“Don’t be so lonely.”

Sera is more slender than Sophia, and has a thinner figure overall. I was amazed at how she could endure Eric’s rantings in the past with such a body.

I let out a deep sigh of emotion, and Sera opened her mouth in a confident tone.

“Eric-sama,……, when you are so kind to me, I get confused,…….”
“When I was in the Kingdom of Ilas, Eric-sama spoke kind words to me when I broke a high-class dish.”
“Because I was worried about you, Sera chan.”
“Not only that, when I was entangled with a certain nobleman in the royal capital of the Kingdom of Halkeginia, you gently defended me.”
“Yes, I know. I know how important Sera is to me.”
“……That’s what I’m talking about, …… Eric-sama.”
“Hmm? That?”

I tilted my head and asked her to continue, but she remained silent and said nothing.

In this space, where only the murmuring of a clear stream and the chirping of insects can be heard, there is only me and Sera, with our bodies attached to each other. There is no one to disturb us. In some cases, the situation could be accidental. But I don’t feel like it.

The only thing that exists is my strong will to take care of Sera.

Therefore, I hugged her more tightly. Then, I put my cheek against her head a little.

“Eric-sama ……”
“What’s wrong?”
“When I touch Eric-sama’s body, I get evil feelings ……, so I’d appreciate it if you’d leave me alone …….”
“Will you tell me how it makes you feel?”
“I’m very afraid that if I …… say such a thing, I’ll be punished.”
“You don’t need to be afraid. I am the next king of the kingdom of Ilas. If anyone tries to punish Sera chan, I will punish them ten times more severely.”
“Eric-sama ……”
“So say it.”

Then Sera shakes her body. Is she telling me to let her go? Thinking so, I quickly get up to leave her and stand up. Sera, like me, stands up, turns on her heel, and turns toward me.

Her eyes are moist, her cheeks are tinted pink, and her body is thin. Her thin body. And her beautiful face. All of these things together make my heart soar.

But I do not smile. I only turn a serious expression toward Sera. I felt that if I spoiled her, everything would be undone.

What I see in both of my eyes is Sera’s glamorous face.

And then, her glossy lips start to move.

“I want your kindness, Eric-sama. …… I want your love, Eric-sama. …… I don’t care if you make love to other beautiful princesses. …… If you could direct even one part in a million of that love towards me, I would not wish for anything! The reason I followed Eric-sama without training under Safina-sama is because without Eric-sama, I am more sad…… please do not abandon this insolent maid! I don’t care if I am killed by Eric-sama’s hand. But don’t throw me away. ……”

I see. So this is how Sera really feels. To be honest, I was a little scared. The old Eric is gone, but from Sera’s point of view, he is still the same person. She is asking me for love.

I was so happy, so happy, that my heart was racing. However, Sera in front of me seemed to be in shock.

It’s no wonder. She is demanding something from me, the next king, on top of her personal feelings. If it were any other nobleman or royalty, they would probably feel like a burden, or be scorned, used up, or even killed.

But I am not the old Eric.

I am the reincarnated Yamaoka Seiji.

So I to the frightened Sera.

I kissed her.


“One in a million isn’t enough, is it? I’ll give 100% love to Sera chan properly.”

“Eh, eeeeeeeh, Eric-sama! Because I’m a commoner, a maid and ……”
“Yes, you are. You are a commoner and a maid.”
“But Sera is my exclusive maid, the only one in the world. For me, she is very important. She is the only one who can take care of me.”
“Eric-sama ……”

Sera suddenly burst into tears upon hearing what I had to say. The tears like crystals falling down the cheeks are shining brightly in the moonlight.

I saw her sad but precious figure, and I spread my hands with a smile on my face.

And then

one word


And then…

“Eric sama !!!!!!!”

With that shout, Sera jumped into my chest.

“In the name of Gaia, the god of the earth, I declare that I, Sera, am the property of Eric-sama. …… all of Sera’s body and soul are Eric-sama’s. …”
“Sera chan, …… you are only 16 years old, can you make a declaration that you are my property?”

