Episode 48 – Luvia had never known the pleasure of love




Luvia remained silent and accepted my arms without unshaking me. The lava that was writhing and flowing and the skin that was too soft. Even though I was feeling these conflicting sensations, my heart was secretly whispering to me to take good care of Luvia, to be gentle with her.

Ten minutes passed, and we were still communicating our heat and heartbeats to each other, without talking to each other.

“Doesn’t my body make you sick?”

I asked her, looking into her beautiful red eyes.

“I used to get nauseous just by touching, but now I feel …… fine.”

Luvia replies while looking away. The profile of her face is as well-sculpted as a sculpture. But it seems to contain a humanity that sculptures don’t have.

“I am glad. I am happy to touch Luvia’s body.”
“W_What are you talking about…”
“Luvia is not cursed.”
“…… no, I’m cursed.”

Luvia bites her lip and says in frustration. Perhaps she has been living in the grip of these values all her life.

So, I held both of Luvia’s shoulders and

I decided to tell her how I really felt.

“How could such a pretty, eager, love-seeking girl be cursed? Risking my life to protect Luvia was the best thing I could have done!”

“No, don’t! I’ve never been told …… words like that, and besides, my clothes are in tatters and I’m not wearing any makeup, so I’m not pretty!”

Luvia is upset by the partition, moving her gaze here and there. This is not a look of anger or sadness, but a look that one shows when encountering an unknown emotion.

“Of course, the clothes and ornaments that enhance Luvia’s beauty are important, but they are all just luxuries that are meaningless without Luvia.”
“Luvia is not a doll. She’s a girl who can tell me about her sad past like this, and she’s also the person who saved my life.”
“No, no, …… it was two pieces of the fruit of the tree of life that saved Eric.”
“Even with two, if you really wanted to kill me, you wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of using this precious thing to bring me back to life.”
“Shut up,…… Eric’s mean,……”

She said it like she was trying to get away. But I will never let her get away with it.

“I’ll take care of everything.”
“I will take all of Luvia’s darkness, resentment, and grief ……. If the Nephilim try to kill me again, I’ll do it!”
“I have an obligation to do it.”
“No, no,…… it’s okay,…… this is something I have to bear,……”
“I’m sorry, …… I lied.”

“Luvia is too cute right now, and I want to spoil her. …… That Luvia who tried to kill me is now looking at me with such moist eyes and red cheeks. …… Honestly, I’m the one who can’t stand it. I can’t stand it. I want to whisper in her ear all the time that Luvia is a girl who isn’t cursed.”
“Eh, Eh! Eric! W-What are you talking about?!”
“I-I’m sorry! Forget it! Ugh! This is the worst. I swore in my heart that I would take good care of Luvia, but all I do is talk about myself …….”

Haa…… said things I didn’t want again, like when I was in Japan……

“Say more.”
“Eric, tell me everything you want me to ……”

I asked, puzzled, and Luvia nodded her head.

” I want to stroke Luvia’s head,”
“I want to call Luvia ‘chan’.”
“Why don’t you…?”
“I-Is that okay?”
” …… Y-yeah.”
“Luvia, Luvia-chan. ……”
“……, and then what?”
“After that, yes,…… I want to hear Luvia-chan’s story all the time. From the smallest details to the most significant.”
“I’ll do it for you when we get back to the palace. …… What’s left?”
“I want to smell Luvia’s scent.”
“! You pervert!”
“I’m sorry!”
“But …… I’m actually sniffing Eric too, so maybe I can’t speak for others. ……”
“Oh, really? By the way, what do I smell really like?”
“I’m not going to …… tell you! What else?”
“And then there’s …….”

“I want to kiss Luvia.”


Luvia suddenly pulls away from me and leans against the wall. Her face is already bright red, and her eyes, which are redder than her face, are shaking, but they are reflecting me precisely.

I stood up, approached Luvia and said

“I’m going to give you everything I have. So give me your lips, Luvia.”
“TTTTTTTThat’s not worth it,”
“Eh?. What? Is there something else Luvia wants?”
“No! I’m not that shallow!”

“A man who risked his life to make up with me and to save my mother, and now he’s offering to give me everything he has, and all I have to give …… is my lips………… Don’t underestimate me, please!”
“I’m sorry.”
“If you give me all of you, I’ll give you all of me …… Eric.”

I came in front of Luvia with a smile on my face.

“Why did you run away from me earlier?”
“Because …… you suddenly said kiss me. …… am I wrong?”
“No. I just thought you were cute.”
“Don’t be cheeky.”
“…Even though you know it”
“Let’s be honest with each other. I like Luvia. How about Luvia?”
“……, you know, ……, that’s…”

Luvia was reluctant to say anything, so I tilted my head and urged her to continue, but she showed no sign of simmering.

And then


“! Luvia!”
“You’re one year younger than me, …… don’t act older than me. ……”

When Luvia kissed me, I was too stunned to say anything. But when I look at this sassy girl, I feel like giving her a good scolding. Not with hatred or anger, of course, but with drowning love.

That’s why


“Luvia, say it. I haven’t heard back from you yet.”


“…… is not fair.”
“I’ll do it until you say so.”
“If I …… say it, there’s no turning back …… I’ll be turned into Eric’s girl ……. ……”

Luvia is afraid. But I won’t rush her. I just keep saying words of reassurance to Luvia.

“Don’t be afraid. The old, damaged Luvia and the Luvia that became my woman are the same Luvia to me. Everything in Luvia’s past should not be denied. So I will stand by that Luvia for the rest of my life.”

“If you …… say that to me, I can’t stand …… any longer. …… I can try to be stubborn, but I can’t win against you.’
“I like…… you, I love…… you, I fell in love with that righteous heart and deed of yours…… so… …”
“So what?”
“So give me your love.”
“Yeah. I’ll give you so much. I’ll give you more than you’ll ever want.”
“I’ll never get tired of you. I’ll keep asking for you until I go to the other side.”
“Yeah, come here, Luvia!”
“‘Yes! I love you!”

And Luvia hugs me.
Luvia’s face is bright.

Her clothes are in tatters, and compared to the glamorous figure I saw at the Temple of Gaia, she is really quite shabby.

However, the smiling Luvia I see now is the most beautiful, prettiest, and loveliest I have ever seen.

There is still the matter of my father and Her Majesty Queen Esther to deal with, but it will be all right.

Everything is going to be fine.

There is no proof, no clear plan.

But I feel that I am beginning to develop such positive thoughts without my mind.

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