Damn it! I just came out in anger!

There was no time to spare!

I had no choice but to do it with my face exposed!

“Y-You’re the owner of a lunch store!”

“O-Onii chan~! How dare you kill my friends!”

“I don’t care, just kill him!”

The men attack all at once.

Kill me? You guys will never be able to do it.

With a fluid, linear motion, I ducked the enemy’s attack and slashed his neck with my counter dagger.


“H-He’s fast!”

“What the hell is this …… gah!”

One after another, the men were buried, and only Mokit remained.

“Hiiii! What the hell is wrong with you? You’re not just a commoner!”

“I’m just a commoner, …… though I’m a ‘reaper’ to the outcasts.”

I approach the shivering, retreating Mokit with leisurely steps.

“D-Don’t come! Do you care what happens to these women!?”

Mokit takes another vial out of his pocket and opens the lid. He held it out to Karina and the others, whose bodies were paralyzed and unable to move.

It seems that there is a deadly poison in that bottle that will kill them instantly.

“Try it. I’m telling you, don’t get your hopes up that you can stall for time and paralyze me with a poison mist. ……When I was a little kid, I was given more poison than this every day as a snack, up to the lethal limit, so my poison resistance is at its highest.”

Therefore, it’s almost impossible to get a kill by poisoning.

“Ugh, Ugggh! Then I’m going to kill these women first!”

“I told you it was too late!”

Before Mokit can raise the vial, I move behind him at high speed and grab him firmly by the wrist.

With my other arm, I rip off his mask.


“You test me to see how much poison it is.”

I forcefully force him to drink the vial.

Mokit’s body was so numb from the poison mist that he was unable to resist, and by pinching his nostrils he was able to gulp down the poison.

“Guggaa, gogee, aaaaaaah!”

Mokit’s face turns purple and he falls to the floor face down.

He fell to the floor on his face, foaming at the mouth and convulsing several times before he stopped moving.

I took another vial out of his body pocket and approached Karina and the others who were crouching in one place as if nothing had happened.

All of them were completely poisoned and seemed to be paralyzed and unable to move.

They all looked at me and wanted to say something, but they couldn’t even utter a word.

If I had left them like this, it would have been a close call.

I opened the lid of the vial I had taken from them and gave it to Fiala.

“It’s an antidote. It’s only natural that Mokit would have it in his possession, since you are such an important item for them to sell.”

“……t-thank you. Seti san,……, who the hell are you?”

“Don’t worry about me,…… Fiala, after you recover, please detoxify the other girls with sacred magic.”

As long as the priest, Fiala, recovers, it will be a blink of an eye.

After all, she is so skilled that she is called the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary Melsana.

“—-He does whatever he wants, cool onii chan! ”

Men came in from another doorway. There were 30 of them.

In the center of the group, there was a man who looked like the leader of the group, grinning. 

He was a large man with sheep-like horns on both sides of his forehead.

He is wearing a luxurious-looking black trench coat with a fluffy collar.

“Are you the ringleader of a human trafficking ring?”

“Yes, I am Darrigan. As you can see, I am a demon tribe. I like you, onii chan.”

The ringleader, who identified himself as Darrigan, invited me to join his team.

“I refuse. I’m not interested—and you’ll all die.”

I grabbed my dagger backhandedly and charged.

“Wait, wait, wait, …… Uwaa!”

The speed of the attack is so relentless and overwhelming that Darrigan and the men are horrified and shudder.

Just like the scythe wielded by the “Grim Reaper,” all the fishes were decapitated at once.

“You’re lying, hey …… so easily!”

Remaining, Darrigan shudders and is frightened.

“No mercy for the scoundrels. I’ll kill you, so hurry up and get lost.”

“Well, wait a minute! Deal …… with me, I’ll make you a deal! Hey, onii chan!!?”

“Deal? For what? I don’t want your money.”

“Eh? Well, yes. …… women! I’ll let you have as many of these women as you want.—Guha!”

“……, you’re wasting your time. Don’t ever be born again.”

I cut off Darrigan’s head and torso with a single sword.

I took a breath and looked around. The effect of the poison mist had disappeared, and with Fiala’s detoxification magic, Karina and the others were showing recovery.

