean mother.”
“Then what are you doing here?”

I twisted my head and asked. Luvia clutched the bottom part of her dress with both hands and looked at me with moist eyes.

“I want to have Eric’s baby. I think that’s the meaning of my existence. ……”


Is this exactly what an open mouth looks like!

Luvia was determined to kill me, thanks to the words of the old Eric.

[You are the most beautiful woman on the continent of the Orient. So, bear my child. That is your one and only reason for being.]

But now,

But now,

She willingly gave birth to my child. ……

“I’m going to have …… about thirty …… children.”

It took me an hour to calm Luvia down. Then another hour,

“Eric,…… am I really not cursed?”
“yes. Luvia is a blessed girl.”
“Am I qualified …… to feel these hot feelings?”
“You can feel them until you get tired of them. If anyone comes to Luvia to confront no, I will use all my power to protect Luvia thoroughly.”
“I’m …… protected, aren’t I ……?”
“Yes. You are protected. I will always protect you.”
“I love you.”


We had an exchange like this in my bed.

Then, after lunch.

Sophia came to my room numbly.

“Eric…… I still need Eric. Nothing is complete without Eric. ……”
“Sophia-chan, you were so beautiful and strong when you risked your life to defeat the Nephilim.”
“I am Eric’s only slave swordsman. Eric is never a man who wields power only for himself. When I serve Eric, he gives me love. That love is the cornerstone that makes our nation strong.”
“I love you.”
“…… like you, too.”

After dinner, I was alone with Mandane on the bed in their room.

“Every time I see Eric, my heart gets hotter and hotter. ……”
“Me too.”
“I have followed you this far, believing in you. And I realized. I realized that I was right to trust you after all.”
“Mandane-chan always wanted me to follow the right path. Sometimes I want to spoil her, but from now on, I will always do my best to make her happy.”
“You can spoil Me…… I will wrap you up like this at any time.”
“Soft and warm ……”

Two huge marshmallows cover my face, but more than that, Mandane’s embracing power melts my heart.

“I love you.”
“I love.”


At midnight, Sera comes to my room in her nightgown, hugs me from behind.

“I can’t do without you, Sera. I need you by my side all the time.”
“…… I am only Master Eric’s property. So, if you wish, you can always ……”
“As I said before, I respect Sera’s free will. Let me hear Sera’s true feeling……”
“Of course I want to spend all my time with Eric-sama, don’t you? This servant girl will always be on Master Eric’s side,…… forever.”
“…… Eric-sama.”


I did not do anything to cross the line. But I did get a little scared.

I’m so happy even now that I’m dying, in fact, I wonder how much pleasure will come over me once we get married. ……

However, it’s not over yet.

There is still a lot of work to be done.

When Queen Esther gets well, I, Sera, Sophia, Mandane, Luvia, and Queen Esther still have the important task of presenting a peace proclamation to the Kingdom of Ilas and to all the people living on the Orient Continent.

(TL/N : what am I translating…)

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