A girl’s surprised voice drifted in from the side.

I turned toward the voice suspiciously. Senpai’s shoulders shook in surprise and she turned around as well.

There, I saw Ari san, who had received the cake, standing there with her mouth open.

“It’s you Misumi sensei ! You came to the tea party too !? Let’s have tea together !”

Ari san approached Senpai with flapping, nimble steps. If she had a tail, she would be wagging it like a thousand tricks.

In contrast, Senpai is looking puzzled and her gaze is swimming.

What do you mean, ‘Sensei’?

Was Misumi senpai tutoring at a private school?

But for that matter, she seems to be having trouble with how to treat Ari san……

“Ari chan, are you acquainted with that person?”

Ryoko, who was doubtful there, entered and asked.

“Yes ! This person is my homeroom teacher, Misumi sensei, she has been my homeroom teacher since junior high school at Atago Girl’s Academy where I go !”

Ari san explained excitedly, expressing her happiness.

But I twisted my head.

Homeroom teacher? A teacher at Atago Girl’s Academy?

“You’ve got the wrong person, Ari san. That person is a student here, Misumi senpai, who is in the same department as me.”

“Eh? Not Misumi sensei but Misumi senpai?”

Ari san tilted her head.

At that moment, Senpai, who was in the middle of the conversation, timidly opened her mouth.

“I am Fumino’s younger sister and my name is Shino. Ah, thank you for taking care of my sister.”

“……S-sister !? I-I’m sorry!! I thought you were Misumi sensei…….”

“No, I’m often mistaken for her.”

Ari san was so frightened,  bowed and apologized. Senpai calmed down Ari san with a wry smile.

“Do we really look alike that much?”

“Yes ! I thought you were her ! Your face, your shiny hair, and so on !”


They are indeed sisters.

It seems that she has been teaching Ari san since she was a junior high school student, so there must be an age difference between her and her older sister. Do they still look similar?

If they are sisters who look so much alike that Ari san gets confused, I would like to see her.

“You even have big boobs just like each other !”

“Wait, Ari san !?”

I was puzzled by Ari san’s excited and out of the blue explanation, and I turned my gaze to her breasts.

Today, Senpai is wearing a knit similar to before. The knit sweater is pushed up from the inside to form two mountain ranges.

When Senpai was pointed out, she blushed and tried to cover her chest with both hands.

However, her two slender arms were not big enough to cover them. Rather, it was squeezed from both sides, emphasizing its size.

It was as if the Indian subcontinent was rising like Mount Everest.

“The overwhelming sense of volume that can be seen even over clothes is the best in Atago, but the little sister is as good as that !?”

What is she trying to emphasize?

“Hey, Ari chan. Don’t talk about the body of someone you’ve never met before.”

“Huh !? I’m…so sorry !”

Ryoko is tending to the restless Ari san.

“Kingo, don’t look either.”

Wha !? Don’t make me jump on the bandwagon too !?

“Kobayakawa kun?

“I-I didn’t see !?”

I’m lying. I saw it.

I was embarrassed to see Misumi senpai staring at me, so I quickly tried to cover it up. But she can probably guess.

After all, when such a magnificent mountain range pops out, your eyes are drawn to it !

“Ahaha, Kingo’s so cute.”

“Ari san !?”

Who do you think is to blame?

I was careful not to look at Misumi senpaiduring the pre-seminar, but you said something about her tits?

It’s not because my suppressed fantasies went out of control !?

“Misumi senpai ! I really didn’t mean it that way…….”

“No, it’s fine. I know that Kobayakawa kun is not that kind of person. I overreacted a little too.”

Senpai cleared up the misunderstanding with her cheeks turning red from embarrassment. I feel relieved.

“Ehehe, I’m sorry. I overreacted, too. Let me introduce myself again. I’m Azekura Ari, a third-year student at Atago All Girls High School. I’m always indebted to Misumi sensei.”

“I am Fumino’s younger sister, Shino. I’m not as good as my sister, but please get to know me.”

