“It’s….the end. It’s kind of sad.”

The pleasant sensation disappears quietly.

Nagi’s hand is lifted and the slight weight is gone.

“The end, huh.”

“Fufu. Souta kun, are you sad?”

“……A little.”

Even though I said it myself, a wry smile leaked out.

Even though I know I’m being too spoiled by Nagi, I can’t stop.

I don’t want to.

“Well then, next time I’ll do it.”

“N-no. I feel bad.”

“I want to do it. And I know Souta kun wants too. We are engaged.”

But…..indeed, I’m indeed receiving too much from Nagi. I thought. Then I remembered that I was still on Nagi’s thigh. I got up.

At the same time, I thought of one thing.

“Then I’ll clean Nagi’s ears.”

Nagi’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment.

Then she smiled with her eyes narrowed.

“Yes, please do. But I did it before Souta kun came. So next time.”

“Oh. I understand.”


Normally it’s time for me to go to bed.

It seems a little early, but lately, Nagi has been pulling me to sleep around ten o’clock, too. No. It’s a mutual thing. Nagi used to sleep around nine o’clock too.

“Souta kun.”

Nagi calls my name.

It’s quite normal these days, and I’m called many times every day.

However, I can’t nod my head if you ask me if I’m completely used to it.

Every time I’m called by that light bell-like voice, my heart palpitates a little faster.

As expected, I have gotten used to it compared to the first time.

There are various kinds of voices calling me.

When asking what I’m going to have for dinner today.

When she tries to talk about what happened today.

When she has nothing to do and wants to talk about something.

When she wants to spoil me.

All of them have a slightly different tone of voice. It is a little difficult to distinguish them because it depends on Nagi’s emotion at that time.

And this time. Nagi called me–

“Come here, please.”

It was a way of calling that I have never heard before. The following words were also in a tone that I have never heard before.

It was like she was trying to be sweet to me, but it was a little different.

After Nagi called me, she sat down on the far side of the bed along the wall.


I had a bad feeling about this, but I had no reason not to obey her.

“Ah, Souta kun, please sleep in that direction.”

“……? Okay.”

As Nagi said, I turned my head to the opposite side of the wall and went to bed.

I was thinking what on earth she would do to me.

“Souta kun.”

She whispered in my ear.

“Please don’t move too much.”

Various things ran through my whole body. I tried to twist myself around, but Nagi’s words kept coming, and I couldn’t calm down.

Because those words were whispered in my ear too. There was no way I could calm down.

In addition, Nagi’s breathing tickled my ear. I almost let out my voice and held my mouth with my hand.

But Nagi did not stop.

“You’re so mean to me today, Suta kun. This is payback for that.”

It was not her usual voice. But a whispery voice that she suppressed to the utmost limit.

Every time Nagi smiled a little. It tickles my spine.

“So, I’m going to say a lot of things I like about Souta kun from now on.”

Are you serious? I was about to ask her. I stopped.

If I raise my voice now, it seems that I can only raise a strange voice.

While doing so, Nagi continued happily.

“Prepare yourself, okay? There are many things I like about you, Souta kun.”

Starting with those words–it was both hellish and heavenly.

A time began when I almost died of happiness and embarrassment.


“Souta kun is very caring. Like the fact that you stayed near the door all the time in the beginning to move me to a safe position. I know that.”

Oh, no.

“You had to get off every time for someone to get in and out because you were right in front of the door. And I really respect you from the bottom of my heart for being able to take care of such details. ……I love it.”

Really not good.

I was thinking of interjecting when I got used to it a little. There is no sign of getting used to it at all.

“I’m not going to neglect myself, though. Things like food…. I’m going to make up for what Souta kun lacks from now on, so it’s okay.”

The small sound of her tongue moving and her whispering voice caressed my eardrums.

Her breath hits me and I feel like my brain is melting.

Not only that–something soft has hit my shoulder.

Not to mention what that soft thing is.

And from the depths of that soft thing. I felt a heartbeat.

“I love you, Souta kun.”

My heart jumped again at those words, which were said to me quite often. The happy substance rushed through my whole body. I even feel like my hands are going numb because of it.

“Fufu. Souta kun, you’re so cute when you’re in agony, I love it.”


Something soft touched my earlobe.

It didn’t take even a few seconds for me to realize that she had kissed me softly.

Seriously, it’s bad in many ways.

What is wrong with this? No way, I didn’t think it would come this far.

I hope she didn’t notice that. I closed my eyes.

“I love you too, Souta kun, who keeps trying hard all the time. It’s cool to see you and it makes me want to work hard, too.”

But. it was a bad idea to close my eyes.

The more I blocked my vision, the more I could feel her breath in my ears. And the voice becomes clearer. And of course, the feeling on my shoulder.


The sigh of Nagi was small. It’s not a dread or anything negative like that.

It was as if she was letting out a big, swollen emotion.

And then. And by exhaling, of course, I mean my ears.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

I shuddered involuntarily. Nagi apologized as if it was unintentional.

“There are so many more things I like about Souta kun….My feelings just overflowed.”

At the same time as these words. The feeling of my shoulder and my heartbeat disappeared, and the presence in my ear disappeared.

“Souta kun, please turn around.”

It was her usual voice. I turned around with relief.

“Please hug me, Souta kun.”

I found Nagi waiting for me with her hands open.

With that face, how could I reject it? I was a little lost.

“Souta kun?”

“Um. Right now it’s kind of bad.”

Yes. It’s bad. ……Although I managed to bend my knees and deceive. If I give her a hug, she’ll almost certainly find out.

“Is it that bad?”

Nagi’s hand suddenly fell off. Her eyes fell sadly down.

