Episode 40 – Taboo and Determination



Blinken’s story is as follows. First, within this kingdom, there are a number of aristocrats who have risen to prominence by exploiting Luvia’s hatred. And these people are working to incite Luvia to attack the Kingdom of Ilas. They are also eliminating one after another the former elders and Luvia’s close associates who had supported the Kingdom of Henesys until now. And finally, they are planning to isolate Luvia and defile her beautiful face and body in a truly dirty plot.

Queen Esther, Luvia’s mother, who had been aware of such a devious scheme in advance, is in a serious condition after being caught in their clutches. Blinken was falsely accused and sentenced to death, and is now imprisoned here.

“…… This is far from a reconciliation, isn’t it?”
“No, you are the only one who can change this critical situation.”
“Me, ……”
“Yes. You understood the sorrow that was deep inside the heart of Her Highness Princess Luvia. The loneliness and heartache hidden behind that beautiful face.”
“…… I want to save Luvia. I want to free Luvia from the darkness!”
“Don’t be rash. You will get your chance.”

I could not see Blinken’s face, but I could hear something in his voice. But I could sense in his voice an aura of longing for something.

But there was one thing that bothered me.

“Um, Blinken-san?”
“Can you tell me why Luvia is so angry?”
“It is true that I rode into the Henesys Kingdom a few years ago and said some terrible things to her. But she talked as if there were other reason. ……”
“I can’t …… tell you that. It is the biggest taboo in the kingdoms of Ilas and Henesys. If I said it, I would be committing a grave sin. It must not happen.”
“Even if it is the biggest taboo, it is strange that I, the next king of the Kingdom of Ilas, don’t know about it. What in the world happened?”
“…… Really, have you heard nothing from that king? About Her Majesty Queen Esther and Princess Luvia?”
“No, I have not heard. My father didn’t tell me much about the kingdom of Henesys. It seems he was deliberately avoiding ……”
“That’s very interesting. Your Royal Highness.”
“You must make peace with Her Highness Princess Luvia and Her Majesty Queen Esther no matter what!”
“L-Luvia, I understand, but even Queen Esther?”
“In order to heal the wounds in the hearts of both of them, you must play an active role! However, you sinned by your words, while your father sinned by his deeds. In order to reconcile, you must atone for that sin in a way that is acceptable to Her Majesty the Queen and Her Highness the Princess. May you be the man who can satisfy both of them.”
“Y-yes! I will do my best!”

I was overwhelmed by Brinken-san’s vigor as he appealed to me in this way. His elegant voice radiated a sense of urgency.


The next day, a girl wakes up early in the morning in a noble guest room in the back of the house and puts on the sleeves of a maid’s uniform of the Henesys kingdom, and two beautiful girls watch her.

“Yes! Princess Sophia!”
“Sorry. I feel like I’m pushing you.”
“It’s all right! I’ll do my best to help Eric make peace with Princess Luvia!”
“Yes! Princess Mandane!”

Mandane hugged Sera and wrapped her up in her own big bosom.

“Sera will do well, I know she will! Sera has been endorsed by the people of my country!”
“Princess Mandane……”
“But we mustn’t let our guard down. Sera’s mission is to find out what kind of situation Luvia is in and to get a chance to reconcile with Eric.”

After enjoying the softness of Mandane’s chest, Sera stepped away and nodded her face as she stepped and replied.

“Fufu, good girl.”

Sophia, who had been smiling at the scene, opened her mouth.

“After all, Sera has an aura that calms people down. Luvia probably found that in Sera, too, which is why she made such a crazy proposal.”
“I can understand that.”
“I-I am not such a great person! The maidservant is a commoner maid, an insignificant piece of dusty existence that is merely the property of Eric-sama. ……”

Sophia and Mandane looked at Sera with satisfaction as she bowed her head, then looked at each other and smiled brightly, and then they both hugged Sera tenderly and tenderly.

“Sera and I, despite our differences in status, are dear friends of ours”
“May Gaia bless Sera. ……”
“Princess Sophia, …… and Princess Mandane, …….”

A single crystalline tear fell from each of the three’s eyes, wetting the fine carpet on the floor.

The tension is on Sera’s face as she leaves the room and makes her way to Luvia’s room. Her body was shaking a little, but she pushed forward, thinking of Eric, Sophia, and Mandane’s faces. Along with the notebook given to her by Safina, the royal palace maid in Halkeginia, which was carefully tucked away in an inside inner pocket.

And then they were left alone in the room.

“So! Sophia! Shall we move too?”
“Yes, it’s important to gather information on everything.”
“If we can reconcile with Luvia, I’m sure a wonderful future awaits us all!”
“Yes. It’s our turn to make a move.”
“Let’s be careful! We are the trusted supplier of the best cosmetics to Luvia, and there are a lot of people in the palace who know us.”
“Ah, so we will each contact a trusted high ranking official.”

The two of the three most beautiful women on the continent of the Orient left the room with this decision.

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