After breakfast, I left my room and headed for the royal conference room. The purpose was to learn about imperialism.

I played the role of Eric as usual, referring to my past memories. However, the Eric of the past had a bad temperament, and he was always hitting on others, so I made the excuse that I was not feeling well and kept quiet, saying as little as possible.

The routine here is relatively simple. After about three hours of learning the imperial studies I mentioned earlier, it is basically free time. In the past, Eric used this free time to indulge in extravagance. He had humans fight fierce beasts in a stadium called the Colosseum, gathered the people of the Kingdom of Ilas in one place and held a glittering party, and did other things that the Roman Emperor Nero would have done.

Of course, this kingdom is wealthy. So there is no problem financially, but the environment surrounding this kingdom is deteriorating. Both in its relations with other countries and in its internal situation. So I thought, I’ll talk to my father today.

That’s what I was thinking, and I was planning my strategy until dinner time came.

Time flew by and night fell. It was time to have dinner with my father.

So now I am sitting at a spacious table with my father, His Majesty Philip. In front of me is the finest steak, vegetables, bread, etc.

A meal just the two of us. Eric and his father have been good friends in the past, so there is little chance of suspicion if I show my true self.

“Eric. Today’s steak is made from the buffalo that the slaves killed in the colosseum. Don’t hesitate to eat it.”
“Thank you, Father! Itadakimasu!”

And we began to eat.

“Oh, Eric. Lately, the Henesys Kingdom has become increasingly suspicious.”
“Ever since father became king, they’ve been trying to attack us with the kingdoms of Halkeginia and Ernia as allies.”
“Yeah. So, I think it’s time to restrict the export of Shine Stone to those three countries.”
“The Shine Stone is a magical stone that emits heat and light and can only be found here in the Kingdom of Ilas. Countless countries purchase the Shine Stone from the Kingdom of Ilas so that they can conduct economic activities even at night. In short, Shine Stones are indispensable for economic development. If we put restrictions on exports, I am sure we can expect a tremendous backlash.”
“I’m sure there would be. But I don’t care if it’s inside or outside the country. I don’t care if it’s domestic or foreign, I will kill anyone who gets in my way”
“Are you willing to negotiate?”
“The word ‘negotiation’ doesn’t exist in my mind. All you have to do is force them into submission by force of arms. The rest of them are just tools.”

In the past, father was not such a ruthless person. He was a good father. But he became a completely different man after a struggle for the throne led to his brother’s attempt on his life and the murder of his wife, daughter, and son by the men he trusted.

“Father, war is still not a good thing. If war causes problems in the production of Shine Stone, it will be a great blow not only to the Orient continent but also to the economies of other countries. Of course, there would be tremendous damage to our country as well. ……”
“I know that. That’s why I’m thinking about it a lot. But if things continue as they are, I guess we won’t be spared from war.”

The Kingdom of Ilas is the most powerful country on the Orient continent. If a war were to halt the economy through trade, the nobles and the people would rebel, and support for father would probably decline.

So there is only one thing to do.

It’s a little embarrassing, but ……

“Father, I have a brilliant idea.”
“Hmm? What do you mean? Tell me.”
“Those three kingdoms are so barren of children that they have no man to be their king.”
“Oh, I am sure that the next kings of Halkeginia, Ernia, and Henesys will all be the only daughters of their kings.”
“Yes, that’s right. So, the kings of the three kingdoms must be very protective of their daughters, of whom they have only one.”
“Yes. Yes.”
“So …… if those three and I were to marry, I don’t think we would be able to have a war. ……”

In Japan, polygamy is forbidden, so it’s a little embarrassing to say it, but at this point, I have no choice.

“Pfft! Hahahahaha! He is my son after all. That greedy part is not bad. I’m going to make all of them yours and make them your slaves, aren’t I?””

I have no intention of making slaves

“But, Eric. You said some pretty horrible things to those three guys the other day, and I’m sure they hate you to the core.”

Yes, I know. The past Eric made outrageous sexual harassment remarks to the princesses of the three countries. In fact, I would say that those three countries are joining forces because of the coercive attitude of father and me.

Dad continues to demand that we become a vassal state. The old Eric who made insulting sexual harassment remarks. The only way to get out of this goose-stepping relationship is for me to make peace with those three princesses and marry them.

Is that why I was summoned to this world?

“Father, it is true that I said terrible things to those three, but I will not give up. I am a man who, like my father, will never give up. I will surely marry the princesses of those three countries and bring peace to the world! If this all goes well, everything will be to Father’s credit and he will be recorded as the greatest king in the Kingdom of Irace.”
“After all, …… it’s the son who should have it. Eric, you are my rock. But if you fail, we will have no choice but to go to war.”
“Yes. I am well aware of that. So I’m going on a little trip!”
“A trip?”
“Yes! A trip!”

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