After a few moments of silence.

I reached out my hand.


“……! Yes !”

Nagi took my hand. I pulled her to me.

I was pulling my back to avoid hitting it somehow. Nagi hugged me so hard……that it didn’t seem to matter. It also seemed pointless.


Nagi hugged me tightly and laughed.

–Just like that. She rested her chin on my shoulder.

“I noticed. Souta kun.”

With a thump. My heart jumped.

“……Geez. I’m the one who said you don’t have to put up with it, okay?”

Nagi’s hand left my back. She explored my hand without turning her eyes.

“You can do whatever you want, Souta kun.”

Nagi pulled her face from my shoulder.

Her face was bright red.

The hand that held my hand was held on her chest–

Nagi’s hand was quickly released. Then she pressed my hand on top of hers.


“No need to be shy.”

In the palm of my hand. There was a warm, soft feeling there.

“You can touch me harder. I’ll give you permission.”

She giggled, and Nagi’s face came even closer.

–Her lips were placed on top of mine.

the sweet scent enveloped me. My thoughts were shaken.


“Fufu. Please don’t be so scared. It’s okay.”

Nagi’s lips touch my lips again. Fresh and soft lips.

Then, her lips were placed on my lips again and again.

The threads of reason are almost melted away each time, and my head becomes hot as if it were boiling.

“Hm…….I love you so much.”

The words that were murmured in between kisses tickled my spine.

I’m already at the end of my rope. I was starting to reach my limits.

I want to give in to my desires as it is.

However, my brain was ringing a warning bell that this is not good.

No. It would be good to let Nagi melt my reason.

Already. There is nothing to block it.

“I love……you too. Nagi.”

When I said that in return, Nagi’s reluctance fell off. Her cheeks loosened sloppily.

“Ngh….I love you. I love you. Souta kun.”

Every time we put our lips on top of each other, a sweet scent pierces your brain. my heart is filled with happiness.

“More, Souta kun. I want to be happy……”

The words echoed in my heart.



I called her name once. We put our lips together again.

Nagi’s eyes became a little firm, as if she realized that the mood had changed.

I took a deep breath in and out once. I slowly opened my mouth.

“You know.”


“I want to be happy with Nagi. And it’s not bad to do it like this. To tell you the truth, I want to. But–“

Once I tried to let go of her hand. But I couldn’t do it because I was caught in Nagi’s hand.

“Please……keep it like this. I feel safer with Souta kun’s hand in mine.”

“……I-I understand.”

To be honest, I feel like I’m going to be conscious of that. I managed to get out of it somehow. I continued.

“Maybe. I’m going to put a lot of burden on Nagi here…. The bed is small, um. My parents are here. We can’t be noisy. Nagi might it’s fine, but.”

“Yes. I’m fine in any situation….you know?”

Nagi smiled and pressed my hand even harder. …….The soft sensation. Somehow, I managed to push it out of the corner of my thoughts.

“But anyway. ……I want to do things properly with Nagi. Especially in a place where there are no inconveniences.”

Various things. I know that Nagi is prepared for this.

I know that these words…may trample on that determination.

Still, I’m—it’s the first time for both of us in our lives. I didn’t want to compromise.

“Fufu. I know.”

Nagi laughed.

“I’m sorry. I was a little bit mean, wasn’t I?”

“W-what do you mean……”

“Of course I meant it. All of it.”

Nagi gently kissed me on the mouth.

“Even if we didn’t do it, I know that Souta kun really likes me. After all, I can tell that I’m attractive when I’m reflected in Souta kun’s eyes.”

Nagi’s hand was gently placed on my cheek.

“You are really….cute. And you are cool. Souta kun.”


“Fufu. Don’t make such a face. From my point of view, I can say it was the best outcome.”

Said Nagi. I looked at her.

My hand was still on Nagi’s chest.

“Souta kun. You didn’t let go.”

“—I-I’m sorry.”

“There is no need to apologize at all. You can touch me more.”

Nagi opens her hand and invites me to touch her. I hesitated a little.

But seeing Nagi waiting for me. I slowly extended my hand.

With a squeezing motion.

Naturally, without being interrupted by anyone. It was covered with my palm.


“D-did it hurt?”

“No. …..It’s just that it’s not the same as pressing or touching myself–“

Nagi stopped speaking there and covered her own mouth.

“P-please forget what I just said.”


I wonder if I can forget…no, I have to forget it. That’s what I was told.

But still—

“W-well, if you have any thoughts, I’d be happy to hear them.:

“…..It’s big. It’s bigger than I thought it would be.”

It doesn’t fit in the palm of my hand. And.

“It’s soft.”

“Fufu. Was it to your liking, Souta kun?”

“……Yeah. No, rather. It’s because it’s Nagi’s that I like it.”

I’m about to blow fire from my face.

But――I wonder if it’s the nature of a man that makes me this happy.

“Do you want to touch it directly?”

“T-that’s. I’m afraid I’m going to have to retract everything I said earlier. I’ll pass.”

“I understand.”

I could feel the fuzzy feeling in my palm and the…. softness.

I let go of my hand for now.

“Souta kun.”

“What is it?”

“I’m looking forward to that time.”

I was a bit at a loss for words when she said that.

“……Yeah. I’ll do my best.”

I replied. I told myself to prepare myself for that time, that it would not be far away.

The long—-long night was coming to an end.

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11 months ago

Okay, yeah, that’s a valid reason to refuse – THIS time. I still don’t think he had valid reasons to refuse earlier, though.

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Reply to  Krozam

oh he absolutely did not. and i cant believe the man would block himself even when she was like that, THE DUDE KNOWS!