(TL/N : the actual title is 高校生デートの鉄板, but I don’t understand what is 鉄板 meaning so if someone knows, please tell)

“Come on! Let’s go~”
“Shut up in front of people’s houses so early in the morning!”

The following Saturday.
The day came when I had to go with Shiina to work.

At 5 a.m. in the early morning, I rubbed my sleepy eyes as I got ready and left the house, but Shiina was already standing in front of me waiting.

“Saku-kun~, let’s get a little more excited,~”
“I can’t, I’m too sleepy and I’m not in the mood.”
“You can see me working in my cute little outfit, can’t you? Aren’t you looking forward to it?”
“I can’t stand it when you say you’re cute.”

Girls who call themselves cute are usually a turn-off.
Well, I’d be more attracted to a girl who calls someone younger than herself cute while recognizing that she’s cute.

“The meeting is at 6:30, so we’re leaving for now!”
“Okay, okay.”

Shiina took me by the hand and we started walking down the street to the station.
As usual, I was concerned about the stares of the people around me.

There are quite a few people, including businessmen who go to work early and clubbing high school students heading for morning practice.
Moreover, I feel like my heart is being gouged out because people are looking at me with eyes that are more drawn to me than usual because I seem to be a serious person.

After arriving at the station, it takes about 10 minutes to get on the rapid express train. We arrived at the station nearest to our destination.

“Saku kun”
“What is it?”

I look at Shiina with a stern look as she grabs me by the arm from inside the train.

“We still have time before the meeting, don’t we?”
“Shouldn’t you at least get to work early?”
“I always come in about 20 minutes before, but I can still take my time for 40 minutes now, right?
“You’re going to ask me to go to a hotel anyway, aren’t you?”
“How do you know what I’m thinking?”

She’s trying to get laid at a hotel before work, she’s really crazy.
The thought process is as buggy as ever.

“Well, even if I can’t go to a hotel, you know what? Aren’t you getting hungry?”

Shiina, who came out in front of me as I passed through the ticket gate, nodded her head.

“………… sure is hungry.”

I haven’t had time to eat breakfast since I woke up, and I don’t think I’ll be able to eat until around noon.

“Then why don’t we go somewhere appropriate for a high school date where we can get some good food while we’re at it?”
“I think I have a pretty good idea.”

A place for high school students to stop by after school or in the morning.
It’s a little expensive, but the drinks and suits are the best in town.

“Starbucks, let’s stop by!”

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