I wake up naturally.

That was a rare thing for me.

I always get woken up by the alarm when I go to school. ……Lately, I’ve often had Nagi wake me up.

I have to do the laundry and go shopping on my days off as well, so I rely on the alarm.

A sweet scent tickles my nose softly. I open my eyes.

Even with my sleepy eyes, I knew immediately what was in front of me.

Nagi’s face was there.

In my blurry vision, her blue eyes were staring at me.

“Good morning, Souta kun.”


“Yes, it’s me. It’s Nagi, Souta kun.”

She replied with a smile—I hugged her. For no reason.

“S-Souta kun?”


In my dim and cloudy thoughts, I hugged Nagi.

“Fufu. Souta kun, you’re still sleepy, aren’t you?

I nodded my head in response to her question. Nagi’s laughter was pleasant to my ears.

“I understand. It’s still early. …..Shall we go for a second sleep?”

After being told that……she hugged me tightly and strongly.

My whole body is warm and wrapped in something soft. From the bottom of my heart, I feel relieved.

“Well then. Good night, Souta kun.”

“……Good night, Nagi.”

Soon. My consciousness is dropped to the bottom of the sea.

“……I love you.”

“Yes. I love you too.”

While leaving behind those words.


I woke up with a jump.

I feel like I’ve done something terribly embarrassing. ……No, I just did.

I was sleep talking, but I had the memory. What am I really doing, I thought.

My face was burning—I saw Nagi sleeping in my arms.

She was sleeping peacefully and comfortably. Her figure seems like a beautiful doll.

When I touched her hair, she wriggled. That figure is……adorable.

just a little. My mind is a little bit mischievous.

…She won’t wake up, right?

With that, I gently move my hand.

It touches her cheek.

It’s very comfortable to touch. It is silky smooth and…..plump.

Although I had the opportunity to touch it several times when she was awake. But this is the first time I have had the chance to touch them carefully.

I was poking it with my fingers and stroking it with the palm of my hand. I noticed something.

The corner of Nagi’s mouth was lifted.

“……Are you awake?”

I said so….and a smile broke out of Nagi’s mouth.

“Fufu. I’ve been found out.”

“S-since when……?”

“Just a moment ago.”

Nagi’s eyes are opened and her beautiful blue eyes, like jewels, peek out.

Her gentle eyes were staring at me.

“My cheeks are so warm and…it felt good. I just woke up.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

I still stroked her cheek.

I tried to pull my hand away–Nagi’s hand stopped me.

She pressed my hand against her cheek. Nagi smiled.

“More. Please touch me a lot.”

I felt a thrill. The words gently stroked my heart.

“I like being touched by Souta kun. It makes me warm, fuzzy, and fluffy. …..It makes me happy.”

Nagi’s hand caressed the back of my hand. It tickles a little.

“I love being touched on the cheek, stroked on the head……hugged and kissed. I love all of it.”

Nagi’s hand gently took mine and held it to her chest.

I was pressed against her, tightly–I could feel the soft touch of her hand on my palm.


“It’s okay, if it’s Souta kun……I thought you would secretly touch me.”

I was a little stunned. Nagi murmured.

“I didn’t think Souta kun would ever touch it. ….It’s okay even if you were a little confused.”

While listening to those words. Blood rushes to my face. Even my ears are getting hot.

To the soft feeling transmitted from the palm――And then. My head was filled with a throbbing heartbeat.

“T-this is just a part of skinship. …….I can only do it with Souta kun.”

Nagi was smiling while her face turned bright red.

“There’s a part of you that’s reserved from something like this, so I thought I’d……tell you.”

“I see.”

“I have to get used to it little by little……..because when it comes down to it, it will be difficult.”

Her heart begins to beat painfully loud. The heat was rising and even sweat was starting to be beaded on the forehead.

My phone vibrated.

I was startled, and my body gained strength.

–The power has entered.

Nagi’s eyes widened in surprise…and she turned her gaze downwards.

His fingers were sunken.

……If I were to compare it, it was like grabbing a piece of cotton candy or a pudding with your hand. It was such a feeling.

Even though I was thinking about such a ridiculous thing. I let go of her hand.

“……I’m sorry. I was so surprised that I got so forceful.”

“I-it’s fine…….”

Nagi’s face turned bright red. But–she doesn’t get angry.

“I-if it’s Souta kun, I don’t mind it. …..It hurt just a little bit, but considering that Souta kun did it for me……I didn’t mind it.”

On the contrary—she smiles softly.

My head wobbled. My mind is shaken.

This is–dangerous.

I’m afraid that if I make a mistake, I might end up depending on Nagi.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to live without Nagi.

……Is it too late?

No, it’s not. It shouldn’t be.

“M-more than this. I really can’t take it anymore. … mom and dad are here, too, you know.”

“……That’s true.”

If I can’t take it anymore, I will definitely lose all reason. I will forget that my parents are at home.

Nagi gave a small smile and came closer to me.

“I’m afraid I’m going to be embarrassed if I keep this up. Please give me a hug just once.”


