After confirming our feelings for each other without crossing the line, Luvia and I hurriedly removed a pile of stones and dirt from the doorway.

Soon, we emerged from the cave with the light streaming in from the outside. Then, in front of us, there were countless Nephilim corpses lined up in rows, and in the middle of them stood two girls.

“Sophia-chan,…… Elze san!”
“Eric! And Luvia!”
“Her Highness Princess Luvia,…… I’m so glad you’re safe,……!”

Elze-san crouched down with a pained expression on her face on the way to the ground with her sword stuck in the ground.

“To defeat such a vast amount of Nephilim,…… I’ll give you the knighthood and fiefdom you deserve.”
“I was saved from Sophia-sama one way or the other. I have no such qualification. But I am very happy to see your smile, Your Highness. It seems that you and the Dauphin Eric have made up.”
“…… Yes. I made up with Eric. No more war. I will not attack the country of a man who loves me.”
“Fufu,…… Her Highness Princess Luvia,…… I have been watching Her Highness for a long time. I assure you of that.”
“”Her Highness Princess Luvia is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Please let that beauty continue for many years.”

Elze-san said that and fainted.

“Luvia, she’s all right. Elze is just tired.”
“….. thank goodness.”

Sophia rubbed Luvia’s shoulder to calm her down. But Sophia’s hands are shaking and she looks as exhausted as Else.

So I,

“Thank you, Sophia, for working so hard for us. I will never forget your effort and fighting spirit. I will reward you for everything. ……”
“As long as I have …… Eric’s love, that’s enough for me. ……”
“Sophia-chan, ……”

I hugged Sophia gently as she staggered.

After a sweet moment, we began our journey to the Kingdom of Henesys. I carried Elze on my back, Luvia on my shoulder, and Sophia on my back. On the way, I told her everything I had learned from Blinken san about the political situation in the Kingdom of Henesys, and Sophia also shared with Luvia the information she had with Mandane and Sera.

The Kingdom of Henesys is trying to manipulate Luvia’s hatred of them to start a war against our country and do something bad to Luvia. That is something I will never allow.

I will do my utmost to crush any man who tries to touch my woman, even more than Eric did in the past, so that he will never be able to crawl back up again.

Well, it took us a few days like this to return to the royal palace.

But the kingdom of Henesys was in more disarray than we had expected.

according to Blinken, Sera and Mandane had circulated thousands and tens of thousands of flyers throughout the country with information about the forces that were trying to take over the country. Since there is no printing technology in this world, hand-writing is the basic method, but since the two of them used the letterpress printing technology developed by Blinken-san to mass print and distribute the flyers, there is no longer anyone who does not know the information about the bad guys.

So, everyone from commoners to nobles stood up to protect Luvia, who is an idol of the Henesys Kingdom, and the bad guys, who felt threatened by this, fled the country.

Blinken san’s false accusation was cleared, and Luvia, who had all the power, installed him as her vizier.

Queen Esther was saved by a piece of the fruit of the tree of life that Luvia brought to her, and she survived.

Now I and Luvia are in Queen Esther’s room, waiting for her to wake up.

“…… hnn ……”
“Mother ……”
“Mother…… mother…… mother…… mother!!!’

Queen Esther opens her eyes and opens her mouth to her own daughter while cracking her eyes open.

“Luvia,…… my daughter,…… the daughter I love most.”

Luvia jumped into Queen Esther’s arms, crying. Even though she was still sick, Queen Esther radiated motherly love and embraced her own beloved daughter.

“Eric saved me…… Eric fought the king of the Nephilim and gave me a piece of the fruit of the tree of life…… for me, for Mother….”
“Yes…… Eric accepted me for all that I was. Yes,…………. Eric accepted me for all that I am…. He embraced me as I am. ……I love him. ……”
“Luvia,…… it’s like watching me when I was a young girl………….”

When she was a young girl. Perhaps she is referring to the time when she was in love with my father. So I have to say it.

I must show Mistress Esther the evidence that could be the starting point to break the bonds that bind our relationship.

“”Her Majesty Queen Esther.”
“You are …… his son.”
“My father, His Majesty King Cyrus, King of Ilas, must make amends.”
“Her Majesty Queen Esther is the mother who gave birth to this lovely Luvia. Therefore, I wish you happiness. Therefore, His Majesty King Cyrus must take responsibility.”
“……You speak as if you know everything about me and Luvia’s past.”
“Yes, I do. Yes, Luvia told me in the Nephilim’s cave.”
“! Did Cyrus not tell you about our past?”
“Yes. Father always looked sad and didn’t say anything when it came to the kingdom of Henesys.”
“I understand ……. When this body recovers, I will go to the kingdom of Ilas and ask that man what he really thinks. If he betrayed Gaia and lied, he must be punished accordingly.”
“That is fine….. Her Majesty Queen Esther has a point.”
“……, Dauphin Eric.”
“Thank you so much for saving Luvia.
“I, too, thank you very much for giving birth to Luvia.”


Luvia Side

A few mornings later.

Eric changed everything for me. The fog of hatred was completely lifted and I began to pursue his love.

By the way, Mother is in rehab. Eric said, “I will help rehabilitate Her Majesty Queen Esther!” and he accompanies mother to support her body when she practices walking and also accompanies her on walks.

It is normal to have maids and servants do this, but Eric said he wanted to talk to my mother more, so he took on a role that should have been done by someone lower down.

The Eric…. is too …… happy to talk to my mother ……, and my cheeks relax. The man who rules my mind, the man who knows …… my shameful past, does not desire my body like a beast, but takes care of my precious being.

I feel my body heat up.

“…… let’s get up.”

I decided to eat breakfast and go to the room where Sera and the others were. By the way, Sera is no longer my maid. I tried to give Sera a knighthood, but she adamantly refused, telling me that she would remain a commoner maid. So I decided to treat her as a guest of honor.


The room where Sera, Sophia, and Mandane are.

I knock and lament my inability to move, even though I wish I could just walk in.

As I sigh, I hear three voices through the door.

“Sophia! Sera! It’s about time! Fufu.”
“Yeah, it would be perfect if His Majesty King Cyrus and Her Majesty Queen Esther could make up and both of them could be happy.”
“There have been a lot of hardships, but I’m beginning to see the light now! Princess Sophia and Princess Mandane, thank you so much for your hard work!”
“Sera worked really hard, too!”
“Yeah. Sera is wonderful. She’s already a splendid palace maid.”
“She is on par with the level of a maid in the service of the man who will be the great king who will marry three princesses!”
“Not quite yet…..”

The three of them discussing with happy faces. Then suddenly, Mandane asked them with a look like a maiden in love.

“Um,…… I have a question I’d like to ask you two.”
“What is it?”

“How many children …… do you two want Eric to have?”


EEEEEric’s children!?

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