Ari san introduced herself with an apology, and Senpai responded.

“Um, is it okay if I call you Shino san?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Yay ! Then, Shino san, let’s have tea together !”

“T-together? It’s no fun to be with me, you know?”

Ari san, whom she has never met before, suddenly invites her to tea together.

In a sense, this is also a pick-up, but unlike the other day, it’s coming from a girl, so she seems to be at a loss as to how to handle it.

“I’m sure it will be fun ! I think Shino san and I will get along well ! I have so many questions I want to ask you about Misumi sensei.”

“If you insist that much……”

Ari san beguiled Senpai with a smile that mixed friendliness with a bit of mischievousness and instantly entered her heart.

I feel that Ari san has a kind of natural friendliness.

I feel as if she was being played with by a medium-sized dog.

She was so energetic that Senpai was intimidated, and halfway through the conversation, she pulled her to an empty seat and they started having tea.

She never met her before, but it’s amazing how they can become friends in an instant.

“Is that person your senior?”

“Yes. We met at last month’s pre-seminar.”

“Hmmm. And her sister is Ari chan’s teacher. Such a coincidence is possible, isn’t it?”

It is true that Ryoko is right about the strange coincidence.

The two were strangers to each other, but now they are acquainted through the presence of Misumi Fumino, who is not here. It’s a small world, isn’t it?

“Ryoko chan, hello〜 I love your apron !”

As Ryoko and I switched places and began preparing the tea, we heard a man’s voice from behind us that sounded like a pickup artist.

“Oh, Yamashina kun. Hello. Thank you for coming.”

“I heard that Ryoko is going to make tea for us, so I couldn’t stand still !”

“Where in the world did you hear that?”

The floating voice is irritating to listen to, but Ryoko handles it without hesitation.

As you can see from her appearance, Ryoko is quite popular. So, she must know how to get rid of the pickup artist.

But this voice sounds like something I’ve heard somewhere……

“Hey, hey, Ryoko, don’t you have time for a break or something? Come have tea with me if you like.”

“I’m glad you asked me out, but I just took a break a while ago, so I can’t come off until the end. Sorry.”

Ryoko refused Yamashina’s invitation in a condescending tone of voice so as not to be rude.

Her attitude was very different from when she talked to me. However, Ryoko lied that she had taken a break, which showed that they were not very good friends. He calls her by her first name, but Ryoko calls him by his last name.

What’s with him?

I decided to see the guy’s face as I handed him the pot.

[ [Ah !] ]

Then our eyes meet and we are both surprised.

“Y-you’re that guy from the other day !”

Yamashina turned his head and pointed at my face.

“You’re that playboy !”

I was so surprised that I said a strange nickname to him.

Seeing us like that, Ryoko tilted her head suspiciously.

“You two don’t look like you know each other. How do you know each other?”

“The other day, this person was pestering Misumi senpai, so I got in between them.

“Hey !? What are you talking about !? That’s not true, Ryoko chan !? I was just asking for directions…….”

“You were lost on campus?”

I couldn’t help but smile and click my tongue. Yamashina gritted his teeth and glared at me.

“Yeah, yeah, you two don’t fight. Yamashina kun, I’m a staff member, so I can’t deal with you, and this is not the place for that. I’m sorry, but we’ll chat another time.”

“Eh, Ryoko chan, you never come with me.”

“You’ve been talking to all the girls in the department, so you don’t care about me, do you?”

“Don’t talk like that.”

Yamashina, who was driven away by Ryoko’s salty attitude, sighed, got some tea and sweets, and left.

“He’s your friend, Ryoko?”

“We are just in the same department. We are not close. He’s just a weird guy who goes around talking to all the girls in his department. He finally started to go on expeditions to other places because the girls in his department didn’t take him seriously anymore.”

Wow, harsh. I mean, Yamashina, you are too stubborn.

While feeling a little sorry for Ryoko’s dry tone, I realized once again how small the world is, having once again been blessed with a strange match.

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