Episode 19 – Journey that begins and Sophia and Sera




We prepared for our departure. The low-class aristocratic attire of the Kingdom of Ilas that I was currently wearing would definitely make me look suspicious. So, at Sophia’s suggestion, we decided to wear the lower-class aristocratic attire of the Halkeginian style. Of course, Sera was also asked to wear a Halkeginian-style maid’s uniform.

We also prepared forged identity cards and gold coins circulating in the Kingdom of Ernia, and after talking with the king and queen, we received permission to travel with Sophia.

All that remained was to set out.

Time flies, and early morning comes, a few days after the date with Sophia.

After greeting the king and queen, the three of us, Safina san, and the chief guard gathered at the stables for the first time.

It was me, Sophia, and Sera who were leaving.


While the Guard was looking for the carriage in the stables, Sophia was fidgeting, as if she was remembering something embarrassing. I was curious to know what was going on, so I spoke to her.

“Sophia, what’s wrong?”
“I’ve never …… worn clothes like this before, so I was afraid that …… Eric would look at me strangely.”

Sophia is dressed in the attire of a low-ranking knight and is glancing at me discreetly. She is usually dignified, but she can’t help but let her breath escape at this cute, innocent reaction she is showing to me. So, in order to hide my embarrassment, I pat her head and speak softly to her.

“Sophia-chan is so cute, she looks good in anything she wears.”
“I-I see. ……”
“Yes! It’s not that the clothes are cute, it’s that Sophia-chan is cute in those clothes.”
“! Eric! Mou… idiot. ……”

Sophia moves her body closer to me after saying that. The tight parts are tight, but the other parts are as soft as a girl’s. I feel the softness of her body. I smiled with an exhale as I was soothed by her touch. As Sera and Safina watched us with warm eyes, the Guard chief brought a carriage.

“Please use this carriage! It looks ordinary, but the parts are customized by me using the highest quality parts. So I think you will have no problem using it for your long journey.”
“Thank you!”

I thanked him and we were about to get into the carriage. But on the way, Sera turned and looked at Safina as if she was sorry to see her go.

“Oh, um,…… Safina san,…… thank you so much for everything!”
Seeing the expression on Sera’s face, Safina-san’s mouth half-opens, but she eventually regains her composure and approaches Sera. She then took a notebook out of her pocket and handed it to Sera.

“I’ll give this to you,”
“Eh? What is this?”

Sera, who received the note with a scowl, urged her to continue with a glance.

“This is a note that I have kept since I started working at the palace. While you are traveling with the two of them, look at the note and learn the skills of a maid worthy of His Highness Eric.”
“M-May I have this precious thing?”
“Of course! Sera is a hard worker and a very nice girl. Besides, when peace comes to the Orient continent, we will serve the two of them together for a long time. …… So, you see, …… yes, you are like a little sister… …Sera.”

Sophia looked away, a little embarrassed, and managed to get a few words out of her mouth. Sera was so moved by what she saw that she jumped into Safina san’s arms.

“Safina san!!! I’ll do my best to become a great maid!”
Fufu! Sera chan…… Fufu…… cute girl.”

The two embraced for a moment. It was a very heartwarming scene.

Then Sophia and Sera got on the back of the truck,

We were off.

“We wish you a safe trip home! Have a good trip!”
“His Royal Highness Prince Eric! I will support you too!”

I nodded and waved to Safina-san and the guard, who waved to me.

I know it’s going to be a long journey from now on, but we have money and plenty of food and essential supplies in the back of the truck.

And best of all, I have Sophia and Sera.

I took the reins of my horse and we left the royal palace and then made our way out of the royal city. The bustling atmosphere fades away, and a dense forest spreads out.

Birds chirped, plants and trees swayed in the wind, and a clear stream rushed by. If I took a picture of the scenery here and posted it on a video site, I’m sure it would be very popular.

But this is a different world. This is a medieval era where advanced technology does not exist.

Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I came here. When I was in Japan, I used to spend my time after work eating and playing with friends. But since I came here, as a prince of the most powerful kingdom, I have been working hard to solve the problems that the tyrannical Eric used to have. For me, it’s like being forced to clean up someone else’s mess, but it’s not all bad. There are wonderful encounters and bonds.

While I was thinking about this, I heard the door to the back of the truck open. Then, with a familiar movement, he came out, gently closed the door, and came to me. Since this carriage is the larger one, I packed to the left and beckoned Sophia to join me. Then Sophia’s face turned a little pink and she sat down on my right.

“What’s up?”
“I just wanted to get some air. ……”
“Take your time.”

I said with a smile, then turned to face forward.

A few moments passed.

As I looked at the endless green, I suddenly felt a strange sensation from my side. It was almost like a cat punch, if I had to use an analogy. Concerned, I looked next to her and saw that Sophia was looking ahead.

After a kyoton, she turns her head to look ahead again and pops me in the side again. I look to the right again to see what it is, and Sophia is looking awkwardly forward again. However, she moves her eyes to the dividing line and glances at my profile.

C-cute ……

But I dared to pretend I didn’t know. I relax my grip on the reins to prepare for the next attack.

A few seconds pass, and as I expected, Sophia tries to poke me in the side again. But this time, she won’t. I think to myself, She’s not going to hit me this time.

So, I grab Sophia’s hand with one of my own and use the momentum to pull her toward me.


Sophia screamed charmingly. I quickly put my hand around her stomach and pull her even closer to me. But Sophia doesn’t resist at all. Sophia is the strongest knight, but she is beaten by my poor counterattack. She puts her head on my shoulder.

“Why didn’t you just tell me you wanted to stick together honestly?”
“, ……, I can’t say that. ……”
“Sophia chan, cute.”
“My cute Sophia chan.”
“……, S-stop it. …….”

Sophia said in a trembling voice. However, she doesn’t want to move away from me. when I see her, I feel so much love for her and I stroke her blue, silky hair. Sophia looks so comfortable and meditates.

After enjoying the sweet moment for a while, I took my hands off Sophia and took the reins with both hands. Then I took the reins with both hands and looked forward. But we are still attached to each other.

Our journey has just begun.

Sera side

Sera in the back of the truck is upset. Her eyes are shaking and she holds her head and mutters to herself.

“WWWWWWhat should I do……Eric sama and Princess Sophia are holding the reins and running the horse……This is clearly my job, but ……Princess Sophia She told me it was okay, but …… is this even possible! Master Eric is the next king and Princess Sophia is the next queen…… I feel kind of complicated!”

Sera shakes herself restlessly.

“All right, all right! Let’s read the notebook that Safina-san gave me and raise my maid’s level! Yes!”

With a snort, Sera takes out Safina’s notebook and starts reading it. After a few minutes, Sera has regained some composure. However, she is having a hard time concentrating because of the presence that is bothering her. Anxious presence. It is the two people over there.

With bated breath, Sera surreptitiously stands up and peeks at them through the window. Then, she sees two people who look like they are getting along well with each other.

A very happy-looking man and woman. And the image of Eric, who is kind to her, comes to mind.

“! No, I can’t! I am a lowly commoner maid! It’s a miracle that I’m serving Master Eric like this now, without feeling fear! So I have to support the two of them in their love! I must support Master Eric so that he can make peace with the other princesses too!”

Sera tries to be so combative, but eventually, she loses her strength and sits down as she is.

“…… Eric-sama.”

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