Declaration of Possession. It is a phrase uttered by maids, butlers, and other servants when they pledge their eternal loyalty to their masters. In a few cases, rich aristocrats pay large sums of money to have young commoner women declare themselves their property for sexual gratification. However, since they are speaking of Gaia, the god of the earth, the nobles would be stripped of their titles, and the commoners would have their entire families and relatives killed if they declared themselves property for such an outrageous purpose.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that there are no cases of such a beautiful girl voluntarily declaring herself a property. If anyone would do it, it would be the chief butler or maid who has served her master for several decades and has built a relationship of trust with him that is like family.

“It’s fine. I am sure that other nobles or royalty would ask me to do things that are not good. But Eric-sama is different. Eric-sama’s kind words and attitude always fill my heart. So I will continue to be Eric sama’s property until this heart stops beating.”
“Sera ……”

Sera buries her face in my chest. Sera has sworn to be my property of her own free will.

Toward her, I said what I had forgotten to tell her.

“Umm, I have one piece of good news.”
“Hmm? What is it?”
“Last time I went out with Sophia, I wrote a little letter to Father. I asked him to send the best herbs to Sera’s parents. I’m sure your father and mother will welcome you with open arms when you return from your trip!”
“Eh, Eeeeeeeeehhhhhh!?!?!?!?”

The highest quality medicinal herb. It is something that a palace maid has to work for several years without spending any money to buy. The reason Sera became a palace maid in the first place was to support her younger siblings and her ailing parents, so when the medicinal herbs reach Sera’s parents, her purpose will be fulfilled.

“I …… am so glad that I …… became Eric sama’s property. …… I am so glad. ……”
“They are the family that gave birth to my precious little Sera. She means a lot to me.”
“Eric sama……”
“Sera chan….”
“I will be Eric sam’s property for the rest of my life and I will serve him well. ……”
“You are my property……, but before that, Sera, you are a lovely girl. She’s not some tool to be thrown away when it breaks, she’s my personal maid, a living, lovely maid.”
“I am a lucky person,…… and everything about me belongs to Eric sama.”
“I will take good care of you.”
“Master Eric ……”

We held each other for a while, feeling each other’s body heat.


“Thanks for the food. Sera is quite a good cook.”
“I’m so glad it was to your taste!”
“Because She’s my personal maid!”
“…..Eric sama….”
“Fufu, yes.”

We ate the meat that Sophia brought and the delicious soup that Sera prepared with grass, nuts, and spices that were in the back of the truck.

Combined with the unique camping atmosphere, the meal went very well.

All that remained was to clean up and go to bed.

While Sophia was tending to her sword and I was adjusting the heat by adding a few sticks of firewood, Sera came back after finishing the dishes.

Well, it’s time to decide where we’re going to sleep. The tent in front of us is for two people. This meant that one of us would have to sleep in the back of the tent. But the back of the tent was spacious, and I had brought a warm blanket, so there was no problem.

“Well, …… we need to decide where we’re going to sleep. …… what do you think?”

As I looked at them with a sideways glance, I tried to guess what they were going to do. Then Sophia suddenly visited Sera in a hurry.

“W-Where would you like to go, Sera?”
“Eh!? M-me?”
“Y-yes. I-I want to hear Sera’s opinion..”
“I-I prefer …… the back.”
“Then I’ll have to sleep with Eric!? In that tent!?”
“Yes, that’s right ……””

In silence, the three of us just watched the blazing fire. I don’t think it would be …… good for a man and a woman to sleep together in such a small place.

And also,

I haven’t said it properly yet,……

I knew this place is…..

“I knew it. ……”

“Sera is sleeping with me!”

Sophia said loudly, interrupting me. Well, I was going to have the two of them sleep together too, so the result was all right.

“Eh!? But Princess Sophia is with Eric and ……”

“I have a lot to tell you Sera.”

A lot of things?

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