Near the border of the Kingdom of Henesys

After several days of traveling out of the Kingdom of Ernia, we finally arrived at the Kingdom of Henesys.

As Sophia and Sera had said that day, the three of us had become good friends, and the awkward attitude we had displayed at the beginning of the trip was gone.

The three of us, except Sera, were dressed as low-ranking nobles of the Kingdom of Ernia, and we were able to safely pass through the checkpoint near the border leading to the royal capital of the Kingdom of Henesys. Then we were confronted by a great number of soldiers, tanks, and people carrying weapons. It seems that they are strengthening their military to wage war against our country.

Sighing with mixed feelings, I gripped the reins and looked toward the soldiers, who were snickering and talking.

“You’re going to go to King’s Town once you’re done with your duty, aren’t you?”
“Of course I am! This time! Princess Luvia is going to make a speech directly to the public about the Kingdom of Ilas!”
“Usually it’s Her Majesty the Queen. The princess Luvia is the only person with the power to rule the kingdom of Henesys in the future. There are rumors circulating that she is about to take over the crown.”
“Well, she’s so beautiful and intelligent, what more could we ask for?”
“Yes! After all, she is the most beautiful of the three most beautiful women on the orient continent.”
“What kind of person would such a perfect woman marry?”
“If she’s going to do it, it would have to be someone as powerful as that son of a bitch from the Kingdom of Ilas, wouldn’t it?”
“Hahaha! Well, it’s true, but that guy’s kingdom is going to be destroyed soon. That prince will either become Princess Luvia’s slave, or be killed, or two.”

They are exchanging horrifying stories. Mandane had told me about this country to some extent, but now that I was actually witnessing its current situation, I had goosebumps.

However, those soldiers gave me information that I could use. Luvia is scheduled to make a speech in the capital today.

Suppressing my impatience and trembling hands, I managed to enter the capital of the Kingdom of Henesys, get a hotel, and arrive at the plaza of the Temple of Gaia, where Luvia was scheduled to make a speech.

“It’s a huge turnout. ……”
“Yes. ……”

Sophia and Sera let out a sigh of sorrow when they saw the overflowing crowd that had gathered in the plaza.

“Security is tighter than before, too. ……It might be a little strange to mobilize this many soldiers for a speech. ……”
“Is it?”
“Ah, it’s just my personal opinion. ……”

Mandane is right, there are a tremendous number of soldiers who are strictly controlling the people. It was as if they were desperately trying to prevent any danger from coming to them.

“Quietly !!!”

A man with an imposing appearance on a platform at the top of the temple’s towering tower shouted loudly into the bustling square, and the people in the square fell silent.

Then, the people in the plaza fell silent and the area became a scene of silence despite the huge number of people present.

“Listen with all your heart to the speech of Her Highness Princess Luvia!”

The man finishes and pulls back. Then a woman appears, with pink hair and wearing a beautiful purple dress.

“Look at her, look at her ……, she’s so beautiful!”
“It’s been a year since I’ve seen the real Princess Luvia.”
“She’s beautiful!”
“Glory to the Kingdom of Henesys!”

Immediately this plaza was filled with joy.

No doubt about it. That is Luvia. I’m watching from a distance, but that aura is very similar to the atmosphere I sensed a few years ago.

After a certain amount of time, as if on cue, all the citizens kept their mouths shut and focused their attention on Luvia’s face.

“Today, with such fine weather, the plaza of the Temple of Gaia from above is truly magnificent. Surely this is a sign that Gaia, the god of the earth, has blessed us.”
“Soon our country will have a military power that will surpass even the Kingdom of Ilas, the dominant power on the continent of the Orient.”
”Soon we will hold the hegemony of the Orient continent. If the Kingdom of Ilas recognizes this fact and accepts to become our vassal state, they will be our slaves and they will be able to hold on to their lives. ……”
“But if they refuse to do so, they will perish! From the royalty to the commoners, they will be killed without exception, and the whole of the Kingdom of Iras will cry out in blood. We are generous. Therefore, we will give them a chance. But if they reject it, the Kingdom of Ilas will continue to be the most cursed land, despised, scorned, and ignored without bounds!”

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh !!!! Long live the Kingdom of Henesys! Long live the Kingdom of Henesys! Long live the Kingdom of Henesys!”

“This is terrible……”
“Eric sama……”
“Luvia……, this is even worse than the last time we had this.”

Luvia’s veins are floating on her face, and she is inciting the people. The combination of her gorgeous good looks and eloquence excited the people as if they were in a trance.

Luvia’s speech lasted about 30 minutes. The reaction, as you can see, was so enthusiastic that it could be called a great success. Not a single stutter, wrong word, or gaffe was shown.


“And so, a bright future awaits us……?!”

Luvia suddenly stopped talking, rolled her eyes, and began to tremble.

“Huh? What’s going on all of a sudden?”
“I guess she’s nervous because it’s her first time giving a speech?”
“Well, she’s been looking at me for a long time, but I don’t know why.”

Yes, I know.

Luvia is looking at me.


The same or even more anger is contained in the burning ruby red eyes that are looking at me.

Then Luvia abruptly stops her speech and steps down from the tower. Then that pompous man appears again and shouts loudly.

“Her Highness Princess Luvia has been greatly hurt by the barbaric acts of the arrogant and tyrannical people of the Kingdom of Iras, and she has decided to end her speech! Therefore, this speech is over!”
“The Kingdom of Ilas …… will never forgive you!”
“If war comes, we will volunteer!”
“Together we will protect Princess Luvia!”


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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter! I’m not a fan of tsunderes but I will endure for the wholesomeness afterwards

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Let’s hope we will see her true feelings