The woman trapped in the cage was also freed by them.


“–They’re still here. The one who has been hiding his killing intent for a long time. They already know.”

From the darkness on the far side of the room, a scrawny man emerges without making a sound of footsteps.

He is a pale, long-haired man dressed in a white costume similar to the yukata Hina wore at the festival.

He carries a sword in a scabbard at his waistband.

The sword has an unusual shape, with a long, thin blade with an aligned edge.

Is that a sword? It is a weapon found on the continent of Eurus.

It is filled with the smell of gruesome blood and negative magical power. It looks like it’s been slashed a lot.

That means this guy is from …….

“An assassin from the Dark Nine Dragons, on the Eurus Continent?”

“No, I’m not. I am Raka Solow. A bouncer hired by Darrigan, a wanderer from Japan. You are the assassin, aren’t you?”

“It’s former. …… I’ve taken care of your employer. Go away.”

“I can’t …… do that. I was with the stingy Darrigan until I abandoned him because it was almost time for me. This demon sword wants your blood. Just like the women I’ve tried before.”

I see, so he’s an outsider too. Then there is no need to hesitate.

“Then I will kill you. You’ll regret it in the afterlife.”

“That’s impossible. Even if you look at it this way, I am a user of the ‘Maishinken’ which is said to be the fifth strongest sword in Wakoku. dainty sword dance toyed with the opponent, and was as beautiful as a shrine maiden’s dance. Then, a name that charmed the hearts of the enemies he witnessed and used the opportunity to attack them with a slash――Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ”

“Sorry, that’s a long story.” (TL/N : LMAOO)

Since it was too much trouble for me, I activated ‘Biological Function Amplification Enhancement’ and severed Raka’s limbs at once with a two-handed dagger. Ancient magic spell words appear as tattoos all over my body.

I thought to myself, What a …… subtle thing to say about the fifth strongest in Japan.

After becoming a doll, Raka falls to the floor with a thud. The fact that there is almost no bleeding from the cut surface is proof that it was such a brilliant slash.

The blade is placed at the neck of Rakka, who can no longer move.

“I-I’ve lost! Please, don’t kill me!”

“No, answer me before you die. If you are from Japan, do you have any information about the ‘Dark Nine Dragons’?”

“Yes! Yes, I do! It’s the nicest information I’ve ever heard! So help me!”

“All right, tell me.”

“I know the name of the boss of the Dark Nine Dragons! I think his name is Black Dragon!”

“Well, ……, what’s he like?”

“I’ve only heard rumors about him on …… the underworld. I’m sure your boss knows something about him!”

“What? How can you say that?”

“I’ve heard rumors that the bosses who control the underworlds of the five continents have formed an alliance to avoid violating each other’s interests. …… You should be more familiar with the situation.”

“I’ve never heard of it, but if that’s the case, it makes sense that the people of ‘Dark nine dragons’ can operate fairly freely on other continents…I guess it’s as long as they don’t break the rules agreed upon by the bosses. I see. …That’s surprisingly good information, thank you.”

“R-Right. So please help me!”

“-And this is a different story. You said you were testing the women first, right?”

“Eh? Y-Yes.”

“Then you don’t deserve to live, do you? I’ll destroy your brain marrow in an instant for information. I think you’ll feel no pain if you’re hit by my fist when your biofunction is amplified and strengthened.”

“What do you mean!? Stop it, Bufugu!”

With lightning speed, I slam my fist into Raka’s face, shattering it. The entire stone pavement caved in as if it had been compressed by a powerful hammer.

“Well, I’ve never died before either. I don’t know anything about the pain of scum to begin with.”

I had cancelled my “Biofunction Amplification and Enhancement” and returned to my normal state.

Is it the boss ‘Black Dragon’ in ‘Dark Nine Dragons’?… I might want to ask him directly the next time Mors attacks.

When I was thinking about this,

“Se, Seti-dono …… who are you?”

I was thinking about this when I saw Karina and the others staring at me.

The women who had been captured were also released, but they were frightened to see the terrible end of the scoundrel and the sight of me bathed in his blood.

I’m in trouble. …… Apparently, I can’t hide anything anymore.

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Well, time to face the girls’ feelings.

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