Nagi reached out her hand and I pulled it. I hugged her.

“Let’s enjoy today too, Souta kun.”

“Yeah. …..Let’s have a lot of fun.

She hugged me strongly. I hugged her in return.

The two of us went to the living room together.

The feeling in the palm of my hand did not go away easily.

By the way, the notification I just received was from my mom and it said, [Answer me when you wake up. I’ll make you breakfast].


“This is the route I took to school. When I was in elementary school.”

“Hee… you used to walk through here every day.”

It was just a road, nothing new. Even though it should have been, Nagi looked around with amusement.

“I always had a driver to take me home when I was in elementary school. This kind of thing is new to me.”

“I see. …..Ah.”

At that moment.

A shadow jumped out from behind.

“Woof !”

“Haku !”

It was a big, white, fluffy dog. It was Haku.

“……Ah, Souta kun. You’re back. No wonder Haku started running in the street.”

“Long time no see, Shiroyama san.”

And an old lady appeared from behind me. It’s Shiroyama san. I’m glad to see that she’s doing well too.

“……E-erm. Hello.”

“Yes, hello.”

Nagi was puzzled, so I patted Haku and introduced her.

“Shiroyama san. She is my fiancée, Nagi.

“I-I’m Shinonome Nagi. Please to meet you !”

“Oh my !? Souta kun, did you get married?”

“Oh, no. I’m still engaged to my fiancée…..I’m planning to get married, though.”

“Oh, I see. I’m so happy for you. To meet such a beautiful woman.”

Shiroyama san smiled smugly, and my cheeks relaxed.

“Nagi, this is Shiroyama san. Haku……this girl is named Haku. She’s been attached to me since a long time.”

“Nice to meet you, Shiroyama san. Souta kun, you seem to play with Haku a lot.”

“I didn’t realize that.”

Haku is a large Samoyed dog. But she is friendly and smiles a lot. she is cute.

“Souta kun, you’ve grown up too. You used to be so small.”

“Yes. …..But it’s only been two years since we’ve met.”

I stroked Haku and she rubbed her face against me happily.



“Good girl.”

Haku was so happy to be able to put her hand on my hand. When I stroked her fluffy fur again, Haku squinted her eyes and looked pleasantly surprised.

“M-me too. Can I pet her?”

“Yes, please. Haku is very friendly. Don’t worry, she won’t bite you.”

Nagi nodded at Shiroyama san’s words and crouched down.

Then, she put her hand on Haku. Haku sniffed the palm of Nagi’s hand and……

She rubbed her face against the palm. She must have been given permission to pet her.

“E-excuse me !’

Nagi said politely and then patted Haku’s head.

The next moment, Nagi’s eyes lit up.

“Wow,……it’s so fluffy.”

Nagi stroked Haku’s head, patted her back and…..squirmed.

A normal dog would have thought,[Don’t touch too much] or something like that. Haku loves to be petted, so there’s no problem. It has always been that way.

“……So adorable.”

“Fufu, thank you.”

I was watching Nagi and Haku playing together. I suddenly thought of something.

“Hey, Nagi. Can I take a picture of you? As a souvenir.”

“Yes, it’s okay. …..Ah. Let me take a picture of you later, too.”

“Yeah. Got it.”

Nagi looked at me while petting Haku and smiled. Haku was also caught and looked at me and…..her face was smiling.

I got a pretty good picture.

“……Can I use it as my wallpaper?”

“Yes ! I was going to do that too !”

I got permission and looked at the photo again.

Not only Haku, but also Nagi was so cute that I thought I could do my best next year with just this one.


“……Oh. Are those two still flirting?”

“What’s wrong? Is it Minorin and Nagirin?

“Yeah. Here, look.”

The moment he showed his phone to Kirika. She snatched the whole phone away from him.

“Ehh ! How cute ! What’s with this doggy ! And Nagirin is so cute !”

“I think she’s Samoyed, right? Look, Shinonome’s icon is Souta.”

“Seriously ! Wow ! Minorin is having fun too !”

Minori seems to be having fun over there.

“Yes, yes! Let’s go to the dog café, too!

“Yes, we are! Let’s go! Can I invite Hikaru, too?

“Oh! Call him, call him, call him! Let’s send their pictures to them!

Seriously, good for him. For a while I wondered what would happen.

But now he’s having fun like that.

“……Good for you, buddy.”

“Hmm? What did you say?”

“Nothing. I was talking to myself.”

“Hmm……what a best friend.”

“You heard me. Forget it.”

Kirika laughed more happily.

“Eiji, you were cool too. At that time.”

“…..Of course. I’m Kirika’s boyfriend.”

“Yup yup ! You said it ! That’s right. I’m proud of you.”

I looked at Kirika, who was laughing, and then looked at Souta’s photo one last time.

[If you keep this up, I’m going to mistake you for Shinonome when I get in touch with you.]

He sent this message. Soon after, their icon was changed to the same–a picture of a Samoyed between them.

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