The only light here is from a candle. There are no windows, and the damp air is unpleasant. There are probably guards outside the thick door on the other side.

Truth san…..What’s going to happen to me? I sigh with a slightly resentful look on my face.

It’s still too early to give up. There will surely be a chance. I’ll do everything I can to make things right with Luvia!

While I was so determined, a thick door was opened.

Speak of the devil….

In the candlelight is a beautiful woman of the highest caliber.

“Luvia …….”

Luvia brought one of those Guardwomen who had seized me. Luvia has a whip in her hand.

“Ara ara…you are a shadow of your former self.”

I bowed my head and made no response.

“I’m sure you’ve been rounding them up with some …… lousy crap about making them fall in love with you?”
“You really are fearless, aren’t you? You’re going to take those beautiful women’s virginity and run away again, aren’t you? I know everything you are thinking.”

But I couldn’t keep my mouth shut at the last provocation.

“No!. I would never do that! I don’t do that, and I would never do that!”
“You’re a talker, …… Eric!!!.”
“Elze! Get him.”

Elze, the one from the guard, unlocked the lock of the prison, which was blocked by an iron fence, entered, and seized me again. So my hands and feet were pinned to the metal fittings on the wall.


Luvia approached me after taunting me as I stood there, unable to do anything.

“What …….””
“Let me ask you why you came to our country dressed as such a lowly aristocrat.”

Her voice sounded cold. But I think there is anger and sadness mixed in her voice. Scary,……, if I say something that will offend Luvia, I might get whipped with that sturdy whip.

But I can’t back down. ……

“I’m …… here to make up with Luvia!”
“No matter what happens, I will make up with Luvia and bring peace to the continent of the Orient! I’ll do whatever it takes to make that possible!”

For a moment, the woman in the guard named Else freaked out. But Luvia was not.

“Fufu…… ahahahahahahahahaha! That’s a great plan. He wants to make up with me.”
“yes. Yes, I do.”
“But I’m sorry. I have no intention of doing so. All I want is for you and your father to be killed by my hand.
“Tell me why …….”
“Tell you why?”

“Why do you look so sad?”
“! I have a …… sad look on my face?”
“Yes, Luvia has a sad, lonely look on her face.”
“Is your eye a decoration? One of the people I want to kill the most just came rolling in. I’m in a good mood.”
“No, on the surface you are smiling, but inside you are sad.”
“It’s true, I said some terrible things to Luvia a long time ago. So, I want to apologize a lot and do a lot for her until that wound heals. …… But looking at her expression, it doesn’t look like I’m the only one who caused it. So I want you to tell me. I want you to tell me why you are looking so pained and sad!”

I appealed to her with a little moisture in my eyes, and Luvia looked puzzled before stepping back a few paces.

“Shut up …… up, shut up, shut up, shut up! You …… know that and you know that …….”
“No, I don’t understand.”
“Are you going to lie to me here? That beastly man’s son is a liar too!”
“What’s the matter with my father?”

Luvia slowly lowered her head in response to my question. Then she suddenly became enraged and held out her whip to threaten me.

“I won’t forgive you,……, I will never forgive you,…..!!!!!!.”

Saying this, Luvia put all her strength into the hand holding the whip and tried to strike me.


“Princess Luvia!”

Elze san, who was standing next to me, raises her hand and stops her.

“I am very worried about Her Highness Princess Luvia,…… who is going to show off her beautiful figure to the nobles at the banquet tomorrow,…… and I am not going to let her use her body for the worst kind of man…. It is too painful for me to see it, and I am afraid that it will damage the beauty of Her Highness Princess Luvia.”

Luvia, hearing her voice, rolled her eyes and weakened the hand holding the whip. Then the whip fell to the floor.

“I guess so. If I get too upset here, it will affect my plans for tomorrow.”
“I’m sorry for being so blunt. I will accept any punishment. I hope your beauty lasts forever. ……”
“No. It was out of concern for me. …… Eric, that saved your life.”
“Let’s go.”

Luvia got out of the jail where I was. Elze quickly untied the metal fittings that were tied to my hands and feet.


Elze, she has a somewhat unwilling expression on her face. I wonder what she is trying to say to me. But Elze-san doesn’t say anything.

Just as I stand up and approach the thick door, she opens her mouth.

“Sir Blinken.”
“He is the crown prince of the kingdom of Iras, no doubt.”
“Yeah. I have a good idea of what kind of relationship the two of them have from the conversation they just had. Continue to protect Her Highness Princess Luvia. I have a glimmer of hope.”
“Yes. Take care.”

A voice that sounded like an elderly person came from a room in the diagonal direction. Apparently, I am not the only one imprisoned.

When Elze san finished speaking, he walked briskly out of the prison.

After a few moments of silence, the mysterious Sir Blinken speaks to me.

“Prince Eric, …….”
“And who are you?”
“My name is Blinken. I am a duke in the service of Her Majesty Queen Esther, the mother of Princess Luvia.”
“If you are a duke……, why are you here?”
“This is a prison for high lords and ladies who have committed serious crimes against the royal family.”
“Did Blinken-san do something bad to Princess Luvia or Queen Esther?”

“……This is going to be a long story. But you must know. If you have a strong will to make peace with Her Highness Princess Luvia,……”

Then I learned of the spectacular situation surrounding Luvia.

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